Relaxing with my rabbit-dogs

Molly and Faline came inside to have their nails clipped today. They is stupid, I will not let Mum clip my nails. She is trying to slowly trick me into it and she pretend to do it everyday to get me used to it, but I is not falling for it! The rabbit-dogs get wrapped up in a towel so’s they cannot scratch but I wish they would and then they would get told off for being bad and not me, which I did today.

It not fair at all, Faline set me up to get told off and it was not very nice of her at all! Then she came and laugh at me. What happened was Molly and Faline was getting all the attentions so I went to mum and said look at me instead. Then when Faline came up *on purpose* she say ‘haha Ludo, the hooman love me more.’ So I bited her! Well, I not properly bited her but I push her with my mouth and got her stupid fur slobbers on it. But I got tolded off and then I had to go back in my bed for the whole rest of the time they were inside.

Here be a video of them inside the house. When I go over to mum and sigh, after that is the bit where I is naughty and gets told off and then after that I is in my bed and Faline is laughing at me.
peeess, Mum say please excuse the very needing to be hoovered carpet. It not my fault for tearing things up at all, incase you was thinking it was.

She not even care that I try to chase her off and earlier she was trying to be playing bitey face with me but I knew I not allowed. Anyways it not fair cos she would win cos mum would be on her side like always! It is nice to have them in the house again, like they was when we lived with old Daddy, I thinks they like it better inside too.

Wanna play bitey Face Faline?

Ok, I surrenders!

Also I wented to school again today, but to a different class. At the end of the class that was afore the trainer man comed and ask me and mummy and a couple other doggies if we like to go to the advance class instead. Mummy said we not really want to since she say I perfect in class but not at home, what she mean not perfect at home? But anyways we wented and it was really good fun. It be a ‘freestyle’ and trick class, which be cool. All the doggies is learning tricks. They was learning figure 8’s. So that good that me and mum learned it. We did leaves with treats on out feets and stays and recalls and roll overs. I does be getting bored though when we is lining up and waiting our turn to do recall. So I bark at Mum, BOL! Then she tell me not to bark so I not do, then I take a big breath ready to do barking again and mum see me and make her fhoo noise what she make to say ‘Ludo Do not do that’. But then she see me take more breath and she laugh and me and then I Bark! Ruffruff! Oh! There be another sheltie there that look just like Ricky! He or she be 2 and littler than me. I did not get to meet him or her though.

Phew, what a very long post!
~lickies, Ludo

Pee ess: I has just discovered from friends blogs that Bogart’s Dad Klaus has died. I did not meet Bogart afore his Dad got poorly, but I is thinking of him and his Mum for their very sad loss. I will get Mummy to do some prayings.

24 thoughts on “Relaxing with my rabbit-dogs

  1. Hmmmm that is not fair getting told off just for leaving fut slobbers on the rabbit dogs. Does you get told off for leaving fur slobbers on Sally? That is so cool they wanted to put you in the advanced class…that is what happened to me too…but I did go in the advanced class and still put all the other dogs to shame!!!!!

  2. OK… we believe that you have the coolest pet siblings!!But stay away from bitey face from them. I bet that type of bitey face would really hurt.You are soooo well trained to get on your bed on command! Good Job Ludo!Lots of Luv & KissesAddie and Lucie

  3. Ludo, you is more fun than a picnic! I wouldn’t do good with Rabbit-dogs in my house, either, they would be just like squirrels to me.You are doing great with your classes. I am proud of you, little guy!Kisses,Stella

  4. your rabbit-dogs are very cute. I think you did very good with them. I would of been herding them, just like I do with my kitties! But I get scolded for that, but I don’t really care.. I do it anyway. Your pal, Morgan

  5. Rabbit dogs are furry sneaky critters! They is always getting us in trouble. Brandon and Jimmy (RIP Jimmy Rabitt) like me but they dont like my brother and sister much, I thinks it because they make too much noise.Big licks to youSuzukixxx

  6. Hi LudoYou are just even cuter with those rabbit doggies!We would probably try and eat them but please don't tell your mum. We would not want her to think badly of us!love and kissesMartha & Bailey xx

  7. Your rabbit-dogs are so cute – a little fur slobbers can’t hurt, right?Good job in your class – getting moved to advanced is awesome! So there’s a Sheltie there that looks like me? Must be a really beautiful dog, BOL!

  8. Hey Ludo! We think you did really well with the rabbit dogs! Katie would have been barking and chasing them. You are a very calm doggie! And so smart to know when to go to your bed. Of course that probably means you’ve had lots of practice being told to go to your bed..right!?

  9. We have wild rabbits in our yard, but they are not big and pretty like your rabbit-dogs. I do enjoy their poop.Poor Ludo has to stay in bed just for trying to herd the rabbit-dogs.Oh yeah, I don’t let momma clip my nails either. I saw her reading an article about “conditioning” but I know I can outlast her on that whole thing.Slobbers,Mango

  10. hello ludo its dennis the vizsla dog hay ummmmm your rabbit dogs luk a lot like the bunneez on the hill behind owr howse wot come owt and nibbel on the froot treez yoo may want to ask them for sum identifikayshun or sumthing to proov they ar reely rabbit dogs and not bunneez i am just saying ok bye

  11. Ludo, you be such a good boy playing with rabbit dogs nicely. You not to know they not like bitey face are you? Your rabbit dogs be very pretty, but you be very handsome too.Love Scott x

  12. Gosh Ludo, those are lovely rabbits. They are almost as big as you are. I think you are a very brave dog ;-)Thanks for your lovely comment today. Very sweet of you.

  13. Those rabbit dogs are really sweet Ludo. Sorry you got banished to your bed. Misty barked at your mum when you got “yelled at”. Misty is always on your side 🙂

  14. OMD!!! There we were, casually strolling through a friends blog when we see a picture of you and a rabbit on the blogroll. A RABBIT!!! You actually get along with a rabbit!!! We cannot believe it. The rabbits in our world run out from under our deck outside and scare us. Repeat after us… RABBITS CANNOT BE TRUSTED! Oh my – we need a nap we are so worked up after see your blog. Tinkerbell, Oscar and TuckerP.S. Nice to meet you, by the way.

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