TCT – Yellow – by Faline

Hello dogs.
Faline here, it’s been quite a while since I last posted. I do believe I did quite an impressive job, but Ludo has that terrible mutt trait of being rather posessive of things.

Today he paid me and Molly a visit. Doesn’t he look ridiculously hilarious in that cone, I hope he has to wear it for ever. Hahaha!

He said he has an important job for us, since he is feeling too poorly to do anything. He asked us to do his True colours Thursday post, hosted by Blue, for him. Really, I think he is putting it all on. When I was neutered I didn’t make this much fuss, I didn’t have to wear a cone and I took my OWN stitches out. Dee says I wasn’t supposed to do that, but I think it saved a lot of fuss.

We did eventually agree after he bribed us with a biscuit.
He has to keep wearing that thing for now, since as soon as it is off he tries to get to his stitches, I think he’s got the right idea.

So, here’s the yellow we found. First the boring human stuff.

There’s a picture that the human did whilst she was at school, a pretty nifty butter dish, the human purse, aka, hay money holder. Some of her yellow furs that she has, a yellow stuffie and of course the yellow pages.

Here’s the best yellow, demonstrated by my adoring husbun, our yellow litter tray and ball.

Didn’t I do a good job? Yes, I did because I’m a rabbit and everything that we do is perfect. Even our perfect round poos that you dogs seem to find so delicious. I can’t really blame you, since we rabbits need to eat our own caecotrophs to survive and they are rather tasty.

Dee was a bit bored without Ludo around, so she came sat with us in the sunshine. Maybe I’ll show you the wonderful photos she took of us sometime. She also made this other thing, to go in something called ‘Ludo’s anti teddy army’.
Here it is.

It’s based on one of the mutts friends. Can you guess which one? Click it to make it bigger, though I wouldn’t as it’ll show up all the imperfections.

Right, that’s my job done and I think I really earned my biscuit. I’m off before any of you stinky things get any ideas about chasing me, or eating me, or getting your annoying slobber on my fur.


peeess from Ludo: Huruff, I is not wanting do be going to be doing any moanings, so I asked Faline to post, I has some piccures that Mum took yesterday afore the neuter for Reilly’s competition so I will post tomorrows. You should all post piccures too, even though we is too late.


24 thoughts on “TCT – Yellow – by Faline

  1. Hello :)I have a rabbit dog brother too. His name is Brandon. I’m sure Ludo appreciates you doing his post for him.Big licks to youSuzukixxx

  2. Hi FalineWe think you did a great job with the post. There were lots of yellow things – particularly liked the letter tray, a dog would never have thought of that!Poor Ludo , we are thinking of him very fondly at this difficult time. Now, as for the anti-teddy army – we cant imagine who that little model is based on!!!We thought it was pretty cool though!love and kissesMartha your fellower sufferer and Bailey xxx

  3. Great job Falinem you found some wonderful yellow things and you are also one great Blogging Bunny – we think you should have own blog as you seem to be such a sophisticated bunny. And wowzers…..look how cute that basset hound is – you mom should start looking around town for a shop to sell them for her!!! Or sell them online – it is so cute although I think a cowspotdog would be better 🙂

  4. Ludo, I hope you feel better soon! That was very nice of you to bribe Faline with a biscuit so she could do your blog today. She did a great job! The Basset is so cute!Mochi

  5. Haha, when I was new-terred I was too tired to even try and get to my stitches :)Come and have a look at our blog, Ludo, it’ll cheer you up. Our parcel has arrived and we have posted some photos.Josh

  6. Nice job on your colors Faline. You are a very smart rabbit, but I think you already knew that.Ludo, sure hope you’re feeling better, and that the horrid cone comes off soon.

  7. Oh, Ludo,hope that cone comes off soon. Stop licking the stitches – cookies are tastier.Nice yellows woo showed us, Faline. Mom’s new bassett furiend is very nicely done.Woos, the OP Pack

  8. LudoYou have my sympafies..I hope you get well weally soon..I’m suwe that awful cone will come off , just as soon as you heal..I had one’s howwible, but I guess you heal fastew, and that’s good…Faline did a pwetty good job..A little awwogant, and I do NOT slobbew!!!!love you lotssmoochie kissesASTA

  9. We kept looking at your picture talking to the bunny dogs and Dad kept saying it was the cone of silence. Then we watched the old TV Show, and they showed the "Cone of Silence." BOL, we were laughing so hard.Dog Speed,Essex & Deacon

  10. Hi, Ludo!I had to wear one of those headcones twice. It was not fun but I got used to it after 2 days!You have lots of yellow thing in your house!Take careKisses and hugsLorenza

  11. You are a truly gorgeous dog and I am so honored that you took the time to drop by and follow my blog that I am going to follow yours right away!!!loveTravis!

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