sunday walk and Dughallmor beagles stuffs.

Here be some photos of my walk on sunnyday. Me and Mum usually head towards the beach, but it very high tide week this week, so there was no beach left, only stones, so we went on the grassy bits instead. There was lots of children on the beach looking for shells or something and mum made me go past them lots to practice having attentions on her I did it good, cos she had treats. That piccure is a seagull and it be the closest thing to squirrels I has here.

I met a very horrible boy dog who almost left a peemail on me. We went out again today and I met a very nice jack russel girl and we played chase, so that be ok.

Here I is next to the water thing that runs down the the sea. It called a stream, it is like puddles, only when you step in it something weird happens and there is not floor to put your feets on! You has to swim, some dogs like that but I think it be too strange for me!

Next we went to the steps that lead up up to the top of the cliff and are the start of a ‘coast to coast’ walk that lots of people come on holiday to do. Walking sound like a good holiday huh? I would like to show you further up the steps but mum would not come with me, then she got worried about me being near the edge.

Here be an impression of Mum for this piccure.
“Ludo, Ludo, where are you, has you falled off the cliff!!”

“Here i be mum! do not do panickings.”

Then she blowed the whistle, which means I has to come back super quick right away.

Please forgive me if I casnot visit everyone so much this week, Mum is doing stupid workings lots this week. I will still be reading, but I cannot type by myself.

oh! I almost forgot.

This is for the Dughallmor beagles Red nose thingy and for red nose day too!

Travis is having a review a blog day on his blog where we has to review a blog and this week it be the beagles, so here mine.

“The Dughallmor’s are 4 very cool beagles who is very fun and they make noises like ‘ooo, roo, rooo rooooo!’ They lives in a pretty place near a beach which look very fun to walk on and their mum take very good photos of it. They is also involved in some steamy romances, so if you likes good scenery, cuteness and gossip, the DB’s blog is the place to be.”

~lickies, Ludo

35 thoughts on “sunday walk and Dughallmor beagles stuffs.

  1. Hi LudoGreat review of the DB's – you are right they are cool!Loved your walk! We love the beach and coatal walks as the DB's will tell you but we are a bit far away! You are very good to come when your mum whistles.The stitches coming out was very quick by the way so dont worry if you have still to go.Martha feels lots better without that zip thing.loveMartha & Bailey xxps loved your red nose pic – hope you win!

  2. Hi LudoWhat a beautiful place to go for a walk. You are such a good obedient boy and listen so well.We loved watching your monster foot video. We laughed at you being scared of the noise.Cute nose.Love Ruby & Penny

  3. You are so so so so so so so lucky to live where you live Ludo. That looks like the greatest place to go for walks and you get to run with no lead too!!! They are so strict about that here in the USA… mom hates it, she is use to letting dogs run free on the beach and at the park…..but here mean people give you tickets and then you have to pay lots of money. Sigh….I will just sit and stare at your photo’s a dream of running on the beach

  4. I LOVE YOUR RED NOSE PICTURE!!!!!!!Sorry. Got carried away. But seriously, Ludo. You look fantastic!Great shots of your walk, too. That one of you coming down the stairs (last one) is GREAT!Play bows,Zim

  5. Dear Ludo, these are some of the mo st byutiful piktures we have ever seen. Wow! This deserves a very serius Two Paws UP! Also, this has made us feel a little better, becuz we have been very steamed over the weekend about the swirl situashon, due to the Humans feeding the fat evil pecan-throwing monsters! Love, LuLu and LoLLy!

  6. What a cool walk you went on! SO glad you didn’t fall off the cliff! You are a good boy for listening to your mom’s whistle.We went on a walk last summer where a dog did fall off a cliff, even though there were Danger signs all over. I guess they forgot that most dogs don’t know how to read.

  7. I wonder if our mothers are related??? Our Ma always shouts stupid things when we’re on a walk like ‘be careful’ and ‘don’t fall off’…. And believe it or not, our Papa is even worse!!! Glad you had such a nice walk!Lickies, Josh and Jess

  8. Hello Ludo and Happy belated Red Nose Day! (Our dad posted his Red Nose Day photo on his facebook profile, too!) We love the picture of your walk. The place you live looks very bootiful!We didn't know what you had to wear the satellite dish and that scarf! šŸ™‚ Ludo,you look much better than Queen. Your friends,Momo & Pinot

  9. We did our book review for Travis too, Ludo!Mom took us both down to the road to get the mail today and I was sniffing the mail box post and Mitch lifted his leg and he almost peed on me! How rude is that?! Thank goodness mom pulled me out of the way in the nick of time! GEEZ!Love ya lots,Maggie and Mitch

  10. Some great photos, we can see why your mum panicked. We started to wonder if you be over the cliff too. It sure looks like you are healing well from the new ters.Dog Speed,Essex & Deacon

  11. Ludo, what a great day you and your Mum had.I love best the third picture down of you Because you look all grown up! No more little puppy guy but a handsome man dog!Kisses,stella

  12. Hi Ludo,That boy dog is so rude to try an leave a peemail on you! I am glad he did not succeed.. Stay away from him if you bump into each other again ok? Cos if he succeeds, it’d mean that you’d need a bath!! (I hate baths)You are such a good boy to go back to your mom when she whistles.. My mom is very impressed (and envious too)..

  13. can you herd seagulls? Do they ever fly down at you? I hope they don’t move into your house. If thay do, I will mail you a squirrel to chase them away. Ha Ha! then you can keep the squirrel! At your house!your pal, Morgan

  14. Thats a pawsome review Ludo :)I think your Mum be a little bit panicky about you on the cliff, you look like you have great balance :)Big licks to youSuzukixxx

  15. Great walk Ludo! Katie doesn’t like it when I work too much either. Life would be the best if I could stay home with her! You are such a photogenic puppy!

  16. Hey Ludo! Looks like you had a great walk. You are so good coming back to your mummy when she whistles, don’t be tellings that too much on your blog or else our mummy will expect the same from us!!Super cool red nose photo!! šŸ™‚ xx

  17. That was a very nice walk. We always love looking at the places our DWB buddies live. You are quite fetching in that nose.

  18. AWww Drats! It lost my post…Take two:Oh Ludo! What a great little adventure! I barked out loud when you did your impression of your Mom looking for you! WOOF! Oh yea, I love your red nose šŸ™‚ *Blush!Licks,Your little detective :)Kylie

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