I’s not well.

I am a poorly pup and feel very miserable. I has the being sickies and this morning there was blood in my poops. 0.0 I had to go to the vets. She was a very rude vet and stuck something up my bum!!
I had an injection and some pastey stuff to eat with foods. I had to eat boring rice, but I does not like it so mum made me a little scrambled egg and so far I has not sicked that up.

I is feeling so miserable and sad I not even want to go for walks, or play with my friend Sally who has come to stay for a few weeks. It very sad.

I casnot do tricky t-day or true colours today because of it, but I hopes I will be better tomorrow. Sorry if I misses visiting some of your bloggies whilst I is in my sick bed.

~ Wont give you lickies in case I have the lergies, Ludo


38 thoughts on “I’s not well.

  1. Ludo! I am so sorry you are not feeling well. I will send over lots of healing purrs so you get well soon. You know feline purrs are very comforting and healing, right?Purr, Purr, Purr,JB

  2. Oh, Ludo, should I send you some pink stuff in a bottle? That sometimes helps bad tummies. Its called Pepdobiz and its not tasting too bad.Anyway, I want you to get well right away fast because you cheer evfurry buddie up!Kisses,Stella

  3. Oh dear Ludo,We are off to the big bed to do a special circle of healing vibes for your sore bum right at this very minute. Get Well Buddy!

  4. Ludo – I am so sorry you are sick! I know what you are going through and I feel for you! Please get better real soon – maybe your mum will put a little boiled chicken in with the rice – it makes the rice taste much better!

  5. Oh Ludo, you poor sweetheart! We’re so sorry to hear you’re sick… we know what it’s like. The thing your vet used on you was probably a thing called a ‘thermometer’. We still have nightmares about it today 😦 Hope you’ll be feeling better in no time at all.Josh and Jess

  6. Poor Ludo! Feeling sick AND getting something up your bum! Yikes!!! Woo stay in bed and rest. Don’t make us (all the blogging furries) come to your house and guard woo!!!Mya Boo Boo

  7. Oh dear Ludo! It seems that lots of doggies have been having some sickies going around… I didn’t realize it traveled across the pond! I hope you do feels better tomorrow! I will give you BIG SNUGGLES so you feel better!Licks *and proud of it*Kylie

  8. How is my favorite little guy tonight? I hope you are back to that rascally Ludo that plays and has fun!I be thinking of you, Ludo.Kisses,Stella

  9. How do you feel now Ludo? Mom and I are very sorry that you are sick. maybe you could have some broth with your rice?? I like it that way, and it never made me any more sick. I usually eat it for about 5 days, then I get a little of my regular food to go with it. Sorry about that thing in your bum. I don’t know why they have to stick it right in the place thats sore to begin with… your pal, Morgan

  10. Poor Ludo! 😦 We feels very sad for yous feeling poorly sick. Sophie Sis was poorly sick last week, but only for a day so she sends lots of cuddles to you.Scotty and Co, xx

  11. Oh poor Ludo, I hope you are feeling better very soon so you can do your t-day and true colours!Big hug from all of us here.

  12. Ludo we hope that today is better for you. You are such a happy, bouncy guy, it is hard to hear that you are not feeling right!

  13. I do hope you are feeling better my little Ludo! I am so honored that you have my Valentines Pressie right on the TOP of your blog! :)Licks,KyliePS- Mom says if you want it to be a little smaller just let me know.

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