True colours – violet

Here it be, Thursday again and time for my Favouritist game, apart from playing with my wubba… True colours, hosted by Blue. You should all be playing too, it very good fun.

This weeks colours be Violet. Hm, that be a very tricky colour I thinked at first, because it easy to confuse with purple. But i thinks I did ok. Next time I will get Dave from AoF to help.

Please click the piccure to bigify.

Stupid mum made me wear her ‘retro’ head scarf. She laugh and say I look like an elderly doggy. The Queen wears these thingies so I wonders if she make her corgi’s wear them? I wonders if they has a blog? I knows it is mostly pink but there also be some violet on it. I also found this rainbow rabbit stuffie. You can get one for yourself if you click the linkie, but you must not chew it cos it be hand made from wool and apparently it would be breaking some people person’s hard works. Then I found a mini lantern, a thingy what goes in the people baths to make them smell funny like some flowers. I found some flowers what is called violets so’s they gots to be in there. That box be the rabbit-dog’s food holder.

Now about my ww piccure yesterday. I was feeling very miserable cos I keeps getting told off for no reason at all!! I is only trying to investigate my hurty and lick it and maybe bite it a bit but when I do I is told leave or conehead will come back on. 😦 So I has found a new way of being sneaky. I pretends I is scratching and I not get told leave them after a while I can go for my bits instead! But that mum be sneaky and she has caught on to my cunning quickquick! Now I not know what to do.

Auntie Penny went to the groomer yesterday, I will show you piccures tomorrow.

~lickies, Ludo


33 thoughts on “True colours – violet

  1. Hi LudoWe have been round the blogs today and can tell you violet is a difficult colour. Your post was very good with lots. We liked your Rainbow Rabbits!!!Do you get your stitches out tomorrow too?loveMartha & Bailey xx

  2. Violet is a pretty color! you found a lot of stuff! Is that a picture of a cell phone on the bottom right? Did you chew it up? 🙂 I’ve done that before, but mom’s phone was pink. BOL, you looked cute with your ‘retro’ head thingie!Mochi

  3. Stella said… Now that you are a big boy and have your new-ters, you really shouldn’t be wearing those sissy things on your head. Those are for girls or, little old ladies. Put your foot down, Ludo and just say NO! (Although you do look very cute in it!)Kisses,Stella

  4. Very nice violets – we had a bit of trouble with the whole violet v purple thing too. Babushka – haven’t heard that word, AO4, in a long time. Silly mommy making woo wear that scarf, but woo would look cute in anything. Hope the stitchies are not so itchy today,must be close to removal time???Tail wags, the OP Pack

  5. You are looking much happier in your photos today Ludo! I think you were a very good sport about it – you could pass for an old lady 🙂 Maybe you could work that to your advantage somehow?

  6. Thats a lot of pawsome violet stuffs :)Hmmm, your Mum be furry sneaky… Me thinks you should wait until she is busy with the rabbit dogs and go fur it.Big licks to youSuzukixxx

  7. Great pictures Ludo! You look very nice, even in the scarf! Too bad your Mom is so quick to figure you out! But you really need to leave those stitches alone. Don’t you get them out tomorrow?

  8. Hi Ludo, You wrote me this today: Stella, I needs some lessons on how to be a growd up man dog and stop mum humiliating me. :(~lickies, Ludo I think the very best place for you to go for this advice is to The Army of Four, with three boy dogs, Zim, Stormy and Dave, and one sister Ammy. I am sure that Zim will start you out and the rest will help you along the way. They are fine dogs. I can give you now and then advice, but its best to come from a good man-dog. Kisses,Stella

  9. Hi Ludo,You look kinda cute with the headscarf!! Psst.. do not lick/ chew yourself whenever the humans are around.. they don’t seem to appreciate it much although I don’t know why.

  10. Hi dear Ludo!!!We’re very honored that you stopped at our blog!!!have new friends is veruy exciting!!!you’re very very very handsom and your blog is very cool!!can we add your blog at ou??so we could stop to tour often!!bik kiss and licks from Italy!!!!MUAHHHHHHH!!!!

  11. Very good picture of violet stuff, Ludo! Sorry about the embarrassing head scarf. I don’t know what your mom was thinking!”Bigify” is a great word! You are so funny. You and your mom should write a book!

  12. Dear Ludo, Sigh. This sort of thing has happened to us 2, in fact our Human put pink scarves on our heds just the other day and did the same thing — laffed and lafffed and laffed and laffed and laffed and — OK you know what we mean. Frankly this leads to the inidgnashon on our part and we think we should form a pikkit line do you want to join in? On a more postive note, Two Paws UP! for violit, sintz it is very close to purple, which is one of our favrit colors, also pink! Love, your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy!

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