33 thoughts on “WW – new ters :(

  1. Oh, Ludo, you did it! Good for you and even that Elizabethan Collar you are wearing won’t last too long.Now You are a BIg Boy, and I know when Thursday comes you won’t complain about your surgery!Kisses,Stella

  2. Ludo! Just how much partying did you do?!!? Dude! A lampshade on your head?!? Were you dancing on the table? Taking your collar off in front of the rabbit dogs? What …Oh. Oh, the neuter deal, eh? I didn’t have to wear the conehead thing after mine. Seriously, you’ll be good as new in a day or two and TRUST ME, the babes will still dig you.Play bows,Zim

  3. Hi Ludo! Hope you’re getting along ok after the new ters….I didn’t have to wear a collar either. And I agree, you will feel fine in no time. I hardly remember mine. We just got our magnet in the mail this afternoon – thank you to you and your mum! It is awesome! We’ll put it on our refrigerator and think of you every day. It’s so nice to have such good friends!Take care,Ricky

  4. Oh poor Ludo……the new ters are awful, the good thing is, in a couple of days you be your bouncy happy self again. I didn’t have to wear a collar either…….unless you are constantly licking at the area, you probably don’t need it either.

  5. Oh LudoYou really do know how Martha feels and you have the same sad face!We hope you feel better soon.That makes us extra special friends to both have those awful lampshades at the same time!!!love and kissesMartha & Bailey xx

  6. Poor Ludo- we have seen the lampshade here many times. It’s now so bad but yours look so big on your sweet little face. Hope it can come off soon.Woos, the OP Pack

  7. Awwwwww Ludo! Not the dreaded NEW TERS! Katie sends kisses, does that help? She looked sad too when she had to wear the conehead. We hope you are feeling better real soon, and back to your typical happy doggy self.

  8. OH NO LUDO!!! We’re sorry you got the new ters. Maybe some old ters would have let you keep the satalite dish off of your head!! Shelby: you have PERFECTED the “OHMYGODIAMSOSADANDPATHETIC” look to a “T”. You must have been studying my pictures!!!Heidi: I hope you can still play ball with that cone on! Whats a Sheltie to do???(I explain that with the stitches that you will have to not run or play ball usually for 10-14 days)Heidi: OMG! Thats awful! I would go on strike!!! Dont let those humans forget who theyre delaing with!Shelby: forget the toys, you can still eat right? Eating is VERY important. Just angle the cone so you can still reach dinner. We wish you the best, speedy recovery! You’ll be back to playing (and eating) normally in a few days!!Heidi, Shelby and Sheltie-Mom Jenn

  9. Did the rabbit-dogs get yer bitz?I hope woo khan sleep it off!Khome on bakhk and watch the videos whenever woo want!PLUS, there will be one on Thursday's bloggie too!Hugz&Khysses Woo Brave Fella,Khyra

  10. Oh that lampshade brings back memories. When Deacon got new ters he had to wear one for several days. When ever he went near me, I would bounce him. Speaking of bounces, he was always running into things. It was a sight to see. BOLEssex

  11. Aww you look sad there Ludo. I hope you’re ok.Yeah I love the magnet you sent me. I’m gonna pester the hoomans to let me have the treat…~ Bae

  12. Oh geez – does your butt hurt?You still look handsome. That cone frames your face very nicely. I got my magnet today. It is very pretty. I am going to put it on my crate so I can have a family picture hanging up. You know – decorate the place a little bit. Your pal, Morgan

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