lots of things

This is gonna be a busy post today! I has two tags to do and my tricky T-day blooper vid!

Zim gived me this award. Thanks so much Zim, Stormy, Amber and Dave.
I has to list 5 reasons why life is grand. Of course life be very grand for me, here some reasons why:

1. Mum makes me life grand, she looks after all my needs and is my very best friend. She takes me on fun walks and we has a good time together and I know I makes her life grand too.

2. Grandpawents are also very nice and although Mum says she and grandpawents try each others patience sometimes we is very lucky that they let us come and live with them when she and old Daddy did that breaking up thing, otherwise I might not have beed able to stay with Mummy, so we owes them a lot and we know they has had to put up with us invading their space, when they has moved into a little bungalow to retire and live by the sea by theirselves which really not big enough for us all. Someday soon we hope we’ll be out of their hairs again. Nanny reads my blog sometimes so I hope she sees this.

3. All my toys and playing with them make life grand!

4. Living by a beach makes life grand, I can go and run around off lead whenever I wants and I know that make me a very lucky dog.

5. All of you! Me and Mum loves blogging and the great community of friends we has now. Originally Mum only intended to help me do my blog whilst I was a little puppy. But we is still going now and I thinks we is hooked!!

I is supposed to pass this along to 5 others, it always so hard to choose. This time it gonna go to the potential loves in my life, Gabbi (and co), Kylie, Morgan and I is also gonna pass it onto Vodka and Suzuki I casnot wait to see why all your lives is grand.


That distinguished bear Woodstock tagged me to play the name game:

1. What is your name? Ludo
2. A four letter word? Love
3. Girl name: Lacie
4. Boy name: Latte
5. Occupation: Lighthouse keeper
6. Color: Lavender
7. Piece of clothing: Lingerie hehhehheh
8. Food: Leeks
9. Item in the bathroom: Loofah (the rabbits play with these too)
10. Place/City: Lancaster: Lancaster (where I lived before we left old Daddy)
11. A reason for being late: Ludo escaped. hehe, or Lost keys
12. Something youโ€™d yell: LOOK OUT!
13. Movie: Lady and the Tramp
14. Something you drink: Lemonade
15. Band: Ludwig Van Beethoven. Oh, Mum says he’s not a band. She suggests Led Zeppelin.
16. Animal: Lion
17. Street name: London road
18. Car: Land Rover
19. Song: Lonely Pup in a Christmas shop I had to look through Mum’s song list for that one.
20. Activity that includes more than one participant:
Line Dancing.

Anyone else who want to play?


Here be my blooper video. It not a very good one as mum has deleted most of the older stuffs. You know what I has realised, it not my blooper video, it Mum’s. Don’t you all agree. If anybody wonders for some reason Mum finds it really funny when peoples or furries stick their necks out like tortoises. I was just looking to see if there beed any treats on the sofa.

So there you go, my blooper is my tricky T-day this week. BOL!
Sometimes Auntie Penny is really annoying, she never plays or does anything with me and I get mad at her when she be in my way or stealing my attentions or getting all barky and excited. Lately she has begun sleeping on MY (Mum says HER) bed. Which she not allowed to do!!
Still, she does be warm. Mum says probably Penny has decided we is staying and that Mum is back to being her mum now. I does not think so Auntie Penny! You is grandpawents dog!

Mum has also beed stealing my furs again. Can you believe that Penny just loves to be brushed? She sits whining until it be her turn! That little blob of fur at the side of mine is from Penny.

phew, what a busy post!!
~lickies, Ludo


27 thoughts on “lots of things

  1. Hey Ludo!!! We LOVED your bloopers!! It reassure us that all our mistakes are normal! BOL ๐Ÿ˜‰ We think your mummy’s laugh is infectious, cos my mummy laughed too!!We thinks you should accept Penny as Penny Sis, not Aunty Penny any more!! She be a lovely sis to have. we would likes to has her as a sis!! xxxx

  2. Ludo my love, I hope you have a great day! I am excited we will both be napping together! Be sure to check back in on my. Mommy finally is about ready to leave!! I will be watching your video’s later because she says she is already an hour late! Whatever Mommy! My Ludo is more important!! But she doesn’t listen. I bet that fluffy fur is very soft!! I be asking Mommy to send you some of my furry black fur! I saw Ms. Khyra sent some to her love Ben! I wonder if it will get there in time for your barkday!? BOLWell I am off to go have a potty break and then be on my camera!Licks,Kylie

  3. Hello Ludo, congrats on your award, and thanks for passing it on to me !!! your life sure is grand! isn’t it great to live by the beach, how envy. you could always enjoy the sea breezebest regardsVodka

  4. Hi LudoThat was a long post! First of all congratulations on your Award. You made us smile with your reasons why life is grand – we hope your Nanny reads your post today. We expect that you fill her home with so much laughter she doesnt mind.We already knew you had a great mum from your blog but we didnt know you had great grandparents too.We also liked the name game – funny you should choose an occupation like lighthouse keeper when you live near the sea!We enjoyed your video – we liked to hear your mum laughing but yes, we could certainly see what you have to put up with!Never mind Ludo all this training is making you a very smart dog.We already watched your video over at Gus and Waldo's and believe me we couldnt do anything like that!We are glad you are now hooked on blogging – we reckon we are too although are careful not to tell too many non doggie people about it as they reckon we are mad!Well if it was alright for Dr Dolittle to talk to the animals why can us dogs talk to each other on the internet?loveMartha & Bailey xxx

  5. That was a busy post and fun to read.Congrats on the award, you are collecting lots of them now and they are all well deserved.Maybe what you wrote about the grandparents would make a lovely card for them…you know grandparents aren’t always fond of computers, but they do love cards. Hey – you could use that fur combed out of and make a mini Ludo on the front.You are lucky to be able to run and play on the beach with no lead….that is every doggies dream and you are living it !!!!

  6. I so agree with woo on the grandpawrent thing!My Doggy Nanny let my mom khome bakhk 'here' Mom was sad she had to leave her five other Siberians -One day my now Doggy Nanny told my mom she khould have a dog – so she kind of started looking -Well – let's just say, the rest is history!Tank woo fur being woo and sharing all the neat things woo did today!Hugz&Khysses,Khyra

  7. Congrats on your award and Mom did a great job too. That blooper video was hysterical, your mom has the cutest giggle. She was so entertaining.We have been getting our furs stolen a lot here lately, Mom says it is because we are blowing our coats, what is she talking about – she is plucking it away from us.Tail wags, the OP Pack

  8. Great blooper reel! We loved how you were so serious, while your mum couldn’t control her laughter:)Misty loves to be brushed, just like Penny. While Oreo has to ATTACK the brush, whenever he or Misty is getting brushed.

  9. Wow that was a busy post. Congrats on the award and great job on the tag. and your blooper reel was very funny and your mom laughing was funny too. and you look very comfy on the couch, I will let myself out, sleep well.

  10. It is so great that your grandpawrents let you and your mum move in with them! I know my grandparents would do that for us if we ever needed them to and we really appreciate it – so we know how you feel and it was nice of you to write about them in your blog today!You already know how much my mom loved your bloopers video! She still laughs when she thinks about it!

  11. Ohhh Ludo. No wonder you can’t get all the commands done right, what with Mom laughing so much, how does a dog know what to do? ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Hi Ludo!!! It’s me, your furry black dog! BOL ๐Ÿ™‚ I wanted to first let you knows that I used all my votes for you over at the 4M’s contest! Congrats on being in the finals! Next, I finally got Mom to watch the bloopers with me and she laughed as much as your Mommy laughed! You look so bewildered just sitting there, like “ok Mom, now what?!” Thank you for tagging me, I will have to think about it. I guess I should thank my Grandpawents too! We live with Daddy’s parents! BOL We are sorry to hearz your Mommy and old Daddy brokes up. I am sure it hurt, cause it hurts when things break. My Mommy and Daddys ran out of Moneys to pay the rent!Hope you have a wonderful day!!Licks,Kylie

  13. Good Morning Ludo! The video was very entertaining.Your momma laughs a lot…that means you must make her very happy!We both think you are a very pretty pup. AND, Nice that you share with your Auntie.She is very pretty too.AireKisses & WelshieHugs,BabyRocketDog & Hootie

  14. Ludo, you SO deserve the award!Your blooper reel looks like how we’d behave on a good day. Ha roo roo roo! And yes, our mom started giggling as soon as she heard your mom start laughing! I love it when moms laugh!Love,Ammy

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