Monster foot.

Long time ago I had a stuffie called Monster foot. It beed when I lived in a different house with mummy and a Daddy, I gotted Monster foot when we had gone to visit Grandpawents and he was Auntie Penny’s but she not like him.

At first I be scared of monster foot but then I got to like him very lots and he beed my favourite toy. Here I be playing with it.

Then it very sad one day cos I playing with monster foot and he just went ‘pop!’ I did not kill him, I think it be Faline what did it, but anyways, he got to that place that all stuffies go to in the end when their stuffings comes out… The bin.

For my birthday Mum want to get me another Monster foot for my cos I very like stuffies what make very fun noises!! We casnot find one anywhere though. Can any of you help? If you sees a monster foot for sale please let us know.
~lickies, Ludo


28 thoughts on “Monster foot.

  1. Hello Ludo!!We believe we can help! It's not the exact toy that you have but it is two very squeaky furry feet! We would LOVE to send it to you for your Barkday! Please send us your mailing address at raisingaddie (at) gmail dot com.Lots of Luv & KissesAddie and Lucie

  2. Hi LudoSounds like someone has found you one – how kind.We will keep our eyes peeled in any event cos it might be nice to have a spare!You were the cutest little puppy Ludo!Well of course you are still gorgeous.Martha was very brave at the vet and is feeling loads better now that she doesnt have a zip fastner in her tummy!loveMartha & Bailey xx

  3. Oh, Ludo, you such a darling baby pup, and so brave to play with a monster foot. I am glad Addie and Lucie’s Mom might find you one.Soon you will be a year old and what a good boy you are!Kisses,Stella

  4. That’s one cool monster foot, Ludo! We have never seen anything like this before!We love your video when you were a bit younger! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwLove ya lots,Maggie and Mitch

  5. Get it, Ludo! Get it! Wow, you’re a brave guy! My mom and sisters think you were just an adorable little pup (and that you’re very handsome now, of course!). I think you’re pretty amazing to go after that talking foot! I’ve never seen anything like that around here, but I’ll keep my eyes out for one!Play bows,Zim

  6. Ludo, that was such a fun video to watch – woo were so funny running away from the monster foot – hope woo can get a new one. Bet the foot will be afraid of woo now.Tail wags, the OP Pack

  7. Hey Ludo, what a cool toy! We haven’t seen anything like it before 🙂 You’re a very brave boy playing fetch with that thing. Hope you’ll get a new one soon.

  8. Hehe, you be a cute puppy Ludo 🙂 I have not seen monster foot here, but I will keep an eye out fur one fur you.Big licks to youSuzukixxx

  9. Ludo, We will let you know if we find a monster foot. We get lots of dog catalogs at our house!Puppy Ludo is just too cute!

  10. WooHoo Ludo! That monster foot was SCARY! It even scared me and Katie the first time we heard it. You were SO BRAVE for such a little squirt. But what an adorable squirt you were…and still are! You were a beautiful puppy, and now you are one fine looking boy! We will see if we find a monster foot. I think you are braver than Katie, she would run away from such a noise!

  11. OHHHHHHH Dear Ludo….we haven't seen anything like that growls……but…. what a cute little puppy you were playing with that!!!!!!!!your video and you are soooooooooooo adorable!!!!!!!we love you and your blog!!!!we're very happy that Addie & Lucie have found one toy like the monster foot!!!we're sure you'll have a great moment with it again!!!!Have a great week!!!!kisses and licks!!!!SMACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Ludo, you look a bit smaller than usual in that movie. I have heard that some good moms actually fixit stuffies after they splode. But my mom (and looks like yours) You Thin Ice’s them in the bin.Slobbers,Mango

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