Mother’s day,Tricky T-day, awards

Mum liked the piccure of The Knight’s Saturn (think it was Saturn) holding a flower so much she went and found one of them yellow mum flowers what are called Daffodils and took some piccures with it. She did one with Faline too, but she just tried to eat it. Molly said it was too cold to come out of his house. You can see his white nose over at the door there.

I am not very good at holding things. What does mum think I am, a retriever?? I think I am better at it than Faline though. Hey, I met some cows when we went out to find the daffodil, I will post about them on thursday or friday though as there be a very special post by two friends of mine tomorrow. I is letting them has a guest spot on my blog.

Also, for Tricky T-day this week we is learning ‘yes’ and the elephant trick. Oreo and Misty can do this very good. Here I be still learning it. I’s just got back from school tonight, we did good jumping through hoops and lots of boring obedience work like heels and sitting in hoops and stays and boring attention work like Dexter is doing now. But mum did give me the biggest hugs ever after a big long sit stay. As we is in the freestyle class each one starts off with us dogs demonstrating a trick we has beed learning that week, so it a good thing I has tricky T-days huh? Me and mum does not know what we can show next week.

Mum is gonna try and put together that ‘blooper reel’ of my trainings too. I think she be mean to be showing that, cos then everyone will think I is not so clever anymore.

I is also soo happy cos I got two very cool awards!!
This one from Travis for my review of the D. Beagles on his weekly blog review club. You should all go play, it a fun game.
Thanks so much Travis, you is a cool guy!

And this one from my little friend Vodka Although I guess I not that bigger.

I would like to pass this on to: The Army of four, they is wise dogs and I always learn lots from them. Reilly, who be such a cool cowspot dog and has good advices for a young pup like me, Ricky, who is another cool guy and is my agility teacherer and the Beautiful Misty and handsome Oreo who is my fellow trick learners and also agility teacherers. I would like to give it to all my friends in my side bar but officially I thinks I be only allowed to pick 4 pups to pass it on to but Mum say you always need one more for luck. So I will pick Addie and Lucie, cos they is beautiful and fun and their mom’s food giving for the shelter is truly fabulous.

~lickies, Ludo


30 thoughts on “Mother’s day,Tricky T-day, awards

  1. Thank you for the award Ludo!We loved your elephant trick – it was brilliant. Oreo says he especially loved it when you kept swatting Penny with your tail! Oreo says, “Dumb girls, always getting in our way.” Looking forward to the blooper reel.

  2. Well I think you look fantastic with the Daffodil… is a nice contrast to your coloring. Thank you for the nice award…..that was very kind of you. You are doing the elephant trick very well !!!

  3. w00f’s, Ludo, i thinks u did excellent wiff the flower…heehee me wood try to eat it too..congrats on ur awards…thanks fur reminding me of travis, i furgot i wuz gonna go visit him..b safe,~rocky~

  4. Wooowoooowooo Ludo…Great pictures of you with daffodil…you look soooooooooooooo cute and gorgeous and very vernal!!!!!:-)))))))Congrats on your awards…you deserve it all because you’re a very very special doggie boy!!!!we love you and your blog sooooooooooooo much!!and we love your tricks video!!!!! You are really good at the elephant trick already!!!!Super Ludo!!!!lots of love and licks!!!!

  5. Ludo, you really look like a gentleman with the yellow flower. I bet any girls would love to received it from you :)Congrats for your award!

  6. Ludo! The daffodil was beautiful and your elephant trick was great. I also think Aunt Penny deserves an award for patience . .you get all those treats and she just sits and watches.Kisses,Stella

  7. Hi LudoYour comment on our blog abouts us being in a relay made our mum laugh – she agreed.We loved the pictures of you with the daffodil – and we agree you could hold it better Faline.The video was cool, we wondered whether you had any chocolates left in your tin?You had best not get too clever with these tricks, your mum will want you to do more and more.lots of loveMartha & Bailey xx

  8. PS we forgot to say Congratulations on your Award – we thought your review was excellent and are pleased that you won. How nice for Travis to put his picture on the Award! xxx

  9. You so super cool with your flower Ludo!! We loves watching your videos, you be so clever. What we loves the most is when Penny knocks the camera over!! BOL 🙂 Penny is very funny!! xx

  10. We want to see your blopper reel. We have many of our own because I take about a year to learn what pee-wee does in a week. I am in the special education class.Slobbers,Mango

  11. Congrats on the award, Ludo – and thank you so much for passing it along to us! You’re such a cool guy!Please let Faline know I would have tried to eat the daffodil, too. I can’t help myself.GREAT pictures and I love your tricks!Play bows,Zim

  12. Ludo you are soooo very talented!!!Congratulations on your wonderful awards!And thank you soooo very much for sharing an award with us!You are a wonderful friend!Lots of Luv & KissesAddie and Lucie

  13. Your elephant trick was great!You look very handsome with the daffodil!Congrats on all your awards! Well deserved!xoxoxoThor

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