Penny’s fur cut and news

Here be Auntie Penny’s new ‘do. She looks so different and trim that I had to have an extra good sniff to make sure she was the same dog! Mum say you can really see the weight she has lost now and hopings it will help her poorly knee keep being better. Auntie Penny was very naughty last night, she got into the pantry cupboard and broke into the bin and ate the peoples left over foods so she did not get any breakfast. I thought I would get her breakfast to eat but I did not.

Here she be swishing her ears like the human ladies to in the people shampoo adverts. She was saying wooo woo like they do too.

I thought because Penny was so excited she would play with me, but she still would not. She is so annoying!

I has new ters news too. Grandpaw has had to go away for visit Mum’s poorly Nan again and he has tooked the car with him. My vets be out in the middle of no-where so I thought I was going to get to ride in a taxi. But mum phoned up the vet and they said it would be ok’s to leave my stitches in for a few more days. Mum really need to get her own car, but then she say she would need to have lots of monies to pay for it but she need a good job first. I not like that idea at all.

~lickies, Ludo


20 thoughts on “Penny’s fur cut and news

  1. We like Auntie Penny’s new hairdo! I (Josh) am going to the groomer’s today – I need some help with the fur around my bottie… it’s so thick that Ma has trouble brushing it, so we’ll have it done there.

  2. Hey Ludo, Aunt Penny looks very pretty, but of course you are the most handsome boy around. Too bad you couldn’t go to the vet today, or take the taxi (THAT would have been an adventure!) but next week will be soon enough. We hope your Mom’s Nan does better soon.

  3. Aunt Penny looks very pretty. Maybe she didn’t want to play, because she didn’t want to mess up her new hair do. Girls can be like that sometimes. Sorry to hear about your Nan.

  4. that is a very cool Aunty Pennie is sporting – better watch out Ludo – you could be next !!!!! She does look much better and I bet she feels better to having lost come weight.

  5. Aunty Penny looks loverly, and I am sure once she is over flashing her new look she might play with you a little.Too bad you didn’t get to the vet today. Mom and her friend took my stitchings out and I didn’t like it one bit!Kisses,Stella

  6. Hi Dear ludo!!!We like Auntie Penny’s new hairdo!!!!very very cool!!!!:-)))))if you want we could come with you and playing togheter!!!have a great weekend!!!!lots of love and kisses

  7. Oh yes!She looks smashing! There is something funny how hoomans akht when they khome home from their groomer!She gets a tails up from me fur the food repossession!Sorry about your Mum's Nan – paws khrossed from here!Would woo like us to help take out those stitchie things?Hugz&Khysses,Khyra

  8. YEAHHHHHH Dear Ludo!!!we’re honored to be your friend and are in your blog list!!!Thanks a lot for this honor!!!!we add your blog at ours too…it’s ok for you????we love your blog and you!!!!are your first Italian friends really????WOOWOOWOOOOO!!!!lots of love and kisses dear friend!!!!MUAHHHHHHHH!!!!

  9. Beautiful hair cut for Aunt Penny!!She doesn't know what she is missing when she doesn't play with you.We would LOVE to play with you!Lots of Luv & KissesAddie and Lucie

  10. Hi LudoAuntie Pennie looks very smart indeed – we can see why she would be swishing her ears. She must feel very special.Sorry to hear you are carless Ludo – if we lived near you we would give you a lift to the Vets. You are probably just as glad not to go mind you.Martha going this morning!!!Have a nice Martha & Bailey xxx

  11. Auntie Penny looks good and that’s a great head shake move with her ears – bet the top shampoo/color folks will be calling.Too bad about the stitches removal postponement but maybe they will fall out by themselves.Tail wags, the OP Pack

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