Mum be a terrible thrower

She so very stupid and has caused me much angries today. We was at the beach, happily playing fetch with my lovely beloved bestest wubba. Well, my only wubba but I like it especially lots cos I is only allowed it outside.

First she throws it in the sea. She say it be an accident and it be the wind what did it. Does you think she be lying? I hate getting deeper than my feets in the water. It be cold and wet and too bath like. Does she think a cool swimming dog like Kylie, or Cody? I is not, I a herding dog.

“Never to that again Mum!!”

At first I would not let her have the kong back.
But then I thought I will trust her. We had a few more good throws. Then guess what she does!!

My poor defenseless helpless wubba trapped in a huge-umonguous puddle!!! Grrr! I had to go rescue it all by myself. 😦

I winned the puddle! Maybe she is being angry at me cos I chewed up her phone? I stoled it from the thing by her head and she not even wake up when I tooked it. I chewed off it’s bobble bit hehe!

I did have a sad when I got back from the beach. I have a poorly bottom. 😦 I cannot go toilets well and when I did I had some stuck to me from something naughty I has eaten. Mum was being very annoying trying to sort me out it be very embarrassing. But I feels very uncomfortable and hopes I not have to go see the vets.

There do be some happy news! I did my first big boy wee with my leg in the air!! Huruff! Mum say this might mean it time to get me a new ters soon. Isn’t that cool? I not sure what a ters is but I think it gonna be food, cos I loves food. What a great reward for being a growd up boy!

~ Lickies, Ludo
Peeess: Rohan Shelties Does you know you comments is turned off on your blog so I can’t come say hurro?
Amber, I would like for you to come kill my chicken for me.
And… Reilly, we will try playing that game, and let you know thanks for telling us it. Mango, I is gonna get your brain. BOL!


26 thoughts on “Mum be a terrible thrower

  1. Oh my!I smell wet khanine and a sandy one at that!Grrrrreat pikhs and video!Why are moms sooooo silly?Woo have a beaWOOOOtiful fluffy tail too!Khongrats on the liftingtheleggie thing Bye Bye Bits as they say!Hugz&Khysses,KhyraPeeEssWoo: Too bad woo didn't have my cell number when woo borrowed your mum's!

  2. Hmmm I think the wubba in the water might of been a little payback for chewing on the phone….my goodness you are a rascal Ludo. And congrat on the first pee in the air…..mmmmm I am 18 months old and still don’t do that….but mom doesn’t mind at all, as it means I don’t pee on the fur on my side.

  3. I think I’m going to get to play with our Wubba in the back yard today! We don’t have an ocean back there, so I think it’ll be OK.Love,AmmyPS: Tell your chicken to watch out! I’m on my way over! I can walk to the UK from here, can’t I?

  4. How awful that woo had to get wet! I wonder if that would be Ludo abuse? But I’m sure your mommy didn’t mean anything bad…she just thinks woo is funny! Mommies are silly! I am glad woo is lifting the leg!! Woo know you can aim higher now on the furniture, right? I’m just saying…Mya Boo Boo

  5. Oh my goodness Ludo, what is your mum thinking of?Did she know how cold that water is and a dog like you with a long coat to soak up all that water.Enrol your mum now in human throwing classes and don't take her back to the beach until her throw improves!We are sorry about your other troubles – mum says she can remember sometimes having to use scissors – we dont know what she is talking about. Something to do with you being a Sheltie and having an especially nice coat!love and kissesMartha & Bailey xx

  6. Heidi: Ludo! You ate a phone! I eat socks! And my “special” mother throws my toys in the water too…she also pulls the “must have been the wind” card. HELLO! We’re SHELTIES! We KNOW better!Shelby: Yeah, we’re smart, but Heidi still goes in and gets the toy. I just sit on the side and wait. Then, when Heidi comes out, I POUNCE and take the toy away and pretend I got it! Hooray!!Heidi: I hope you never get a little sister, Ludo…they are so annoying!Shelby: Oh, and we are switching the comments on…well, we’re trying to anyways =0) We’ll catch you later, and good luck with the new ter!! (Im not sure we have ters here in the US…hmmm…)Heidi: Yeah, good luck! You deserve a new ter for going in the water. Let us know how you like it!**Sheltie barks**

  7. Poor Ludo – sorry you had to get all wet to get your wubba back. I’m sure your belly was feeling quite cold.Oreo says – “good job with the phone, try and do the same with the remote!”

  8. Ohhh, Ludo, what a bum day at the beach! Me, even though I swim, I don’t like it too cold. You were a very brave boy to go get your wubba in the cold water. And lifting your leg, too. You are getting grown up and we are excited for you.Kisses,Stella

  9. Ludo,Don’t be angry with your mum. It seems most humans are pathetic at throwing toys properly. It doesn’t bother me because I like to swim after toys. Maybe you will like to swim when the water is warmer.Sorry about your sore bottom. Hope it feels better soon.Your friendNiamh

  10. LudoI chewed mom´s cell phone one time too! And we gave her a new phone that she just loved. Great pics and video of you at the beach. You sure had a great time,although.Love,Thor

  11. We haven't chewed the phone. Essex chewed up the landscaping lights outside and the TV Remote when she was a pup. Deacon took out the cable TV twice.We hope ters is something nice, but we have a funny feeling about it.Essex & Deacon

  12. w00f’s Ludo, heehee, my mama cant throw either…but she not throw it in water to much..looks like a pawsome place to run and play..b safe,~rocky~

  13. Me thinks your Mum might have thrown your wubba in the water on purpose. So your getting new ters? I don’t know what that is but it sounds exciting… I’m gonna ask Mum, brb…Oh no! I think you should ask your Mum about that one :(Big licks to youSuzukixxxps Yes Tahlia ran off to do Zoomies after Daddy put her back on the ground, she musn’t have seen me casue she ran right into me and then kept going!

  14. Oh Ludo, what long legs you have! Good thing they are so long, so as to keep your belly out of the cold water for longer! Katie would have just watched her toy and then looked at me to get it for her, silly girl. You might want to check out that new ter thingy…somehow I don’t think it’s related to supper!

  15. Poor Ludo – I feel for you – but you were very brave! I would’ve just left the wubba out there in the water. NO way would I have gone to get it! And then I would wait and watch as my mom went out to retrieve it because I know she wouldn’t ever just walk away and leave it there!The photo of you telling your mom off is perfect!

  16. Hi LudoI wouldn’t want to get in that water. Tell mom to wait for summer to teach you how to swim.I hope your feeling better soon and don’t have to visit the vet. My mom gives me a little canned pumpkin (real pumpkin not pie filling) and I’m back to normal in no time.Love Ruby

  17. hello ludo its dennis the vizsla dog hay this reminds me of the time i went up aginst the tennis bal of deth wot wuz floating in the layk at the dog park it wuz a verry scarry time for me ok bye

  18. Muzzle (my mum) is a bit rubbish at throwing too sometimes. Most of the time she is ok with my ball on a rope but sometimes it ends up in a tree or a thick hedge and Daddy has to rescue it. We’re safer sticking to wide, open spaces! The beach looked fun though :)Minnie-Moo (Rescue Lab) xxx

  19. Hi Ludo!! Your naughty chewing your mum’s phone. My mummy got a new one and Sophie chewed it up tee hee hee, then she got it replaced and Hazel chewed it up, BOL! She can still use the one Hazel chewed but it be all sqiff and funny looking!Sorry to hear about your bad bot, Soph had something similar at weekend, I helped her with my super cuddles.Love Scotty c

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