paws in high places

This be the piccure I took for Reilly’s competition. It is in a little garden thingy with a fence in our village what we lives in and it be the person who the village be named after. It very up high where I is sitting. Mum tooked me there afore I wented for my new-ter.

There was nothing good in the bowl. You can read about the statue lady on wikipedia here.

I is feeling much more livelier now. I has learned a fun new trick. It be called ‘hurting’ and it very fun! Huruffruffruff. Even though it not be a tricky t-day I will tells you what it be. It be when you walk up behind people with cone head on and the cone hit their legs and they tries and move away and say ‘ow you are hurting me Ludo’ and they make fun noises. Heeeeheeeheeeee! I can also do it to mum’s neck if i tries and licks her face.

~lickies, Ludo

oh Peeess. Mum and me have been watching all the agility and HtM at crufts. I is learning all my tricks to do HtM one day so it very interesting for us. You can watch too at Free!


28 thoughts on “paws in high places

  1. BOL That sounds like an awesome game to play with your Mum :)Especially after she gave you the new-ters BOL.Big licks to youSuzukixxxPeeS You are furry welcome fur the nomination at the Bone Zone. I hope you win 🙂 I nominated Lorenza for photo of the month last month and she won so maybe I be lucky for nominating 🙂

  2. Thanks for the link Ludo re Crufts. Glad you are feeling better – Martha still sore!That was a great picture and I hope you do win.Good news about Lorenza – we will have to join the Bone Zone cos otherwise we are not allowed to vote. We need someone to say we are not bad dogs. Could we nominate you to nominate us?love and kissesMartha & Bailey xxps hope you have your cone off now cos they are not much fun.

  3. Hey Ludo, woo look great in those pics. Have woo gotten stuck going out the door with the lampshade yet? Then the hurtie is on woo. Can’t be too much longer before woo can shed that shade. Have a great weekend.Tail wags, the OP Pack

  4. Hehe, we likes the Saint Beagle statue….but she doesn’t look very jowly! Glad you are feeling well enough for a fun game of “hurt the humans”, you’re a funny boy Ludo!Slobbers xx

  5. Hi, Ludo!Glad to know you are feeling better.Those tricks-games sound interesting!I’d love to listen your mom screaming!Take careKisses and hugsLorenza

  6. LudoWhat a fun game..I bet you’we vewy good at it..and I think agility was made fow would be so pawsome, flying awound..Ican’t wait to see yousmoochie kissesASTA

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