True colours and… yum!

It be True Colours Thursday again (hosted by Poopsie, AKA Blue) and today’s colour be Scarlet.

Here the things I found.

Please click to Bigify
Mum’s birthstone be a thing called Garnet, so those is some things with scarlet garnets in, she also has lots of scarlet tops and a lipstick. Then I has 3 toys with Scarlet in them and this wall and flowers be scarlet too!

Now I seed on the Dughallmor beagles that they found a telephone box. As I is in Britain I thought I best find one too to impress yous all. There not many around anymore but I found this old one, it is not scarlet as it be all worn from being old and by the sea and it not have a phone inside anymore, only wires, it just kept for lookings at.

Mum had Pancakes for breakfast this morning, they smelled good! I likes to seat in the chair opposite Mum while she eat her breakfast. I know them trainer types people say dogs should not sit at the table, but I likes it and I does not try and gets the food, I just not like sitting on the floor. Mum saved that nearest one to her for me and Auntie Penny. It had no syrup but was still yum!

See? Yum!

On monday I went and collected some things from the beach to send to Pedro. Here some of what I found, I be choosing what to send to him. He should has it soon.

Ah, it beed a lovely sunny day here, I wented to the little town with Mummy, we went to the pet shop and I picked out some treats for my birthday and a present to send to someone, we went on a extra walk to find the phone box and played outside. I did not want my dinner from my bowl so I did lots of tricks for it instead. I think I be getting love sick.

~lickies, Ludo

peeess: (2 parts is clicky in the word love, did you spot it, BOL!) Please go vote for me (or somepup else) over at the four musketeers sporty dogs contest. Also, Stella be back and her Mum be ok! Hooray! Go say hi if you has not already. I was really worried for a while there.

33 thoughts on “True colours and… yum!

  1. Ha Ha, Ludo, you were very clever with that double clicky love:-) We wonder how many pups would have found that if you didn’t tell us.Nice scarlets and how sweet of you to go find the phone thingie. Mom’s cell went dead the other day and she needed to make a call while she was out – a nice man in the store let her use the business phone – no more of those phone boxes here at all.Tail wags, the OP Pack

  2. Hey Ludo! Thats nice for your Mom to let her sit across you at the table and share her pancakes! Only Ali Z gets to sit in a chair at the table here, but she doesn’t get anything to eat, she just sits and looks grumpy.My Mom says thanks for being worried but she thinks you can take it easy now and she will be OK, still better today. You are a sweet boy and she loves you.Kisses,Stella

  3. I like how you wear a bib around your neck when you eat your pancakes. They looked really yummy!I saw some phone boxes the other day in New Jersey and couldn’t believe it! You never see them anymore! They took them out of our school completely. Too many kids just using them to prank call 911.

  4. WOW! You got pancakes! I don’t get pancakes – I’m on a VERY strict diet – but I’m picky so this forces mom to cook for me because I refuse to eat the terrific dog foods she buys – I’ve got her wrapped around my finger since I got sick – so if I leave it in my bowl long enough she’ll go cook some chicken and potatoes and organic carrots and beans! Nobody ever called me a “stoopid dog” hehe!Great scarlet things – did you see all of my mommy’s scarlet shoes?????your pal checkers

  5. Hi LudoYou had good scarlet things. Our mum says her birthstone is also garnet which means both mums born in January! We were surprised you also found a phone box as there aren't too many of them about these days!We thought your pancake looked really good and know the syrup would not be good but that looked nice too.We will visit the contest tomorrow as bedtime and kissesMartha & Bailey xx

  6. Ludo Ludo! I can’t believe you get to sit at the table! I only got to do that in my baking pictures and then I had to get down! You look so very handsome with your bib on! You wouldn’t want to get pancake in your fur! Those are some very nice Red things you and your Mommy have! I would like to come and see the phone boxs with you! Those seaglasses look very pretty, did you find them yourself? Ludo, your clicky LOVE goes to ME!!! :)Huggs and Licks,A very happy Kylie

  7. Heehee Ludo, we only found the double clicky cos you said so :o)Now then, Gabbi is all in a tizzy, she likes both you and Jakie but the Terrier will not share (Terriers…tsk!) so as you like the lovely Miss Kylie maybe you should ask her out on a date? And Gabbi did have a lovely date with Jake…she feels bad though and doesn’t want o hurt your feelings….can you forgive her?And ummm….that phone box looks like it has some good sniffin to be done…did you do a good job?Our Mum’s birthstone is Ruby but she forgot about that….we worry about her sometimes!Drooly slobbers (on account of them pancakes) xx

  8. Hey Ludo, wow! You get to sit at the table! Katie NEVER gets to sit at the table, she is jealous! Great photo of the telephone booth, that’s cool to show us what those are like! You are a very nice gentleman!

  9. Great job with the color scarlet!You have great table manners, Ludo! Those pancakes looked yummy!That telephone box looks cool!xoxoxoThor

  10. Hi, Ludo!You found lots of scarlet things!We don’t have those phone boxes either!Yummy pancakes! I love them!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  11. OMD Dear Ludo!!!You had pancake!!!!!!WOOWOOOWOO…we love pancake…wish were with you and eating togheter….you look soooooo funny sitting at the table with your mom!!!we had tried sometimes to sit on the chair but is too little for us…so we prefer the sofa!!!!waawaawaaa!!!super scarlet post…we love your red toys and mom’s lipstick!!!and we love the red phone boxe!!!we love you and your blog dear friend!!!have a great weekend!!!SMACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  12. OMG, we are drooling! Mom only eats pancakes when dad is out of town and she does share with us! yummmmmmmmmmWe love all of your scarlet, Ludo!Love ya lots,Maggie and Mitch

  13. Those are some very pretty stones that you found Ludo. Well done! I am something of an expert in geology, as I tailor my walking speed to how sharp the stones are under my feet. Those pebbles look nice and smooth. (Cambrian quartzite is the worst, avoid at all costs if your paws are at all tender!)Cheers,H.

  14. Hi Ludo! I wanted to let you know that My Puggletine is completely ok with sharing! BOL (I heard from his Mom that he even has a girlfriend who lives ACROSS the street!!!) So do not worry my little Ludo!Licks,Kylie

  15. Hello Ludo,We’ve never met — but since we have mutual friends, I thought it would be a good time to come say woof.I checked out your recent posts — and you are quite the handsome dude.I can see why so many girls, including sweet Gabbi, would be interested in you.As an older dog, who has led a very quiet bachelor life, I’m not used to “playing the field” myself — but to each his own, eh?I hope we can be pals — and that you’ll come visit me and my brother, Just Harry so we can get to know each other better!!Wirey woofs,Jake

  16. Poor LudoWe are sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Colitis can be very painful. We will dispatch Nurse Bailey immediately!In the meantime perhaps a nice hot water bottle and a nice cosy blankie to keep you warm. Oh dear through all the humans off the settee you will need to stretch out. A pillow for your head. Soft music to comfort you.Nurse Bailey will look for just the right medicine and bring it with her.Basset kisses and cuddlesMartha & Bailey xxxoooxxx

  17. Hey Ludo–can woo send us your mailing address? We have something to send you for the Tricks for Treats contest. and for your birthday! allisonwalton79 at gmail dot comWuv,Gus and Waldo

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