TCT – Brown

For True colours thursday (hosted by Poopsie Blue) this week I thoughted it would be a very good idea to show you some of mum’s ‘not yours’ from the pink net. She has lots of different shades of brown, so I got her to liberate the brown ones for me, but it be very sad and it not go how I plan it to.

Mum! Mum Help! ruffruffurffrrrrrrffff!!! The teddies are attacking and I didn’t even do anything at all to them! Help!!!


Hey Dee, Did you hear something? You know, I am brown, Ludo should really use me for his true colours this week.

hm, Ludo seems a little busy, I told him he should never mess with the ‘not your’s’ but these young pups will never listen to their elders. But I guess he says bye. So, bye!

32 thoughts on “TCT – Brown

  1. Ohhh, Ludo! You must be more careful or you will wind up with *your* nose missing!Sometimes it will be good to listen to Auntie Penny, that is until you are an older, more mature boy. Like after your new ter!Kisses,Stella

  2. Whoa! – Oh my gosh! Did you get out of that mess OK Ludo? That was scarey – all those stuffies that aren’t yours were after you! Geez – your mom has some mean stuffies there. Your pal, Morgan

  3. Hi LudoWe were a bit worried about you there – it looked like the bears were winning!That was certainly a lot of brown stuff. I hope you haven't been bad to any of those cute and kissesMartha & Bailey xxx

  4. Hi LudoI saw you on some of my fwiendses bloggies and wanted to meet you..I hope you awe OK aftew that attack by the “notYouws” many against one innocent pup unfaiwsmoochie kissesASTA

  5. Those “not yours” really ganged up on you. Glad to know you survived the horrible ordeal! I guess if you spend your life living in a net, you develop some pent up anger 🙂

  6. Oh no Ludo!!! Shout for Penny, she will saves you!! Your mummy has great brown stuffs, the best one we thinks is Penny, cos she be so pretty! 🙂 XX

  7. Hello Ludo! You are so cute… I’m glad you were able to escape from the bears! Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you have a nice weekend.Your Pal,Trooper

  8. Hi Ludo! Oh my GOSH, how scary to have the stuffies turn on you! One or two is OK, but to hve that whole BUNCH turn savage?? We hope that you are OK, and that the next color doesnt involve anything that can try and eat you! Just remember your “Mean Teeth”…those usually work =0)We just wanted to thank you very much for following our moms new blog…she really appreciates all of your kind Sheltie words! We REALLY like reading your too!!! Oh, and we’re sorry about the “ters”. Our mom told us what they were after we said that you knew. That is NOT COOL. She reminded us that we were “fixed” too. Yeah, right. Like we were ever broken!!Take Care,Sheltie HugsHeidi, Shelby and Sheltie-Mom

  9. Ludo,Wow you have lots of good toys! My mom kept saying: Awww and stuff about how cute you are and how you remind her of the collie she used to have. I had to climb in her lap to remind her that she gots me now instead.Woof!Sophy

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