I loves agility

Hiruff efurryone!
We went to my first agility class today and is was so super good!! Agility be very exciting with other dogs and learning new things and getting lots of attentions and treats! I went over some jumps, but they wasn’t really jumps they was poles on the ground at the moment and I worked on ‘go’ which be going away from mum. I worked on directions too, good thing I knows my left and rights! Mum needs to work on hers better, she say her brain is gonna be very confused. She way stupider than I is. Then I wented through a tunnel a few times and then through some sticks called a channel weave. I did a pawsome job and listened good, although I did cheat a few times and try and come out of the jumps and weaves to get my treat sneakilyer.

When we stopped and mum was talking to the trainer man I bark barked at her and the other dogs cos I wanted to do more.

But then we wented home and I realised that agility be very hard work and I be very tired indeed. So I beed doing sleepings all day long.

Mum called me.
Sorry Mum, I is too wored out, I cannot make it!

Sorry there is no piccures of me doing my agility, we was too busy doing learnings.
~lickies, Ludo


29 thoughts on “I loves agility

  1. So happy to hear that you had fun at agility! It is much harder for the humans to know their directions, than the dogs. Dogs must be smarter. I’m always running into obstacles, while Oreo looks at me like I’m nuts.Hope you had a good nap! Can’t wait to hear about your next class! I think you might be the next agility super star!

  2. I bet you will be great at agility! Next time you go, make sure you get some pics taken so we can all see how great you look. uh, maybe my brother Bear will get some tips then….he is a little stocky and un-agile.–JB

  3. Hey, hurray! Everyone’s doing agility!!! Glad you liked it Ludo! I knew you would and I knew you’d be good at it. The moms always take a lot more time to learn stuff – the classes are really for them!

  4. We are so happy that woo enjoyed agility. Mom wants to do that with Thunder but she is worried about falling and breaking a bone. We hope Mom can get some pics or a video of your next class. Have fun. Woo look very relaxed in your sleeping pose.Woos, the OP Pack

  5. My goodness. you must of used every bit of energy you had…..excitement added to hard work…that is what it was. You will just love it the more you do it and you will to get meet so many other new pups…..just remember to have lots and lots and lots of fun!!!!!

  6. Yea Ludo! Agility is very very fun and very very tiring too! You are going to learn such fun things. Mom will learn eventually, give her a little time to figure this all out!

  7. Hi, Ludo!Sounds like you had a pawesome time at agility!I can understand you were so tired after that!Take careKisses and hugsLorenza

  8. Hi LudoNow wonder you were tired – you must be worn out with all that agility.Make this a paws up day!Get mum to bring you a cup of tea and a bonio.love and kissesmartha & bailey xxx

  9. Hey Ludo, I am very proud of you for learning some agility! I am gonna be eager to hear more about this and all that you learn to do. You ARE a smart pup!Kisses,Stella

  10. Hi Ludo!! Agility be super fun don’t it? I quitted after my beginners class, and then Sophie Sis had a go at beginners but she not like it, she be too scared of the see saw. Has you seened the see saw yet? It be good fun but scardey Sophie be scardie of it! BOL :)So I is going back to do the “intermediate agility” course, so we cans swaps notes soon eh?You looks super tired after class, that’s what we be like after toos! Don’t worry about photies, they be hard for mummy to get when she be learning too! xxScottyxx

  11. Agility is good for you and poor Ludo, you looked so ruin after your first class. You must have learned a lot of stuff.

  12. Agility is great fun. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself Ludo. I bet you will learn a lot and be a star student! And it is exhausting to do all that hard work. You need your naps.Your friend,Niamh

  13. I am soooo glad you like agility! My mum is stupider than me too. She gets all mixed up, and then I bark at her. Its frustrating! It does make you very, very tired, but its good tired cause you get to exercise and use your brain. Did you try the dog walk yet? Its super. You get to be way up high and look around! the tetter is pretty fun too. Oh, heck, I like all the contacts! your pal, Morgan

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