true colours and tricky t-day.

It true colours thursday day again over at Blue’s blog and the colour be…. Orange!
It sure a hard one this week. Mum not seem to have lots of orange stuffs.

She got this chicken, which gots orange on it’s feets and beak. I hatehatehate it! *growl* Everytime she get it down I has to run away. I hate it cos it a scary monster. Sometime it be all still but if you goes up to it it become a proper scary chicken and walk along and make noise and kick its feets at me!!

She got this thing for crisp mas, it be robins in snow. They got orange on them.

I found these two, 2 of my toys has got orange on them, my treat ball and my stick ball.

Then this book has got orange on it. I read a bit, it say Ludo need more treats and to be allowed to eat people foods. Think mum should listen to her own book, but she not do.
Here some more orange that Molly and Faline wanted to say about. It carrits! Faline be an orange rabbit too, but she not quite a good enough colour, so she was a reject from her breeder hehe. Molly sure a messy eater.

And that my be my true colours thursday for this week.


Tricky T-day be today too as it be a thursday. Mum want to talk again. *grumps* This the boring bit all bout how we doing our learnings. I would not be reading it if I be you. Just look at I doing cool stuffs in the videos.

Hello, Ludo’s mum Dee here: So we were working on getting a ‘hands up’ and going into a bang (play dead) last week. Which Ludo picked up very well. A bit too well actually, he is anticipating the second part and not waiting for the cue (to be shot) he’s such a faker. I’ve been finding it just a little bit funny and he wont get up from being dead until he gets a treat either. So it’s hampered things a little. I’ve got a little video of a couple of succesful attempts and you can see at the end his own interpretation of what to do. hehe. It’s not realy short because I forgot to charge the camera, no indeed. Please note that I also don’t really know what I’m doing, apart from lots of reading and watching others. Penny was trained the conventional way (and doesn’t know much) so apart from a little try with the rabbits Ludo’s my first go at clicker training, so we’re learning together.

We were also working on some of ‘the basics’ which I’ve neglected so far. All the clever doggy people seem to work on this quite a lot and from the begining, so I thought we probably should to. So we worked on some ‘back end awareness’. Ludo knew back up a little bit, but he is so much better at it after doing this. He was quite prone to crash into things.

I started off with a low target on the floor and backed him up to it and if we got a leg touch would click and reward. He needed an obstacle to line him up as his sense of direction was awful. Then I made it higher. Once he’d got used to it I had planned on then getting him to put both back legs up but I thought whilst he was doing it I’d see if we could get a trick out of lifting a leg. So I tried to click whilst the leg was in the air. We’ll be working on that more for next week. We’ve now moved to different areas of the room and further distances to back up. He’s doing really well with it, to the point where he only wants to do back ups in our free timing and just generally when anyone’s eating and he thinks it might get him something. That and ‘shy’ are his new go to tricks. It used to be bow. Poor bow, been replaced for the newer models, and you dogs are supposed to be loyal.

Ok, bye from me (and Ludo, I think he’s off sulking at my hijack)
p.s. I really need to get better at making those videos. Thanks dogs for all the kind words about my Nan. She is still very poorly, she has shingles but she is 86 and it’s hit her hard, my Dad is down visiting her this week, I was meant to go at the weekend but my lift has let me down and I wouldn’t trust the train service in this country with all the snow about.


26 thoughts on “true colours and tricky t-day.

  1. Oh,Ludo, you be doing such a good job! I only know how to do dog things and few people things, so I’d be having trouble learning your people tricks. You do good dog things though, Ludo and you are very handsome guy!Kisses,Stella

  2. Hi LudoYou were very clever with your colours and found lots of orange things.You are doing very well learning your tricks.We didnt like the video where you got shot though………………Glad you only died for a few seconds!loveMartha & Bailey xx

  3. Hmm… my sister Amber could make sure that chicken monster never sees the light of day again. Let me know if you want her to run over there and make it disappear for you.Play bows,Zim

  4. Looks like Ludo and Mom are doing quite well on the training. Congrats.Great orange picks – and Faline is furry pretty, we think, certainly not a reject.Tail wags, the OP Pack

  5. Ludo, you are such a smart and handsome boy! My girls fight over “who is Ludos pretend girl friend!” I love the leg trick! Our agility instructor taught her cattle dog to lift her leg on command. The trick was “are you a tomboy?” and SHE would lift the leg! And Shelby does “dead dog” too. Her trick is “would you rather be Barbra Striesand (my moms fav) or a dead do?” Yeah…Id go down too! Take care!

  6. I must say that I think Faline’s fur is a lovely color… can’t think why her breeder rejected the poor dear..Orange is one of our favourite colors… so much so that our living room walls are painted that color!

  7. Not only is Ludo very handsome, but he is very clever also. He can find lots of orange items and do really cool tricks.We hope your nan gets better. those shingles are very painful.

  8. Hi Ludo!You are doing well learning tricks.Nice selection of orange. Faline is lovely.And I do like Aunty Penny, as have particular soft spot for Springers.Hope you're enjoying the latest snow – its fall here right now.Beat wishes, and pats & petsBlue

  9. That was some great work Ludo… are one super smart pup……and I really liked it when Penny sneaked in and put her nose in front of the camera….that was funny too. here is something new you might want to try. Mom has just showed me a new game that we play – called tag. She cut some squares of cardboard 4″ x 4″ and covered them with silver foil. They are on a string and she hangs then from door knobs, draw handles – wherever she find a place to hang them and each day she moves them to different places. We started with one and just kept adding another one each day. Now we do runs around the house and I have touch each one with my nose. If you have learned the ‘touch’ command then this will be easy and it is so much fun. Mom is very impressed, because whenever I want to play now…..I go and nudge the tags to let her know.

  10. Ludo,You are so agile backing up like that. I don’t even have a reverse gear.Maybe instead of playing dead you are playing zombie because you always seem to come back from the dead really fast. Hee hee.I was totally scared when that phone book fell off the stack. But you kept your cool.Slobbers,Mango

  11. Ludo your tricks are looking great! You are so dramatic with your paws up/ bang trick! You should be in the movies! And your back and lift leg is awesome! Mom wants to teach me to lift each leg independently but hasn’t really started doing it yet. You are inspiring her!Sorry to hear that your nan has shingles – my grandma had them and they went into her eye and three years later she still has to put in eye drops! Hope your nan is feeling better soon!

  12. Wow Ludo. You super duper clever boy! We not learns anything as good as you! Think our mummy needs to look at this clicker thing, it looks good!We loves the video with Penny’s nose in it, we loves Penny too. Great job finding orange things!Love n Lickies, Scott xx

  13. Ludo,Super job on your tricks! You are really a clever dog. Just love, love, love your bang trick. That is the best.Sara, Oreoand Kisses from Misty

  14. Hello Ludo….thanks for visiting us….it’s very nice to meet you!You found some cool orange stuff, but we wouldn’t trust that chicken toy either…it kicks? How rude!Your videos are great, love the bang, you’re dead one, v.clever!Our Mum loves your big sky and sea pic in your background, she says it’s broo…no wait….bewoot…nope, she thinks it’s furry pretty!Slobbers xx

  15. Ludo, you are so cute! But you know what!? Now you went and made my Mom want to teach me that leg thing! Pfft! I heard your crunching those treats in that last video and I kept tilting my head… I don’t smell any treats, but I hearz them! (I seem my yellow dog I sent you! BOL)You did a great job, then the girl she is doing a great job teaching you! Reading is the best way, that’s all my Mom does! We gotz a whole LIBRARY of books!Licks,Kylie

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