This is not Ludo

Hello feeble dogs and their hoomans.

My Name is Faline. That pretentious little pup was tagged by one of you lot-
Be quiet Ludo! Yes, he was tagged to post about what he was doing this time last year. Since he wasn’t even alive then I thought I should take over this blog thing and tell you what we, my husbun Molly and I, were doing. Since we are really the most important things in this place.

I got the hooman to look in her picture files and she found some rather fetching photos of me from about this time back then we were still living in the house with that male human and life was good. There was no dog around to try and steal our carrots, run off with our hay and generally be a nuisance. Did you know that dogs are noisy? Noisy! They make this high pitched screeching sound, it’s most unbecoming.

It’s not just dogs that can be athletic

Greedy Hoomans!

Surveying my kingdom

Of course in my infinite wisdom I found the only patch of sunlight.

And that’s pretty much what life was like this time last year. I’m told I am supposed to pass this on to two of Ludo’s friends. He wants to pass it onto some of his new friends, who are the Chronicle of Woos and Martha Basset. Both of them sounds like they’d probably want to chase or eat me so i’m going to pick two for myself the only other non-dog friend he’s got and choose BaeBae and Carlton too, if he’s around. I’m allowed to break the rules, I’m a rabbit.

So you lot, what were you doing this time last year, if you were alive and had a blog I think you’re supposed to look at your blog archives.

Oh yes. I spied this the yesterday, or course the pup had to stick his nose in:

He thinks he is busy ‘doing sympathies’ for the hooman. Her Nan is poorly and she is sad about that. I think what’s more important is she got birthday cake and we did not. I’m quite partial to hooman food.
Nose rubs to you all.


17 thoughts on “This is not Ludo

  1. Oh what sweet bunnies! Sorry to hear your Nan is not well, sending her basset get well wishes.I wonder if there are bunny rabbit blogs?loveMartha & Bailey xx

  2. Hi Faline! We’re sure your sheepdog brother won’t mind that you’ve taken over his blog this one time, after all, he wasn’t around this time last year 🙂 Keep the little guy in check for us, will you? Your pals Josh and Jess

  3. Faline is stunning! You should stop pestering her Ludo!! Ha Ha – I would do the same thing. – just ask my cats! Treats? – lets see… I like things to chew, and all kinds of crunchy stuff, Your pal, Morgan

  4. Faline is very beautiful! Such pretty coloring! And so smart! LOL! Hope your Nan gets to feeling better soon…Katie and Dawn

  5. Hi Faline, nice to meet woo. We have lots of bunnies around here outside and they just don’t seem to understand that the middle of our yard is so not a good place to make a nest for their babies. But since woo are part of Ludo’s family, we like woo.Be sure to tell Ludo that we thank him furry much for the tag – and that he should check out our blog tomorrow.Woos, the OP Pack

  6. Very pleased to met you Faline.I think all family members should have a chance to blog, hence my wheelies do on Wednesday.What a clever bunny you were to find that solitary spot of sunshine to enoy.Pats & petsBlue

  7. OK, Ludo, I am very confused. I’m not sure what it means that you weren’t borned a year ago, but what I really don’t get is why you used to look like a rabbit and had a different name. Are you in the witness protection program or something?Obviously those are not photos of a normal rabbit because that thing is HUGE! Like almost pee-wee sized. I am going to ask Momma to help me understand all of this.Slobbers,Mango

  8. *Woof Woof* Imposter! You are not Ludo! Sound the alarms! BOLI am very excited to meet another rabbit dog though. I will be posting tomorrow about some I met in paw-son TODAY! I think some were related to you, Faline!! Maybe Ludo will let you come check them out!Licks,Kylie

  9. You sure are a pretty bunny Faline. I think your fur is very nice. Thanks for tagging me.. I’ll ask my hooman to dig our archieves. I hope your Nan is better today.~ Bae

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