Poorly tum

I is a poorly boy. I has a poorly in my tummy and the vet say it a thing called colitis. This the second time I has had this now and so it seem I is gonna have a sensitive tum. Mum thought it might have beed the bit of pancake what did it, but the vet said it beed something I ate over 48 hours ago and after alls pancakes not have much in them.

Then Grandpaw telled Mummy a secret that was just between us. 😦 He told her about when she was at work and he gived me and Penny the left over people stews. It was so delicious! So mum think it that and she has gived grandpaw a big telling off because the stew had onions in it, which is bad for us doggies apparently. So I is not feeling *too* bad. I has had some administrations from Nurse Bailey and that helped a lot.

What I really wants be cuddles, but Mum says I is doing stinky farts so she not want cuddles.

Anyways, I has this awful medicing stuffs what is supposed to settle my tum and I gets to have a lump of peanut butter twice a day. Mum be calling it anti-biotics. BOL! I thinks she getting confused cos I gives the lumps a big old sniff but they is definately peanut butter. Maybe it a different brand? I also on stupid bland foods. Mum say I has to go back to the vets to get tested for allergies too.

I is gonna try and catch up on efurrybodies blogs tomorrow as mum working this evening and then I might not be about much for a week cos Mum’s sister and her childrens be coming to visit on monday. So I gets to spend some time with some puppy peoples. They is big puppies though. I hopes they not too scary, I not too sure about little peoples.

Feeling sorry for myself.

30 thoughts on “Poorly tum

  1. Hey Ludo,We’re sorry you’re feeling poorly. Our Mom can be a mean old thing because she never ever gives us much besides our kibble and a few green beans, apple slices, carrots — and of course our favorite peanut butter. But we’re better off for it. So we understand how your mom might have gotten upset about the stew!!!Hope you’ll be feeling better soon — tum tum upsets are not fun!!!Wirey healing woofs,Jake and Just Harry

  2. Hi Sweetie!Sorry woo are feeling poorly but Jake and Just Harry are khorrekht!My mom is the same kind of meany! I get my yummy kibble, some biskhuits, and just assorted veggies/fruits/sometimes cheese.I know Nurse Bailey AND lots of peanut butter will make woo feel better!Hugz&Khysses,Khyra

  3. Awww Ludo! Terrible tummies are no fun! We hope you are feeling better soon! Meanwhile, no people foods, you hear!? Katie sends kisses.

  4. Oh My Dearest Ludo! I am very saddened to hear you are sick also!! I sure hope my Licks and kisses didn’t get you sick! 🙂 I will snuggle with you to make you feel better! (I have been having some stinky poo’s myself! BOL) I hope you are better before your BURTHDAY!! Just keep eating that magic peanut butter and make sure you drink lots too!Licks,Nurse Kylie

  5. Poor Ludo. It is too bad that you have a tummy ache. Stew sounds delish but onions are not good for us. I guess you will have to be very careful about your diet. Stanislaw and Big Pupi’s mom knows a lot about tummy problems. You may want to check out some posts on their blog.Hope you are better soon.Your friend,Niamh

  6. Ludo, I’m feeling sorry for myself too! I am sick too and missing my trial today! I had bad diarrhea all night and the vet today says I have colitis – we have the same thing! Mine is caused by a bacteria that I may have gotten by eating too much bunny poop. I have to eat bland food too and take an antibiotic also.Hope we both feel better soon!

  7. Oh, Ludo, I am so sad that you are feeling poorly! You should be out romping in the spring weather. Don’t be too hard on Grandpa, he meant well and wouldn’t want you to be sick. My Mom says when he be young, people fed their dogs every scrap there was from the table!You get well soon and we will be thinking of our dear pal Ludo!Kisses,Stella

  8. Poor LudoWe wondered how you were today! Just you rest and you will soon be better.Your mum is so right about the stew – onions are very bad for us dogs but not all humans know that. Also sometimes humans put salty things into their stew so it tastes better – we dogs just like to keep it simple!Sorry about the farting…………Just keep Nurse Bailey with you she is no stranger to farting and will not be put off.love Martha xxx

  9. Oh no, poor Ludo! We wish we could come down there and give you lots of cuddles, we don't mind farty smells, BOL! We don't know much about upset tums, we eat pretty much everything in our BARF….and Beagles have stomachs of pure steel, whatever that is, we just know food wot you steel tastes better :DHope you're lucky in love soon….Gabbi still feels bad but she's glad you & Jakie have made friends, he's a cool guy. Now his brother Just Harry is on the lookout for a girl, the Dane is giving him the cold shoulder….let us know if you think of anyone….Get better soon, pal!Slobbers xx

  10. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Poor Ludo!!!we’re soooooo sad that you are feeling poorly!!!!!!!we would like to be with you giving a lot of cuddles only for you!!!!it’s not important if your tummy made some strange stinky things….We love the bad smells!!!Waawaawaaaa!!!!!Hope you’re feeling well asap!!!!Pleas….give us news from you early!!!Our paws are crossed for you!!!Lots of love….kisses and cuddles!!!SMACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  11. w00f’s, me sorry u not feels good Ludo…onions iz not good fur puppies…me likes the stew too..hope u soon feels better..b safe,~rocky~pps, me had the poopoos today too..

  12. We feel sorry for you too, Ludo. Please feel better soon and take your medicine too. Phantom has a sensitive tummy too. At least you will have lots of company to take your mind off your tummy.Tail wags, the OP Pack

  13. I am furry sorry you are feeling poorly :(I will give you cuddles if your Mum wont. I can handle the smell :)Big get well licks to youSuzukixxx

  14. Ludo – I know from tummy aches here….been in the Intensive Care with my tummy recently. I’m so sorry you’re feely bad. My mom keeps me on a VERY strict diet because of my teeny tiny liver – Ask your mom for some vanilla yogurt – it helps to settle the tummy and helps with that bad gas too. Also, ask her to make sure your bowls are raised up off the floor – that really helps with the gas if you don’t have to bend over to eat. Feel better soon – Checkers

  15. Hi, Ludo!I am so sorry to hear you are not feeling well!My mom gets mad with my grandpa because he is always giving me things to eat while she is at work!I hope your visitors will make you feel better!Take careKisses and hugsLorenza

  16. Oh, we’re so sorry to hear you’re sick Ludo! But your’re not the only one… have you seen Ricky’s latest post? He has colitis too! Must be a Sheltie thing, those sensitive stomachs! Hope you’ll be feeling better soon (and stop farting, hehe)!

  17. Poor Ludo. Onions make terrible smells. Your poor tummy cannot take that kind of people food. Take your medicine and get better.

  18. Hi LudoHope you’re feeling much better! I know all about upset tums – mine is very sensitive too! I get two tablespoons of natural organic yogurt every day which really seems to help me. lots of woofsClive

  19. Momma is very vigilant about what I eat, but Master is not and he sometimes gives us foodables that taste yummers but are not god for us. It is all quite confusing. Hope you feel better.Slobbers,Mango

  20. Hi Ludo,Sorry you had a poorly tummy. If you have colitis, ask your mummy to give your some live yogurt (or pro-biotic yogurt) in your dinner, that will help sooth your tummy.

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