An easter message from Big and Beige

Hurro Efurrybody.
Today is a special post, I know it normally wordless wednesday but today it not. You may has seed this badge
I has putted it there for Molly and Faline and Mum wears a pin on her coat too. I’s sure you or your pawrents all knows about that slogan ‘a dog is for life not just for christmas’ (Crisp mas) and that rescue shelters get extra busy after christmas. Well easter be the same for rabbit-dog rescues. So this organisation ‘make mine chocolate’ does this campaign to spread awareness of that. Rabbit-dogs is great and mum thinks they make very pawsome pets. But we do think it important to do lots of careful learnings before getting a bunny. Mum got Molly cos he looked cute and fluffy and she has learned lots since then.

Some of you might know big or little peoples who wants to get a rabbit-dog and my guest speakers has some information which you can pass on, or might even be interested in yourself.

So here be Big and Beige, a brother and sister bunny who lives with a very nice lady called Michelle to tell you all about rabbits and easter and stuff.


Beige: Did you know that the Easter Bunny was actually a hare Big? In pagan mythology, the hare represented love, growth and fertility. The hare and the egg were also the symbols of the spring and lunar goddess Eostre, from whose name it is generally believed that the word ‘Easter’ has come from.

Big: You are very clever Beige

Beige: I know

Big: Did you know that most bunnies are bought on a whim especially at Easter time as a gift?

Beige: Of course I did, I know everything, I’m a very clever bunny

Big: Well I think we should spread the word that rabbits are not disposable pets

Beige: that’s right we are not nappies! (diapers)

Big: People don’t realise that we can live between 7 and 10 years and often when the novelty has worn off, poor bunnies like us get handed in at already crowded shelters or get dumped in the park or countryside and as a helpless domestic bunny either quickly be eaten by predators, get run over by a car, become ill, or starve.

Beige: Or some even get taken to the vets to put to sleep!

Big: People should research bunny care before they buy us. We have needs.

Beige: I agree you do have special needs Big.

Big: That’s because I am a very special bunny

Beige: What ever

Big: We like to live with a bunny friend and not alone And we need to be neutered and spayed and have annual vaccinations (if they’re available where you live).

Beige: Oh yes, spaying girl bunnies is especially important to avoid uterine cancer which is very common

Big: And de-pluming boy bunnies too.

Beige: I don’t like to think about that, it makes me cross my paws

Big: Neutering boy bunnies means they are less likely to spray and without all that testosterone they are much sweeter

Beige: Yes sweeter but still very masculine. You forgot to mention that.

Big: And no accidental litters too

Beige: Oh yes and don’t forget when you go on holiday we need someone to take care of us everyday and keep us clean.

Big: Yes hay, fresh water, vegetables and pellets

Beige: Did you mention sprouts?

Big: Yes sprouts come under vegetables

Sprouts are my favourite

Big: Oh and I forgot to mention, we need lots of exercise too, we shouldn’t be locked away in a hutch like prisoners

Beige: I never saw a bunny who looked with such a wistful eye upon that little tent of blue which prisoners call the sky.” Oscar Wilde said that.

Big: Beige you are soooooo clever

Beige: Well I don’t like to boast but I am a rabbit genius

Big: So if you know of anyone who plans to bring home a rabbit this Easter ― or any time of the year ― please encourage them to learn about rabbits and rabbit care first. And if they still want a rabbit, ask them to adopt from a shelter or rabbit-rescue organization.

Beige: And this Easter why not buy them a chocolate bunny and sponsor a bunny in a rescue centre.

Big: That’s a good idea Beige you’re not just a pretty face.

Beige: I keep telling you I’m not pretty I’m handsome.

Big: You have to admit you do look like a girl

Beige: This conversation stops right here!

Hm, Beige just chased Big out the room, but they left me some linkies.
The easter bunny, Rabbits at easter, Rabits as easter gifts
Thanks Big and Beige, you’s been extra good guest speakers.

*sigh* It would be so cool if some of my friends got a rabbit-dog brother or sister, Suzuki has one already, they is pretty good friends to have around, unless it be a Faline.

“what’s that you’re saying Ludo?”
“sorry Faline”

~lickies, Ludo


33 thoughts on “An easter message from Big and Beige

  1. Hi LudoWhat a very informative post that was. Thank you to Big and Beige for their input which was witty and factual.The rescue centre that helped Martha have lots and lots of rabbits for rehoming!People need to think very carefully as rabbits do need a lot of care.We think getting a chocolate one and sponsoring a bunny is a great idea!We have not seen thoses pins in Scotand but will look out for them.loveMartha & Bailey xx

  2. That was a furry special post!My mom's family had two bunnies – she really enjoyed them and would khonsider a rabbit-dog again someday!Hugz&Khysses,KhyraPeeEssWoo: She said she'll have the chokholate kind fur me!

  3. What a great post! We have Oswald, the wild bunny who rents out our bushes to all the other bunnies in the neighborhood. That’s probably enough, don’t you think?Oh… and my nickname is Zichick, which is Ukrainian for hare! 🙂 My ears sort of went through a growth spurt….Love,Ammy

  4. Very informative and helpful post – now for the right people to see it. We can’t have chocolate but if we get any chocolate bunnies, we’ll trade them to Mom for some yummy pup treats.Woos, the OP Pack

  5. That was an excellent discussion and very informative. Rabbit-dogs are not as popular as fur-babies as they are in England and I know one large pet store chain here in the USA will not even sell them. The other one does and sadly yes, they are often Easter presents and people do not really think about the long term care. Me and mom always say hello to the the two rabbit dogs that pet store has – they have been there about eight months now. Not many people want to pay $200 for a rabbit dog. Should I mention that in moms home country – they have done away with the Easter Bunny and now have the Easter Bilby !!!

  6. That was a very good message to send Ludo. Rabbits dogs are very cute and I would love to have one, but chocolate bunnies don’t poop! So, I think I’ll stick with the chocolate version.

  7. Mom says that our hooman sissy had a bunny when she was 10 years old and it was a fun time but she’ll be sticking to chocolate bunnies from now on!Love ya lots,Maggie and Mitch

  8. w00f’s, those bunnys r cute, but boy does the multiply…me wood prolly wanna chase them too..also little chickies, hoomans get them at easter too..b safe,~rocky~

  9. Hi LudoWe added the Make Mine Chocolate logo and site to our sidebar to lend support. They have some cool merchandise – our mum thought it would be fun to buy some pens and pins instead of chocolate!! We wont buy any bunnies though……loveMartha & Bailey xx

  10. What a great pre-Easter post! Its true that people get them for kids and have no idea how to care for them.Here we also have feed stores that sell baby chicks and ducklings this time of year and people do the same with them and then just let them go. Very sad.I’d rather have a chocolate bunny any day of the week!Kisses,Stella

  11. Thanks for the great post! Mom is afraid I might mistake a rabbit-dog for a stuffie so mom says we can’t have one. She’s going to get some chocolate ones! :)Mochi

  12. Evil rabbits have taken over the blog! Our Evil rabbits are 7 years old now, but they can’t make baby bunnies hahahahahhahahhaaha. They are mean and try to bite us.Simba and Jazzi xxx

  13. I like Rabbit-dogs 🙂 My cousin Brandon came to stay with us while my hooman sister and her husband took Suzi, Tahlia and Scooby camping. I looked fur him fur a few days after they came back and took him home again…Gruffs from the Scruff

  14. My Mum tells people lots of info when they say they want a rabbit-dog. Most hoomans dont understand how much is involved with having a rabbit-dog. They think they can just stick them in a hutch and feed them and thats all they need.But they need lots more than that.Big licks to youSuzukixxx

  15. An excellent post Ludo. It is so important to remember that any pet requires a lot of time, care and attention.Chocolate bunnies will be the only ones in this house anyway.- Clive

  16. Good job Ludo sharing your blog like this was very important! You probably saved some rabbit dogs from a terrible life!

  17. Thanks Big and Beige. There are lots of rabbits at the shelter where we got my kitties. And at the zoo where mom volunteers there are rabbits too. they are all rabbit-dogs that nobody wanted anymore. When mom and her zoo friends get the rabbits out to show to the kids and their parents. they always remind everybody that rabbits need lots of care and love. Given that,they can make wonderful pets!your pal, Morgan

  18. Ludo – you are very trusting. Hopefully those bunnies are a lot nicer than the ones in our yard. Ours a like ninjas – they run out from under our deck when we’re not looking and scare the bejebies out of us! We still think the rodents cannot be trusted… except yours perhaps. :-)Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  19. Hi Ludo!Thanks for sharing all that info about rabbit-dogs! It would be so nice if peoples would really think about the commitment they are making before bringing home any kind of pet! Then maybe there wouldn’t be so many lovely animals in shelters!:) Tibby

  20. Ludo,Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I completely agree with this post. Bunnies are alot of work and deserve love and attention. It really bugs me when I see bunnies locked up in a hutch all the time!Pedro

  21. Excellent post, Ludo! Bunnies needs a lot of care and attention. Thanks for tell us about them. It´s was very informative and important. xoxoxoThor

  22. That was furry interesting Ludo. We did nots knows that bunny’s was baughted as easter gifts, that’s so silly!! Them stoopid pet shops should not sell thems at easter, should dey?Thanks for the very good informative post Ludo, we has enjoyeded it. We not be allowed a bunny, daddy say mummy has got too much on to have another aminal! Boo hoo. Mummy hadded a white bunny when she was little but it ranneded away when it way playing in the garden, mummy was so sads.Love Scott xx

  23. we have rabbits in our bushes – the cats like to irritate them – but daddy gets mad at the cats – I go chase the rabbits too – but I don't irritate them – I just chase them – I like the rabbits but they don't seem to want to play with me – We're gonna put your Chocolate Rabbit sticker up on our blog if that's okay!wags & wiggles Checkers

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