I met some cows on my walk the other day… want to come see?

Fluffy tail for Khyra.

Hello Cows!

It was very scary when they decided they wanted to do lookings of me. I barkbarked and tried to do runnings away, but Mum said “Don’t be silly Ludo, they casnot get you”.

This cow was very friendly. We has been past again and now there be a brown cow too. Mum thinks they might be bullocks and not girl cows though but she not know much about cows.

Hope you liked seeing the cows.
~lickies, Ludo


32 thoughts on “Cows

  1. I love cows Ludo! We go to see them at a nearby farm. I’m glad you met a friendly one. I bet they liked your fluffy tail.Your friend,Niamh

  2. Hi Cowdog LudoYou are looking the part with your cowdog hat on!We think cows look scary too but if you bark and bark they usually walk away.Liked the bushy tail – I am sure Khyra loved that!loveMartha & Bailey xx

  3. Moooo! We have lots of cows in our area but thankfully none in our neighborhood. I liked seeing yours though.Do you know that Khyra is also known as MFT (Miss Fluffy Tail) and you could be MrFT!Kisses,Stella

  4. Hi Ludo!Those cows look very interesting! I think I would have barked at them too if they looked at me! You were very brave!:) Tibby

  5. WOOWOOOWOOO…..Cows Ludo is The Best in the world!!!!you look soooooooooooo funny and gorgeous!!!!And we love cows!!!!we have met a lots of cows in our holidays and they are sooooooooooo cute!!!But too big!!!Waawaawaaaa…..we’re very happy that you had met a lot of new friends!!!Lucky boy!!!Have a great weekend!!!kisses and licks!!!

  6. Nice pictures Ludo! I think that bulls would probably be somewhere less open than these cows..but I don’t know. Glad you had fun! Nice tail! LOL!

  7. Nice cows, nice tail, nice story. We got to meet some mini donkeys on our walk last summer that live pretty close to us. But they wouldn’t come near the fence at all.Have a good weekend, Ludo.Woos, the OP Pack

  8. We like cows – little man loves trying to milk the pretend cow at our local farm – its a training toy cow especially for children to get experience what milking a cow is like.

  9. Woooo! How lucky you meet great many interesting furry creatures (canine or otherwise)… we’ve not met a cow in our neck of the woods … just alot of other breeds of dogs, from Rotties, Shepherds to Goldens …Licks and WagsTuffy of Dog WOods

  10. Oh Ludo! I love it when you take us on tours! 🙂 I saw lots of cows when driving around New Hampshire and Maine this week! But I was always in the car and never got too close. You are mighty brave! I wish I could have heard you barking at the ocean! I can try to swim 1/2 way to meet you… I am getting better at going in the water! Woof!Licks,Kylie(pee s: I wanted to let you know that I was really flattered that you loved my model pictures so much! I think you are so handsome too! My Puggletine has disappeared and I think he’s forgotten about me! *Extra licks and butt sniffs! *Blush!)

  11. The cows are pretty big – but I’m not scared of them! Oh – and you are a beautiful dog Ludo!hope we can be friendswagging tailsCheckers

  12. Thank you for sharing your lookings Ludo! Those look like Aberdeen Angus cows…cows are cool, we like them cos they’re nosey and can’t resist coming to see who’s at their fence!Two cows standing in a field…one says “moo” the other one says “you cow, I was gonna say that”hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!Slobbers xxPee-ess, we’re so late in commenting that we can say you looked very dashing in the Rainbow Room…..Gabbi likey!

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