TCT – Beige and a present from Bae!

Before I does this post I has an announcement. I has realised that my Mum has gone a bit ‘doolaly’, as I is a dog I relies on her to tell me what day it be and since monday she has beed a day ahead! Did anyone notice I posted tricky t-day on monday? BOL! Big and Beige is very happy with all your comments about their post and I has heard they wont stop talking about it!

Ok, today does be THURSDAY so time for True colours by Blue, today it be Beige.

Please click!

I has not let the teddies out of the net this time, after what happened afore but can you see the beige ones? There also be some teddies on mum’s scarf which be beige, this rabbit-dog ornament, this dolly’s face. Some dark beige sand and Faline. I has included mum’s hand cos I thought she might be beige too, but I think she more pinkish. Oh and a rabbit head magnet that mum made.

It been such a busy time for me lately, so I has lots to post over the next few days but this be the best bit. A suprise parcel came all the way from Bae Bae the hammy. Isn’t I lucky!! Mum say we will call it a pre-birthday present. Bae sent me a lovely letter that say he seed this rabbit-dog stuffie and thought of me. I LOVES my new toy, it is so super cool and his ears swish! I wouldn’t even sit still to pose with it and I tooked it away from mum so’s she couldn’t steal it. Auntie Penny read me my letter and then I shared a bit of my delicious salmon treats with her. Salmon is my favourite flavour!

Thanks you so much Bae! You is too kind. Oh, Grandpaw likes the stamps a lot cos he collect them so he say thanks you too. I is gonna put my letter in my new scrapbook mum be doing, she is learning it from Reilly’s mom’s blog.

Oh and I has beed ‘naughty’ too. Grandpawents little garden has no fence so I is not usually allowed out there without a long lead on, but mum has beed letting me go out for wees by myself cos I is good. Only yesterday when Mum called me back I ranned in the other direction BOL! I comed back when she called but then I said ‘lets play chase’ and runned off through the bushes to the field behind us. She was not happy and barked so at me so then I thoughted, I is not gonna come back if you is mad, so I stayed about 2 foots away. Then she beed nice and said all happy to come look. So I did and she catched me and picked me up and tooked me in and now I is not allowed in the garden no more. 😦

~lickies, Ludo


28 thoughts on “TCT – Beige and a present from Bae!

  1. Nice beiges, we think Faline is a beautiful shade of beige. And take a look at those pink ears on your pressie – very cute.Naughty Ludo, better be all kissie kissie to Mom so she gives you a second chance.Tail wags, the OP Pack

  2. Hi LudoGood work with the colour beige – you did very well.How kind of Bae Bae to think of you when she saw the stuffie – it looks really nice. We like stuffies with bits that flop about when you shake them – well Bailey does!Salmon treats too – what a lucky dog.We often play that game with our mum where you come back and then run away again.It is good fun and we are glad that your mum joined in so well.It is good when they start singing your name out!We dont think it very fair that your mum is not letting you play it again – tell her we said it is the best fun. It also gives our mum some much needed exercise.lots of loveMartha & Bailey xx

  3. No we did not even notice that you posted tricky t-day on Monday! BOL!Hey, Ludo, better be careful if you don’t come when mom calls! Mom’s hate that – best thing is to give up and do what she wants!Awesome presents from Bae Bae – you’re a lucky dog!We liked all your beige stuff too!

  4. Great present Ludo. I bet you are having a lot of fun with that plus the delicious salmon treats.Now please don’t play silly games with your mum about not coming when she calls. It makes people crazy, you could go Astray and bad things could happen to you. I am sure she will click and treat you for coming so that you will want to come the next time.Your friend,Niamh

  5. Ludo, Ludo, Ludo…your beige things are beautiful, and goodness what a wonderful gift you got! Now, let’s get serious and talk about not coming when you are called. You know, don’t you, that your Mom calls you because she loves you and doesn’t want anything bad to happen? So unless you always come when you are called she won’t be able to let you run free again, and that would be a sorry state of affairs, don’t you think? So think about it, I’m sure you’ll agree that you should always come straight back to Mom when she asks.

  6. that is a great post…..those are some great colors you found…..and what a near package you got. My mom has gone a bit kookie lately – she deleted her crafty blog and has started a new one ! She almost deleted MY blog too!!!!this is her new blog for your mom to check out click here

  7. Ludo, You have to come dancing with us! There will be several unattached ladies and who knows what might happen on a romantic evening with the moon over Manhattan???Your pal,Petey

  8. You know, its usually kinder not to point out when the peoples go all scatter brained on you. THey cannot help themselves if they are day of the week challenged.I think maybe you confused her playing those mind games of run away when you went out for your pee pee.Slobbers,Mango

  9. I noticed your mum was a day off – but I get confused with the time differnce -so I thought maybe it really was Tuesday already in over there.Oreo pees and poops in my flower garden everyday. He thinks it is good fertilizer:)

  10. Great job on your beige! I love the pic of you on the beach with the wind blowing through your hair. 🙂 That was very nice of Bae Bae to send you those great gifts!Hmm…not coming back when you’re called? I do that all the time. That’s why I’m not allowed off leash except when we are in my fenced in yard or a dog park. Maybe if you’re good she will give you a second chance. :)Mochi

  11. Not coming when you’re called? Are you becoming a Siberian? Ha roo roo roo! That’s why we’re never, ever allowed off-lead. Not coming is part of our breed requirement. Tail wags,Storms

  12. Hello Ludo, you did a great job! You sure had a lot of beige items (: I bet the teddies are sruggling to get out of the net.Nice presents you gotten from Bae Bae!best regardsVodka

  13. Hi Dear Ludo!!!!What a great Beige post!!!!Wonderful job!!!And super pressies you had received from Bae Bae!!!You look sooooooooo happy playing with them!!!!wish were with you and play togheter!!We love watching your pictures!!!Kisses and licks!!!!

  14. Awww You was only playing with your Mum and she got mad :(Mum’s do that. They don’t understand what be fun fur us :)Big licks to youSuzukixxx

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