sgt. Beans

Sally gone home today. I does miss her, but I has beed busy sleep sleep sleeping. She has wored me out I thinks. Mum was bored the other day. Sometime she like to play with this stuff called fimo clay, which I thinks look good to eat. She has only made one dog afore but decided to try and make a staffordshire terrier because of the Ruffdogs art thing.

She say he can be my new friend, but I is not allowed to play with him. He does not sniff like a dog. But I guess he cool. Maybe I can get mum to make me a whole army of clay dogs and we cans attack the teddies and get revenge! I think this one will be my Sgt. I has called him Beans, cos he look like food and Mum is eating bean burgers today.

Nice to meet you sgt. Bean

He not be very good at bitey face at all!

Who can be the next kind of dog to join my stuffie protection unit? Mum need some wire or something cos they is too heavy for their legs and they sink in the oven. I casnot be having lop sided dogs, they will not strike fear into the teddies will they?

I is off tomorrow to agility, huruff! And to try find a cool piccure for Reilly’s competition.
~lickies, Ludo


24 thoughts on “sgt. Beans

  1. Hi LudoSgt Beans looks very cool. Your mummy is very clever. Will he be able to help you fight all those teddies? I think you are right, your mum will need to make you an army of them. Tell her we think one should be a basset hound cos they are good at sniffing.This might come in handy!loveMartha xx (Bailey away in Bermuda!)

  2. That is nice that you have some new little friends Ludo. Enjoy your agility class. I am sure you will learn lots of neat things.Your friend,Niamh

  3. Sgt. Beans is very handsome, but not nearly as handsome as you! Maybe your Mom will make a Sheltie next – she’s a very talented scuptor.Thanks for visiting my bloggie. We had to lock Auntie B. in her room so Rosie and I could have a little privacy. What’s that they say about 2’s company, 3’s a crowd?Hope to see you again soon!Your pal, Petey

  4. that is soooo cute. Your mom is very clever. Tell your mom tooth picks or skewers work really well in the legs too if she doesn’t have some wire. If she is bored, she can go check out my moms blog to….mom is a SAHDM – Stay At Home Dog Mom – so she is always looking for new things to try too. here is her blog

  5. Ludo, Sgt. Beans is very cute, but I am not so sure about proteckshun. Maybe a way bigger one would scare them off. Do I notice correctly that you have won THREE Tibby Bingo games? What do you win there? If its money you could use it to buy some boxing gloves and just whip those teddy bears. Thats what I would do.Kisses,Stella

  6. Very cute new furiend woo have there, Ludo. Too bad about Sally leaving – will she be back for another visit soon? Maybe your Mom needs to think about getting woo a little brother or sister.Tail wags, the OP Pack

  7. Ludo your mummy be so clever!!! Shame he can’t do bitey face!!I thinks your mummy should do pointers next! BOL :)Enjoy agility!! xxx

  8. What a cute sculpture! Our mom has never played with this clay before. We bet it could be very fun! Pretty soon you’ll have tons of clay buddies, Ludo!Love ya lots,Maggie and Mitch

  9. Agility? You are so lucky. I think pee-wee practiced agility on the Mango because he missed school this week.Your new friend looks good to eat.Slobbers,Mango

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