sunday agilty

Hiroo efurrybody,
Me and mum wented to agility again today and it was very good fun again! I was a very good boy and did not do runnings off or anything. There was another dog in our very beginner section this week, a labrador called Noah. He camed and said Hi and asked my mum for a treat and his mum was shouting, ‘Noah come, Noah come!’ heehee, then he runned and said hello to everyone and did a big lap of the field.

I did working on directions over a little jump. It was difficult at first for mum cos she was wanting to bend her hands down to me when she was steering me round but the trainer man said she must stand up straight or she is not looking where she is going and then she not be in the right place. She got lots to learn.

Here be a little video of me running through some poles. They is called channel weaves.

That’s all I has as Grandpaw is a terrible, terrible piccure taker. That not mum you can hear in the video, that someone else, though you can hear mum too, not so loud. I also did the tunnel lots, I likes the tunnel! I did do some barkings at some monsters too. A lady helper was being attacked by some scary thing called a ‘sack monster’ so’s I bark barked at it till it let her go and then she came to stroke me and say ‘it ok’ so I know she was greatful. Then another helper person was being attacked by an evil chair monster!! They is all lucky I was there. I almost had to see off a plastic bag monster too, but I sniffed it and decided it was just an ordinary one and not a monster.

There no agility next week, the club is having some other trainers come in and do a weekend long exhibition and I cas not go cos it for the more advance dogs, but mum is gonna go and listen.

I has also begun moulting quite a bit now, mum is all covered in my furs, BOL! I be having to have lots of extra brushings which I do not like! It boring and the fur pulls in my skirt. No I is not a girl, but the fur round my back legs and tail/bum bit be called a skirt.
Look at all my furs.

I tried to get it and run off to hide it somewhere but mum stopped me. That mean I think as it is my furs after all. I was gonna keeps it all for the fur fairy, like the tooth fairy that Lulu and Lolly told me about. But since it that thing called ‘Mother’s day’ here in this country I will let her has it as a present. Even though she did put it in the bin, not somewhere she can look at it and admire it.

~lickies, Ludo

oh Peeess: I did eat all the cookie all at once, well sorta, cos mum broked it in half and gived it to Auntie Penny, so it did get eated all at once, but by two of us. And Reilly’s mum asked what kind of camera mum took my flying shot with, it be a ‘Casio Exilim’ Just a little digital camera, it the only one she got. She say she would like a nice fancy DSLR one though.

33 thoughts on “sunday agilty

  1. that looks like a great place to do agility…..most of the places here are indoors! ohhhh….you is molting your puppy fluff out…..that is such a fun time. Tell you mom to keep a spray bottle with water in and just a tiny bit of doggy conditioner – like half a teaspoon. Spray all over before brushing. It will stop the fur from flying everywhere and makes it easier for the comb to go through. I get brushed every morning……I don’t think I need it, but mom says it’s my ‘routine’!

  2. Hi LudoWe are so impressed watching your video! That weaving takes a lot of skill and you are still very young.We agree with the advice Bree/Reilly gave about your coat and were going to suggest some conditioner, leave in and then brush!Have we told you lately how beautiful you are Ludo?loveMartha & Bailey xx

  3. Oh, Ludo! You are going to be a great agility dog! I love how fast you go, and it will be fun to see you in other events when you get there!Do you know that lots of peoples with long hair dogs, have the waste fluff hair spun into yarn? Then they knit something with it!Your Mom could knit you a scarf out of your own fur!Kisses,Stella

  4. Looks like you had another great day at agility! I can’t wait to see how good you get! :)I’ve been getting lots of extra brushings too. For some reason the humans don’t like to wear my fur either.Mochi

  5. Ludo – that was excellent channel weaving. Very fast, and you stayed straight thru the middle.Be patient with your mum while she is learning agility Ludo. Dogs learn much quicker than humans. You are sure to get a good laugh the first time she runs herself into a piece of equipment!Oreo says, “My mom runs into equipment all the time. She doesn’t watch where she’s going. LOL!”

  6. LudoWe were very impressed with the Agility class – well done to you. Little man’s Mum uses a horse conditioner on my coat – tail and mane conditioner and it works really well – smells great too! She gets it in the local equestrian shop.Happy Mother Day’s to your Mum too!Clive

  7. Hi Ludo! I am glad you shared your video with us. I LOVE TUNNELS! My Mom got me a tunnel to have in the house! Since we moved, we don’t have as much room inside but she takes it out sometimes for me. Want to see some pictures, check out my blog! Good think you were there with the monsters around. I will be sure to call you if I run into any. I’m sure you will get used to brushings. I have been getting them each day this past week, AND my bath… Mom said she could build me a playmate with all the fur! BOLLicks,Kylie

  8. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Dear Ludo!!!You sure had a great time in agility!!!!!!!!!!!We like watching you in action!!! You go so fast and look sooooooooooo happy….we love agility but aren’t sooooooooooo goog like you!!you’re a Champion!!!

  9. P.S. Happy Mother Day’s to your Mum too!!!!!!!Give her lots of licks from us!!!!Our Mom use FURMINATOR for our fur and it’s GREAT!!!!!You must be try it!!!WE love youuuuuuuu so much dear Ludo!!Lots of love and kisses

  10. Hey Ludo, Quite the fun time you had at agility! You are going to be very fast when you don’t have to protect people from monster things! Happy Mother’s day to your Mom!

  11. Heya Ludo,You sure are a distinctively handsome boy. We can’t do agility training fro a very important reason; we are NOT agile. Dad takes Max and Shiloh to Clumsy Oafability training and they ace the course everytime. There isn’t an obstacle, pole, or fence that they can’t knock over or destroy. Agility training sure looks like a great way to get moma time. Thanks for signing our guestbook. It’s nice to have blog buddies in other countries.- The Bumpass Hounds

  12. You sure look like you had a pawsome time during agility.I think you have pawsome fur. Your mom should keep it and admire it. :)~ Bae

  13. Ludo, well done on the agility course. Clever dog!Our dogs shed a lot of hair too, I always say that I can knit another dog out of all that hair šŸ˜‰

  14. Hi LudoSo glad you made it clear that male dogs too can have skirts. When I go for a trim, I get a ‘micro-mini skirt’.Of course if like me you’re Scottish, it all gets confusing with the skirt/kilt(NOT A SKIRT!) thing…Cheers, H.

  15. OK, I thought the whole point of agilities was to go over the obstacles. Momma always wants to do a couple and then have a conversation with the teacher guy, so I run around and practice on my own like that Noah guy. Then I get told I need to work on my attention. What a pain. There is a dog who looks like you in my class. He talks a lot during class.I like to steal my furs when momma grooms me too. Especially if we are outside and it flies through the air.Kisses,Dexter

  16. Wow, look at Ludo go through the poles!!!! Hey, woo moult??? Isn’t that what the birds do? Mom says we are blowing our coats – what is she talking about, we don’t wear coats.Woos, the OP Pack

  17. w00f’s, u does pawsome agility Ludo…heehee they told me to run thro poles me wood run off hunting squeerls…mama will haff to use that trick Bree saided about flying furs…mine flys bad…b safe,~rocky~

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