The 2-foot is mad at Ludo

Hello, Faline here,
That little-big young upstart of a pup has managed to get himself in trouble, he even made the two foot cry and had to be put in another room for a while so she wouldn’t get mad at him. So I’ve taken the opportunity to reveal my plans for world domination um… I mean, me having a semi-regular slot on Ludo’s blog. You know, when I can be bothered to break myself away from my terribly important activities… such as; grooming my husbun, eating hay and discovering new food sources.

I’ll call it.

I can tell you about life here from our perspective, not his rather skewed one, some of you dogs might not think this is a good idea, but it might help rabbit-dog/dog relations.

Want to know what he did? The human food-giver was entered into an online craft swap which was due to be something called ‘posted’ today and she made a little windy bowl with a lid and a purple rose handle. She went to go make up some beds ready for the other 2-foots who will be here soon and when she came back this is what she found.

So he’s feeling well enough to go to his classes tonight (shame, he was probably faking anyway), but she’s not pleased with him. Maybe she’ll rehome him and then we wont have to put up with him stealing our carrots and hay anymore.


37 thoughts on “The 2-foot is mad at Ludo

  1. Hi FalineNice to see you blogging again. You are our favourite bunny rabbit! We are sorry to hear Ludo is in trouble – he is still a pup though so perhaps you could forgive him.We know Ludo's mum loves him so he will be forgiven and we think you would hate to be without him too.We look forward to more posts from you Faline – we will try not to chase too many rabbits in the meantime.loveMartha & Bailey xx

  2. Well…. but Ludo is so CUTE how could anyone be mad at him!?!?! Really!?!Hey Faline… do you know Oswald the wild rabbit who lives at our house? I’ve seen him a lot lately! I’ll have to take pix of him to show you. I think he has a wife now, too.Love,Ammy

  3. Uh oh! Somedoggy’s in trouble.Does that mean Ludo is in the “doghouse”?Sorry about your bowl Dee 😦 I’m sure it was really pretty.

  4. Oh, we’re crying for your 2-footers loss. That breaks our hearts!Looking forward to your posts. Actually, we’re looking forward to the little round presents you guys leave lying around. We find them quite tasty.Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  5. FalineIt’s vewy nice to heaw fwom you. It is aftew all youw seasone. I hope you and youw husbun awe getting lots of yummie spwing gweens. Poow Ludo, I hope he is feeling bettew at least aftew all the tummie twouble. I’m suwe he didn’t do aything bad unpuwpose.Pleez thnk him fow his good wishes to my pawentses.I hope all of you can cheew up youw Mom about hew pwetty bowl’s losssmoochie kissesASta

  6. Hi, Faline!It is nice that you are blogging today.Are you sure Ludo did that?? I can’t believe it!I hope he will not be punished!Take careKisses and hugsLorenza

  7. Hi Faline. Nice to see you again 🙂 Keeping this Sheltie brother of yours in check is not an easy job is it? But it would be pretty boring without him, huh?

  8. Those feast attacks might be what’s making your tummy so angry!Has your mom tried canned plain pumpkin to stop your pooble explosions? Just a bit works like magic! We’re 20lbs and we get a tad less than a teaspoon. Delicious!

  9. Hi Faline – Nice job on your blog post! Poor Ludo – just getting to feel better and then all in trouble with your mom. I’m sure Ludo didn’t mean to. Wish we could’ve seen the bowl before it was accidentally broken though!

  10. Hi FalineNice to meet you. Lots of rabbits have appeared around here over the last few days – something to do with Easter!!Did Ludo really do that?? We’re amazed!!lots of woofsClive

  11. Maybe, maybe you did it, Faline, and are just putting the blame on dear little Ludo.You seem to get great pleasure out of revealing Ludo’s blame . . .but maybe it was someone else, hmmm?I hope our sweet little Ludo doesn’t get punished or scolded for this deed. Lets make sure who did it first. Pawprints anywhere?Kisses,Stella

  12. Ah Faline…so hard not to gloat when the sibling gets in trouble isn’t it! Katie doesn’t have anyone else to blame, so she’s always in trouble. I hope Ludo said he was sorry to your Mom. I’m sure she was very sad, and he owes her an apology!

  13. Faline, you are definitely very frank, hope Ludo won’t be too upset with you. Poor Ludo, and he was just starting to feel better. Hope he didn’t swallow any of those pieces.Hope the two foot can make another one quickly – sorry.Tail wags, the OP Pack

  14. No wonder Ludo has gas. We think carrots and hay will make a doggie gassy today. We be sorry Ludo in trouble, though we think he just wanted to keep mum happy. He probably figured it wouldn’t take first prize and mum would be very sad, so instead Ludo decide better she mad. That is our story, and we are sticking with it.

  15. w00f’s, bet he got it mistooked fur one of his stuffies..its an honest runs and hides when me been bad..b safe,~rocky~

  16. I’m sure Ludo didn’t mean it. I think he just wanted to put his special touch on it. I remember when I tried to help my mom “fix” her glass cherry blossoms. Mochi

  17. Hi Faline Is that you in the picture? You don’t look a bit like the rabbits I see in the countryside around Aberdeen. You’re so much cuter. (And I hope you have more road sense too).Please don’t be hard on poor Ludo, It’s clear reading his blog that he just has a lively curiosity about things, basically a good trait, but one that can lead to trouble now and then.Cheers, Hamish.

  18. Hi FalineI would be a little bit nicer to Ludo if I were you… Easter is the time of year to eat brown rabbits :)Big licks to youSuzukixxx

  19. Faline,Ludo indeed must be feeling better to have been so destructive! I’m sorry your mom cried. I’ve wrecked some stuff too but I don’t think I’ve ever made my mom cry. She got pretty mad when I peed on her laptop though… Yeah, I’ve never done THAT again! Would you please let Ludo and your mom know that I posted today about the great rocks and shells they sent me for my mom’s coffee table? Thanks Faline! That’s a really pretty name!Pedro

  20. Don’t be so quick to take over. Accidents do happen and Ludo being a youngster is very curious. We are sure he has learned his lesson. It is nice to meet you though.

  21. Hi Faline!! Wow Ludo was a naughty boy wasn’t he!!! I thinks you should do more blogs, you be a good rabbit-dog blogger!! 🙂

  22. Oh hello Faline….you look…ummm, yummy..oh..I mean cute, aww!Anyway, we're so late in visiting that Ludo is probably out of the naughty corner now, is he? You there bud? We're having an Easter Bunny hunt….come & join in the fun! You can bring Faline too but it might be a bit traumatic for a wee wabbit!Slobbers xx

  23. Ah-Hem… Nice to meet you Faline… I am your brothers ummmm special friend… and I would like to give him an alibi… I think we should open up a REAL investigation as to who the culprit could be. What was Ludo’s motive? Did he have opportunity? Did we find any evidence that put him at the scene of the crime? I’m with Sister Stella… I think he’s being set up!Ludo, Are they treating you ok in prison! Every pup should be innocent until proven guilty!Licks,Kylie

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