Come look with me.

When I went on my quest to find the church yard Kylie and some others said I makes a good tour guide. So look what Mum made. BOL!

I a proper guide. I guess I will forgive her a little for making me get all wet. My Bot is feeling lots better.

A couple days ago Mum and me wented to the nearest little town to get some of my dog food, since grandpaw is away with the car we wented on the bus!
there is be. that after we got off it, but it the only piccure I has of it. Buses is fun. They is like cars that is a room and you walks on them and people gets on and off and says hello.
I was a good boy. Mum say the buses is not very good round here so we had an hour and a half to wait in the town before we could come back, so mum took me down a path and we did some good sniffings. We stood outside a school with noisy scary childrens. But I not have a piccure of that, mum say you not apposed to take piccures of childrens that are not your owns.

Here be the town.

The pet shop, and my foods! The pet shop person lady gived me a sausage, it was yum!

Hope you likes your tour of me getting my foods. I thinks I might be very busy helping mum for a little while, grandpaw has come back from visiting my Mum’s nan and he say she is not doing good so mum is doing big sads that she couldn’t go see her.
~lickies, Ludo

28 thoughts on “Come look with me.

  1. That is amazing that they let you ride on the bus. We so enjoy seeing pictures of where are friends live. Thanks for taking us on tour.

  2. Hi LudoHow cool to travel on the bus – we are not sure we would manage up the stairs!You are a good dog to help your mum and if it is a big bag of food she will certainly need your help!Glad your bot feeling better today.loveMartha & Bailey xx

  3. Hi LudoThat was fun. I liked going on a bus ride with you. Doggies are not allowed on bused where I live, unless you are a guide dog.I hope you mom’s nan is feeling better soon, I will keep my paws crossed for her.I’m glad you bot is better.Love Ruby

  4. Ludo,you sure do go on a lot of adventures! I like your tour guide hat – very snazy.Hope your mom’s nan is feels better soon.

  5. That was an excellent tour and how lucky you are to go on a bus. We don’t have any bus services where we live and even if we did, they are so mean they wouldn’t let a dog on it……DOG DISCRIMINATION! Luckily I have my own car……which I let mom drive……she is my chauffeur !!!!

  6. Ludo, we especially like your Aussie hat and you are a very good tour guide indeed! We can’t wait to hear more of your adventures!!!! You’re a lucky fellow that you got to go on a bus. We’ve seen buses but we’re not allowed to get on. Only guide dogs are allowed to ride buses in New Zealand.

  7. Those are some great pictures. Is that your Mum's sleave in the picture carrying your dog food. If it is, we think she was so thoughtfull to get a sweater that matched your fur.Essex & Deacon

  8. We understand if you have to help you Mom feel better. We hope her Nan pulls through and your Mom can see her next weekend.See, I told you that you would be a good tour guide! BOL- I can’t believe they let you on the bus!! And Scary kids??? I would run away FAST!!Licks,Kylie

  9. hello ludo its dennis the vizsla dog hay yore buses sownd mutch better then owr buses heer wot dont allow dogs and wot ar offen okyoopied by crazy peepul hoo do things like hit on my mama and propoze marridj to her wile she wuz on her way upstayt to visit my dada bak wen they wer in collidj verry straynj wot goez on on a bus!!!! ok bye

  10. You get to go on the bus? Wow! I’ve never been on a bus ride before, not that we are allowed over here.Hope your mom’s nan is feeling better. Will be thinking of her.

  11. Hi LudoThat is soooo cool that you are allowed on the bus :)You are a very good tour guide :)Big licks to youSuzukixxxps Thank you for voting for me in Mango’s contest

  12. Ludo, your tour guide outfit is cool and I would go with you anytime, anyplace!Here where I live to go on the bus you have to be in a cage! Imagine that! I don’t think my mom could carry me in a cage. I like your buses better!Kisses,Stella

  13. Mom says we can’t ride on buses here. But she does remember that as a very little girl her father brought her first puppy home on the bus – he hid her in his inside coat pocket.Thanks for the tour – woo did a great job.Woos, the OP Pack

  14. That is so cool that you are allowed to go on a bus!!! Its not allowed here, unless you are little , and in a carrier.. Won’t work for me..Too big. You are a great tour guide, take me to some more places! Your pal Morgan

  15. Hi Ludo, Katie and I are hoping your Mum’s Nan starts to feel better and that your Mum gets to see her this weekend. Very cool bus ride, and vry very cool outfit! You were such a good boy on the bus! I’m sure Katie would have been frightened (but we don’t get to go on the bus here) but you were very brave with all the new things!

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