Two sandy dogs

So what did we need yummy treats for? Walking on the beach!! Ruffruffruff!! It such fun to walk on the beach with Sally. (note from mum; some of the pics are repeated in the collage, but it does change to actual video.)

We seed a lost collie dog when we be at the bridge, later we found it’s owner. Me and Sally love our balls! But she is crazy. She never take her eyes off her ball at all! Mum made a collage thingy like the dughalmore beagles do.

Cool huh?

Sometimes it be hard to know whether I want to chase after Sally, or get my ball, like in that piccure at the bottom where I tried to do both at once. BOL! Here it big!

Sally wanted Mum to drop her ball in the river thingy. Can you see her?

How bout now?

Mum said to her she would have to settle with being an on land dog.

I likes going across the bridge all by myself now. I is super fast at it. See my Fluffy tail.

I’m coming muuuummm!

Here be a lost dog, he was so super quick that he suprised me and Mum!

We seed his owner later whistling for him and it was the same man that the day before asked us if we had seed a black and white dog. Either that dog is really clever or the man is really dumb. What you all think?
Lastly of all, here is a furry nice piccure of my head looking all handsome, even if I does say so myself. I is doing lots of proper growd up wees but mum has not gived me the new ters yet. I think I’d settle for an old one, at this rate I think I’ll never get a ters! Mum say maybe for my birthday.
~lickies, Ludo!


32 thoughts on “Two sandy dogs

  1. I got news for you, Ludo, new ters involves the Vet!So just enjoy the time you have.You and Sally were really having a good romp, weren’t you?Kisses,Stella

  2. Great post, Ludo! Looks like you and Sally had lots of fun at the beach! I loved your video and your collage too. You have grown up to be a very handsome boy! Yes, I was going to warn you to be careful about what you wish for. I got new ters already and I just advise you to hang on to what you have for as long as you can!

  3. Nice to meetcha! Playing at the beach looks like so much fun. I live in south Florida and I have never been to the beach before. But I am Not Allowed to go outside except in my stroller, or in my backyard on a harness and leash.

  4. Hi LudoCool pics – your mum was clever making a collage – we havent seen one without beagles!You looked like you were having fun and there were some good ball catches there.We thought you were very clever going across the bridge – we are not too sure about funny bridges.Looks like you and Sally are having a great and kissesMartha & Bailey xx

  5. That’s a great collage your Mum made. She’s a very talented lady πŸ™‚ We’re better not gonna talk to you about new terring… we still remember the PAIN!!!Josh and Jessie

  6. those are some cool photos and wow does that beach ever look like fun to play on……you are soooo lucky. You have certainly grown into a very pretty ooopppps handsome honarary cowspotdog.I see I am going to have to get onto anti word verification campaign again. 11 letters to type in is just way too much!!!!! Mom says you should just set your settings to approve by blogger that way you can delete any spam before it gets to your board.

  7. Hi, Ludo!Looks like you two had a great time at the beach!Barking with the ball in the mouth?? Sounds like a good trick!Yes, the collage is beautiful!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  8. Looks like you and Sally had a great time at the beach! Your mom got some great photos – I love the ones where you have a big smile!

  9. Wow Ludo, what a neat video and collage thingy! You have a talented Mum! Good thing you told the (stupid) man where his dog was again! By the way you have a beautiful tail and a very beautiful face! And Sally looks very happy to be playing with you too!

  10. Thanks for sharing your fun day at the beach – beautiful pics and fun with Sally. That last shot of woo is a real winner!!!Tail wags, the OP Pack

  11. You are looking very handsome Ludo, fancy a date sometime… grrrr BOL :)I would be asking for something else for my birthday if I was you.Big licks to youSuzukixxx

  12. Cooooool collage Ludo…and thanks for the mention! That dull day really makes your colours go *pop* you look so handsome πŸ˜€ Nuthin beats a good romp on the beach :o)Slobbers xx

  13. Hi Ludo…Say no to new ters!! They not be a nice thing! I lost my thingies when I got the new ters!! I tell you in private one day what I losted!!Looks like you had a ball on your walkie with Sally! Did Penny not come along? You be lookings very handsome! x

  14. WOWZERS, Ludo! What a fun adventure! Your collage is great!Ammy wants to know if that bridge is like the Trippy-Trap Bridge and if you were scared to cross it ever?Play bows,Zim

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