I been a roaming

Ever since I sawed that Ricky went to a cemetary for a walk I was been wanting to go see one. Mum say over here we more call them churchyards. I just knew I would be able to find a church somewhere. Today it be a nice day, so I hooked mum up to my lead, Barked at her come on and off we went on a quest for a church to look at. You can click any piccures to big them.

I has not seed a church before, it is a type of building, and is holy, but not prickly like the plant. I just knew I would nose it out when I seed it. I has also beed tagged by Morgan to play Reilly’s 5 things game with the letter R. I’s gonna try and find things along my quest.

First we came to the beach where we always go. It did look tempting, but I be determined. I pulled mum on.

There be a building I never seed before, but it not look like Ricky’s church yard and there was a sign saying no dogs. How rude! Mum say it be the grounds for the St. Bees Rangers. On we go.

Hm, this be new, a road. I not like walking on roads too much, Mum say I is not road aware, cos I a country dog. I walks looking up at mum not at where I is going lots of the time and she be worried I will step out in the road on the thin bits. Dogs is allowed here, there be a poopy bin up there. But no church in sight.

I kept seeing these clumps of bumpy ground what had a good interesting smell to them, and also these little plants. Mum say that they mean it be spring soon. 😦 There go my chances of snow and the lumpy bits is from and animal called moles. I wonder if they like dogs? Maybe not ordinary dogs, but maybe they would like a shetland rabbit-dog kind of dog.

We wented through some gates next and into this big field. What is that building thing in the distance, could it be a church?

Only one way to find out I thoughts! I could hear some little grumblings coming from Mum about being cold but I says to her if she not gonna make it snow for me then she has to let me go see the churchyard. I’s sure she could buy some snow for me if she was not so mean.

We went through another gate, then another gate… So many gates! And I has to sit and wait at each one while mum go through and hold it open for me. Mum say there is lots of gates cos in the spring there is lots of sheeps and other things in the fields.

Through the gate there was this.

Weird huh? We walk across it, in the bends bits the gaps are big and my whole back leg fell through at one bit! That be scary. Know why?
Cos this was what we was walking over. I coulda turned into a green merle instead of a blue!

This was on the other side, I had a drink.

Then there was one more gate to sit and wait at. And then…

The church yard! We made it! Huruffruffruff!!! There were so many interesting things to sniff, but mum say I had to be calm and respectful for all the people what had gone for the big forever sleep. I did my very best. There be so many interesting things to sniff and see and lots of birds too.

There was these little flower things growing in patches, mum say they is snow drops. So We picked one and put it on a poorly broken grave. There be another man there with a big camera as big as a rabbit taking piccures of the old graves, mum said it make her camera feel inadequate.

Then we wented home. I managed not to walk into the road too!

So that be my day roaming. Did you see 5 R’s in there? For the 5 things game I gots…

1. Rabbits – I growed up with 7 rabbit brother and sisters, I thinks I is more like them than sheeps so that is why I say I is a shetland rabbit-dog. Now I just has 2 rabbit-dogs here and Faline stole my blog yesterday! She be so mean to me.

2. Roaming.

3. Roads. I not walk along roads often and sometime the cars can be a bit scary.

4. Ricky and Reilly. The two friends who inspired todays post. (and Morgan too, BOL!)

5. Ranger. Ranger is what Mum wanted to name me afore they got me, but she got outvoted by old Daddy. She and Daddy thinked that shelties look a bit like foxes and Ranger is one of the blue foxes in the Animals of Farthing wood books by Colin Dann, who was mum’s favourite people writer when she was a pup as he always wrote about animals and my mum was ‘an animal nut’. (she say she still be one, but her family not tease her anymore, since she not growed out of it like they all said she would) Do you think I would have made a good Ranger?

I will tag Lady, Zena, Cody and Joyce The four musketeers to play this next. Using the letter ‘S’. If you need the rules sniff by Reilly’s blog.

Hope yous all had a good weekend.
~Lickies, Ludo

peeess: Faline says thank you to everyone that said a nice thing about her. She not deserve it really, she never nice to me and will not play chase and sometime she turn round and boxes me with her feets. 😦 She is a mini rex type of rabbit and very bossy! she do have soft furs on my nose though.


19 thoughts on “I been a roaming

  1. My goodness Ludo what an adventure you had today with your mum!We followed you on the journey and were glad you were respectful in the churchyard.When we did the big waterfall walk we visited a pet graveyard although our pictures were not so good. Think we might need a new camera. It was really nice too and we had to be respectful.We dont like roads either – those cars are noisy and scary.Thanks for sharing your adventure.xx

  2. Wow Ludo, you had a great adventure today! Misty and Oreo walk through a churchyard everyday. They try and be quiet and respectful like you, but when they see a squirrel, rabbit, or turkey, they just can’t stop barking. So rude!

  3. That was some TOTALLY pawsome walk….and you were soooo brave going some where you hadn’t been before. And your words were perfect to for your Roam……I must say I am so inspired that I think I will drag the mom out on an adventure the next warm day we get. Oh, mom says to tell you that where you live is just beautiful. My mom spent her first 4 years of life in England and France…then moved to Australia….and the to the USA where we live now….but she remembers bits of England.

  4. What pretty grass you have growing on your walkie route. I was super scared when you went over that bridge. The vat of green slime would have spelled disaster for sure.Slobbers,Mango

  5. It was fun to hear you talk about your walk with Mom, and the pictures helped a lot! You were so good! No wonder Mom is willing to go on those long walks with you! We have too much snow to go on long walks here, but someday it will be spring again! Someday. I hope.

  6. What a great walk, Ludo! You’re lucky you got to see and smell so many interesting things! I’m glad I inspired you and your mum to walk in the churchyard! Hopefully I’ll get to go to my churchyard again some day soon!

  7. That is an outstanding adventure. When we go visit grand-paw in Ohio we go through the Church Yard sometimes. Those were some real good letter R. We knew Rabbit Dogs were going to be one of them.If you fell in the pool, you would have looked pawsome as a green sheltie. Essex & Deacon

  8. What a great tour woo gave us!!!! We loved that path or bridge or whatever it was woo went over, but so sorry about your leg. Woo look so pretty next to the snow drops but I don’t think they are going to give woo any snow. Will woo get to go back again when the sheep are back?Tail wags, the OP Pack

  9. Hi LudoIt is nice to meet you. Thank you for stopping by my blog and sending the love for Jimmy Rabbit. I see that you have rabbit brother and sisters too. They are good family to have.I like your blog, I wills top by again soon :)Big licks to you Suzukixxx

  10. Wow looks like you had a lovely walkie Ludo! Good job you didn’t fall in water, not sure how you’d look as a green merle!! HeheheWe have lots of snow here today, and mummy is going to come home from work very soon or else she won’t get home she says, can’t be having no mummy that wouldn’t be good!Love Scotty xxx

  11. Ludo Ludo! So glad to have you back! I was ready to send out a police patrol to save you in case Faline had tied you up or something! BOLI have to say that you are a great tour guide! Maybe you can convince your Mom you have to do tours all the time! You would get lots of walkies that way AND get to see new places! I am very jealous of all the space you have to run and play! I told Mom we have to go visit you. She just laughed at me. HUmmmph!Licks,Kylie

  12. That is a very beautiful countryside that you have to roam around in. I am very jealous – I would love it there – sort of “back to my roots” i am glad you found some r words. I knew you would have at least 1! Your pal Morgan

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