True colours thursday

I’s playing true colours thursday, which be hosted by Blue. Todays colour also be blue. Blue… hm, what be blue….

Me! memememememememe. I a dog what is a colour called blue merle. I has a little blue in my eye too, but it not show up very well in piccures, mum be annoying and keep trying, it the one that go red.

I has quite a lot of blue toys too. Does we match? I also has a blue tugger, but forgot to put it in the pic. Mum say the clicker is hers and not mine. But I think it mine cos it my clue that I gonna be getting treats. There also be my blue blanket and my blue towel. I had my blanket for forever.

See? That be me in the carrier on my way home from my dog Mum and Dad to go live with Mummy. That other one be me with it in my crate.

I also found some mum stuff that be blue. She has fur that she wear at night that be blue. These books. 1001 cats?? Where be the 1001 dogs? That other one be a book about crisp-mas and other stuff like that, it is something what be called a bible and is old and gived to mum by her sister and it be her mum’s book. (Mum and her sister have different mums).
I also finded this basket, which has hairbrushes and other mum type stuff in it. I sure would like to get my teethsies on them. I have done a couple of times. BOL! Then there was that little paper bag that looks fun to rip up. It be from a craft shop and has different ribbons in it, one of them be blue! Aaannndddd an old teddy that mum got out of the Pink net but did not give to me!! When will she learn that it is nice to share?

And that my blues.
~lickies, Ludo


19 thoughts on “True colours thursday

  1. Lots of blue there, Ludo. Our Mom says she knows all about blue merle. she had a sheltie once but Shane was a sable. Mom said if she had had her choice she would have liked a merle.Tail wags, the OP Pack

  2. Boy Ludo – that must have been a lot of work finding all that blue stuff! Nice job.You were so cute in that crate with your blue blankie!Misty says blue merle shelties are the best looking – and she has no bias what so ever!

  3. That is a lot of blue…..I wonder if the blue in you eye is why you only have one eye that ever shows up red in photos (the left one. I still have my first crate blankey too…..and my first tou which was a blue moose. Hope you are feelin much better little dude

  4. You have a lot of blue things Ludo! We dont have many, but the 2 most important things are! My pool and Mum and Dads pool. BOLBig licks to youSuzukixxx

  5. BLUE, Blue, blue for Ludo! Yeah! I like blues too, this is why I like my merlie Skye, he is another handsome blue like you!

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