Tricky T-day

I missed my training very much whilst I was a cone head. Before I got my new ters we started working on shaking my head no, like Sizzle can do. Mum used the tips in this video that mum recently found on Youtube, the lady seems very clever.

Before I let mum do the explainings I wanted to tell all you squirrel chasers about something that will shock you, if you has not seed it yet. My beautiful friend Morgan is having some serious troubles with squirrels and I think you would all be very good at helping her out. Click to visit, and read about her troubles.

~Lickies, Ludo

Hello, Mum Dee here. Sorry to bore all you dogs, I guess this talky section is more for the humany friends. You can listen to the video Ludo linked to to see how we learnt this, basically we use a skill Ludo already has, to be able to touch a mark with his nose. Then you get two marks and Ludo is supposed to back and forth between them and slowly move away from the marks until he can do it by himself. I’ve also added in a little growl which I ‘captured’ (fancy clicker word) whilst he had his cone on as we couldn’t do much else! I’ve used the cue word of ‘huh’ for shaking his head, because I figure I can add the word huh onto any question and he can say no to it. Cheating you see. I think I’ll make a nicer video then enter this into Gus and Waldo’s competition, what do you think? This was a fun one for me, you should see some of the out takes, I don’t include them cos I try to keep the learning videos short. Maybe I should do a blooper reel.
Anyway, here’s the video. I’ve put the finished trick at the front then the learning stuff afterwards so you don’t need to watch the progress, just the trick. ๐Ÿ™‚

p.s. His Dancy feet make me laugh!

34 thoughts on “Tricky T-day

  1. Growling on cue! Ludo, I think you could get some roles on TV and movies! You are so clever, and handsome. Hollywood is calling…

  2. Ludo, you are such a clever boy to learn all of these tricks you are learning. Also Mum is a very good trainer. You two can go places together!Kisses,Stella

  3. Yeah, your’re a cone head no more ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s a really cool trick you’re learning there, Ludo. Let us know how you get on. We’re gonna go and see if we can help Morgan with her squirrel problem.Zoomies,Josh and Jess

  4. Ludo – thank-you for your help! At first, I was too embarassed to blog about my awful perdiciment, I really thought I was keeping all the squirrels away! But I have recieved many fine words of support, offers of help and have learned that other dogs have had the same problem! So, I feel much better now and if Rob, the critter guy, wants to take over, I guess he can. thanks again, my friend.your pal, Morgan

  5. Me again. I watched your video and I am really impressed! Yes, you should enter the contest. You are smart and handsome! Mom keeps saying she is gonna get a clicker for me. maybe I’ll get one soon because now she’s wondering if she could clicker train the squirrels to go to someone else’s house! BOL Morgan

  6. You’re so clever Ludo – we love the tricks that you and your mum are learning. We love training too and mum’s getting lots of ideas from your blogZoomiesTess and Vince

  7. Awe Ludo you are so much cleverer than us bassets! We loved your video but we could never learn that! We think you should enter the competition for doing tricks! Have you seen it?We already know about poor Morgan and the squirrel problem Bailey and I are packing our cases and will go over right away and help. It must be such an embarassement for poor Morgan to have to get pest control in – we thought that was us!!loveMartha & Bailey xx

  8. That’s great Ludo!! Mom has been working with me on shake your head no for a long time and I still don’t have it down. (we’re using the same method as you and your mom). You do it perfectly! Awesome job! Love your growl too!

  9. Ludo, those training movies are really very helpful to show the evolution of a trick. The clicker books never provide enough intermediate steps for me. Of course it helps to have a dog that is slightly smarter than a box of rocks.Mango Momma

  10. Ludo! You did GREAT! Mommy now has MORE to teach me… Way to go! BOL- She even showed Daddy and he thinks you’re really good too! :)Licks,KyliePS: When’s your birthday?

  11. Wow Ludo!You are so very clever! I haven’t done my tricky tuesday in a while because I am still working on some tricks! Maybe I will be able to learn “no like you did!:) Tibby

  12. Dear Ludo. Frankly, this is one of the more distresting things that we have red, when we went to your friend Morgan’s blog, and red about the skwirls in the attik. Now we are traumitized FOR SURE. Hanging our heads, LuLu and LoLLy.

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