I gots snow!!!

Can you believe it, after all them hopings and wishings I got snow! Not very much snow but it still snow. At first I be a bit scared of it, I mean it one thing to see it in piccures but another when you has to tread on it and you realise it cold and wet.

Mum got up really early specially and tooked me and Penny out.

I had some good sniffings of the snow. Auntie Penny said to me that snow is really good for sniffings cos everything be a suprise.

By the time it was our middle of the day walk most of the snow had gone. 😦 But it be snowing again now and I just been out biting them snow bits in the air. BOL! I hopes I will have better snow piccures soon.

Oh, I beed tagged by Morph to to the 5th of the 5th. As this be a new computer mum only had one set of 5th’s which be that puppy piccure of me. So intead she wented to her photobucket to her and the piccure was this:

Isn’t it a pretty thingy. It a type of bird what be called a golden pheasant. Mum seed it at a wildlife park but when she asked it not be a part of the park, just a wild and very colourful bird. Isn’t that strange? Mum thinked it be really cool cos she love something called a pheonix and has a tattoo of one.

~Lickies, Ludo


22 thoughts on “I gots snow!!!

  1. Cute snow nose, Ludo!!! this is the third blog in a row we have visited that has snow in England!!!! We so want a little bit here in Kansas, think woo can help us out?Tail wags, the OP Pack

  2. How cool little dud….you got SNOW – did you taste it too. Fresh snow is like a yummy snow cone. That is my favorite thing, your run around like crazy then grab a mouth ful of snow…and off you go again

  3. Hi LudoWe are very excited about the snow too – it is great fun, isnt it?The picture of the pheasant was cool – lovely colours.Hope you get more snow tomorrow.loveMartha & Bailey xx

  4. Hi Ludo!I’m so happy that you got snow! I didn’t get anymore snow this weekend so I am pretty happy about that too! Actually, a bunch of my snow melted but it turned the driveway into ice! That is a very neat bird your mom found!:) Tibby

  5. Ah, Ludo . . .we here where snow comes early, gets deeper and deeper, and stays until almost summer, we forget how exciting it is for a first-timer like you to prance through snow. I am happy for you and Aunt Penny to share this experience.Kisses,Stella

  6. Ludo, glad you got to enjoy snow. Isn’t it fun? Especially when it doesn’t get TOO deep or stay TOO long! Maybe you will get to play in it at least once more this year! Very pretty bird your Mom saw.

  7. Hi LudoHow pawsome, you got snow!My pawents said it would be ok for your Mum to do a post for Jimmy Rabbit, it made Mummy leak. She said you can use any of the pictures of Jimmy Rabbit on my blog if you need them.Big licks to youSuzukixxx

  8. hello ludo its dennis the vizsla dog hay yore mama is verry brayv to hav a feeniks tattoo becuz i hav herd that feenikses sumtimes berst into flayms duz she hav to do ennything speshal to her tattoo to mayntayn it so nuthing like that happens to it??? ok bye

  9. I am so glad u got snow!!! That is a very pretty bird – is that a bird that you might see on your walks? I hope you get snow that is very like powder, and that when you run, its flies all around – thats the best kind. your pal Morgan

  10. I am so glad that you got snow Ludo. It is great fun and it really holds scent so the smells are terrific! Enjoy!Your friend,Niamh

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