Tricky T-day

Hurruff, it be tricky T-day. Cos I beed poorly we not done much training, which has beed making me do big angries and sads. I keeps trying to do tricks for Mum so’s I can get treats and she has beed so mean not giving me any. So she said we could work on it a little bit in the times I was feeling better.

It was our last day at puppy class in my new school. We had to take the puppy class, even though I had already done it where I used to live with Daddy and Mummy together, but it ok cos it mean it not hard and even though it be a bit boring it be good in the end cos on monday we graduated! Which mean we can go on to do the other stuffs and the agility. The trainer lady said I a clever clogs and it be too easy for us, BOL! Well we did try tell her. huruffruff.

Mum was thinking we might not go but because I was better all of sunday and all of monday we wented. I am still eating boiled chicken and pasta though so I was starvingstarving hungry and was mad at the puppies on either side of me if they tried to come near my mum’s treat bag! We got a certificate and ribbon, we not get that before cos our other class was not something called a ‘kc’ registered club. Does you like my ribbon, it be a bit girly, but mum sure like it.

For tricky t-day we been trying out a ‘figure 8’ cos it be the trick challenge at Ruffdogs forum. I learned this by following mum’s hand around and she clicked when I had gone the right way, first for a little bit, then after I had done the whole 8. She still need to wiggle her hands about a bit. I likes this trick a lot cos it super fast. I like tricks where I gets to move about so they is easier for me than sitting down type tricks.

Well that be all for today. I thinks I is fully better now. Reilly asked if we know what it was but we does not. Mum think it have something to do with naughty stuffs what I ate that made me blocked up and not able to go toilet, but I not sure. Mum is going to be buying some of the stuffs you all suggested in case it happen again.


25 thoughts on “Tricky T-day

  1. What a great trick Ludo! When you get to agility you will have weaves all figured out I’m sure! You look very good doing it. I’m glad you’re feeling better!

  2. Ludo… are doing so well with the tricks….you are indeed one super smart pupster. And you certainly are looking much better…now stop eating things you shouldn’t and your tummy should be just fine.

  3. Hi Ludo – that sure is a pretty ribbon! Your human must be crazy to do that figure of 8 while wearing black pants! I also have a rabbit, but it bores me most of the time! Have a great Week!licks & slobbers-Charlie

  4. Glad to hear you’re feeling better Ludo and congrats on graduating!I like your new “math” trick! Before too long you will be doing adding and subtracting:)

  5. Very Clever, Ludo! And its wonderful to see you looking all better and frisky!Thank you for your suggestion for my Mom to get me some Rabbitdogs. She said she would think about it. Kisses,Stella

  6. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Congrats on your graduation. You are very clever Ludo and I am sure you will do very well in your next class.

  7. You sure are good at doing that. We like going between Dad's legs when he gets home. We asked Dad about figure eights, but he said that be a tough trick for a big dog like a collie, especially Deacon. Do you think your Mum could have a big dog like a Collie do figure eights with her?Essex & Deacon

  8. You did a great job on that treat! Mom tried to teach me that, but her legs be too short and I be too tall to fit! BOLGlad you are all betters!Licks,KyliePS- I love your ribbon! You should be very proud!

  9. Congratulations Ludo you did very well, your ribbon is very pretty indeed.That trick where you weave in and out that is really cool! We could never do anything like that.lots of loveMartha & Bailey xxPS Glad you are feeling better xx

  10. Wow Ludo you be so clever!!! You so good at tricky 8!!Last night mummy taught me to give a paw, so I be super proud of myself todays! Woofs!Glad you be better! Enjoy the chicken while it lasts! 🙂

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