Tricky Penny?!

I been so busy playing with Sally this week that I not learned anything new. I has started my new class at school and it very good!
I was just wandering by the sitting-in-room when I seed Mummy doing tricksy stuff with Auntie Penny! I wasn’t having that and did barkings to tell Mummy I was there now, but she now listen. So instead here is nearly everything that Auntie Penny knows, cos she much stupider than me, in 11 years she has only learneded a few tricks. Her new trick that Mum has taught her is wave. She is not really apposed to jump any more.

~lickies, Ludo
I is gonna answer some questions too. I is not sure is Sally is my girlfriend, I like her lots, but sometime she annoys me when she takes me toys. Is that love? Penny not allowed to come to the beach when we has balls cos she goes mad about them and she has to still be careful of her leg. Amber, I think it a little like the trippy-trap bridge. When I first seed it I would not go on and barked mum to come back! Then she got me to go across and I putted my nose right on her leg the whole time, but now I is the bestest at it!
Thanks for the warning about new ters efurrybody! I does not want it at all now, but I heard mum on the phone to the horried V-E-T. I thinks I will run away. 😦 Imagine mean mum trying to trick me into thinking it be something good.


24 thoughts on “Tricky Penny?!

  1. You are VERY brave to go over that Trippy-Trap Bridge, Ludo! My daddy had to convince me it was ok at first!We’re all spayed and neutered. You’ll never even notice a difference – really!Love,Ammy

  2. Hi LudoWe liked seeing Penny in the video – we really enjoyed the sound of her crunching her treats!Martha will also be going to the VET very soon and I am sure you will both be fine!There will be lots of extra cuddles and attention – you both like that!love and kisses xxx

  3. The best part about Penny’s video was all her loud crunching:) She’s a pretty clever girl. Not as clever as you though Ludo! Can’t wait to see what you learn at your new class.Oreo says “new ters is no big deal.”

  4. Hmmm, Dog Dad just took us. He just said that he was doing what needs to done. The only thing that is no fun, is you'll have to take it easy for a short while.Essex & Deacon

  5. Ludo my friend! Don’t be worried about the V-E-T and the new ters. Almost evfurry dog has it and is a better dog for doing it.I think Auntie Penny is doing great for an 11 year old girl and your Mom is a great teacher!Kisses,Stella

  6. For an old gal, Penny did just great – thanks for showing her to us. No sweat with the new ters – the worst part is if woo have to wear a lampshade after it.Tail wags, the OP Pack

  7. w00f’s, me hears me has to do that sumtime soon..when mama gits over being skeered of the anesthsia…b safe,~rocky~pps penny iz cute waving..

  8. HI, Ludo!Thanks for sharing Penny’s video! She is good with the tricks!Everything is going to be ok with the new ters!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  9. Penny did very good for an old doggie and she sure makes very good crunching noises. Yeah, the ‘new ters’ isn’t so bad, your mom will feel terribly guilty when she sees you all wobbly afterward…..and you really have to play on that so you get lots of attention and treats.

  10. Hi LudoMy Mummy says if you need somewhere to hide, just catch the next plane to Western Australia and she will pick you up from the airport. She will cook you a nice dinner and then let you sleep in the big bed :)Big licks to youSuzukixxx

  11. What a great video of Penny performing her tricks! She did a great job!Being neutered isn’t so bad if you can avoid the lampshade, Ludo! Our paws are crossed that you don’t have to wear that evil cone! BLEH!Love ya lots,Maggie and Mitch

  12. Hey Ludo!! :)Wow your aunty Penny is very good at them tricks! She know more than we does!! No one will ever be as good as you cos you is the trick master!!We has pinched your idea today to share a trick, we hopes you don’t mind, come check out our blog and see it please!Don’t worry about the ters, you gets to go to sleepies for a while, then you wakes up and “poof” they be gone! I was fine the same day, so don’t worry!Love Scott xx

  13. Great video of Penny. She is excellent with her tricks. I’m sure you will be fine Ludo. I was spayed last summer and it wasn’t bad at all.Your friend,Niamh

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