Say hi to Sally

Now I is better I can enjoy Sally being here. She is here for two more weeks nearly. I do love Sally. She be good to play bitey face with. But sometimes I not love her. She thinks she is the bestest dog in the world and tells me off! She do it especially if she get told off or I get told to go out a room or something. So I has decided she is not allowed any of my toys. If she gets my toy I bark and bark and bark and bark at her until all the peoples attentions is back on me and not her. Ruffruffruff!!

Sally was staying here when I first comed to live here. She is 6 and she is a robot collie like Mango says, only she is very small (I’s not really big, bol!), she was a rescue from the pound and lives some of grandpawents friends who are on holiday. When they got her everyone thought she be very young dog, but then she comed into season (whatever that be) Someone has also chopped her tail off half way, how silly of them! Sometime Sally get very scared if she think she doing something wrong and gets shakes. And she really really crazy and mad. Here I be trying to get my toy off her.

And she has tooked over my room that Mum shares with me. Look at her and Penny doing gangings up on me and not letting me in.

Sally also has something called ‘gloo ten in tol et ants’. That means she can not have the normal treats mum make for me and Penny, so mum made her up some she can eat. If you wants to make some too it just be some sardines, oatmeal, cornflour and lard or this trex stuff (we has trex cos mum is a herbivore and uses it in people cooking too) smoosh it all together till it sticks, spoon it into cookies and cook. They is so super yummy!

We got to take them out on walkies for fun but I will post about that tomorow or on sunny day. Hope yous all enjoyed meeting Sally. Any tips on dealing with annoying girls, my boy buddies?
oh, peeess. Mum tried to take a picture of my ‘red eye’ so’s you can see if you can see any blue in it, she says it just a thin line around the bottom.

Can you see it?
~lickies, Ludo
peepeeess: Auntie Penny was back at the vets again, they said her knee is 90% better. She gets to have some stuff begining with glu added to her food everyday. No fair! Since me and mum’s beed back living here we put Auntie Penny on a diet and last time she was weighed at the vets she was 19.7kg and now she is 17.3 kg. Mum says that is really good, so does Auntie Penny get extra good treats to reward her? Nope! These peoples is backwards.


19 thoughts on “Say hi to Sally

  1. Oreo says, “Girls can be very annoying. I show Misty that I am the BOSS by nipping at her ankles when she steals my spotlight. I don’t hurt her, but it lets her know that I rule! For the most part, we get along, it just took Misty a few days to get used to all of my wonderfulness. Hopefully Sally will figure out that you are the Top Dog soon!”Glad to hear that Penny is getting better!

  2. You are out numbered little man! You better get used to being bossed around by us girlies! BOL I hope you can enjoy your house guest just a little bit!!Licks,Kylie

  3. That is a furry pretty eye woo have – we can see the blue too!!! Hope woo can work things out with Sally, she seems like a nice doggie.Tail wags, the OP Pack

  4. Weeeeee! Loved your Blue, you found lots of Blue! (we are sooo behind on visiting, we still not done all our TC buddies, oops- blame Mum!)Sally looks full of mischief in that first photo! I bet you’ll miss her when she’s gone :DHave a great weekend!Slobbers xx

  5. Sometimes dogs who been to the shelter be a little messed up for a while. You just be patient with Sally, Ludo, and things will be good. Like you have it with Aunt Penny. I think you just ought to steamroll those girls who are being rood to you! I saw the blue too, but I don’t know why.Kisses,Stella

  6. It was lovely to meet Sally.I can see that blue line too.Glad to hear Penny knee is nearly 100%, my Springer Hero suffered from problems in his last year.Love, pats & petsBlue

  7. Hi LudoWe would like to say hi to Sally – she sounds really nice.We think you will have lots of fun with her. It is hard to share toys we are still learning but you can try.Thanks for the treats recipe that looked easy enough for our mum!loveMartha & Bailey xx

  8. Be nice to Sally. You never know where good things can come from. You look like you are having fun doing the tug o war with her.

  9. Ludo,I hate to be the one to break this to you, but Girls Rule! I am sure that you two will have fun together when you realize that!That is nice of your mummy to make the special treats for Sally. Loved all your blue items.Your friend,Niamh

  10. Its furry nice to meet you Ludo!I can see it 🙂 Thank you for sharing Sally’s tail with us. Stop by my blog sometime when you get a chance.Gruffs from the Scruff

  11. Let me know when you figure out how to handle those bossy gals. I sure can’t figure it out. At least you got some good foodables out of the deal.Slobbers,Mango

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