I is zorsted!

Too zorsted even to move for delicious chicken liver pupcakes.

Afore I get down to the proper post, I has some things to clear up! Firstly my tum seem to be all better now! Huruff! Nextist, sorry if you has beed worried about me being in prison after the nasty Faline did that post about me. I would say it not me but there be no denying it. Thanks for all your support, I will try and get some rabbit poops in the post to those who asked.. I tried to blame squirrels like Khyra said but Mum said that she knew it beed me…. But… I did it for Mum’s own good. Yellow be a stupid colour for little bowl and this way Mum had to dash out for better colour clays. How was I to know not to chew it up? Anyway, she not cry with salty tears more of an ‘oh no’ cry. I did have to be shut in a room for a while so’s she did not get in a temper with me. though. It ok anyways cos she made another one quick to send off. Here be what she sent for the swap, since some of you wanted to know what the bowl looked like afore I got my teeths on it. Mum got a very pretty cushion in return. She should give it to me really for all my helpings.

Threely; BeaWOOtiful Stormy has gived me these very lovely flowers
These pink roses are given to friends, bringing them a sweet and fruitful day. Those who receive these roses as a gift need to pass them on to ten friends to show them you care. And to those who received the roses, it’s to show you are never forgotten.”

Thanks so much AO4! If you is in my side bar and would like this award please do take it!

Okies, now onto my week.

We has had our visitors. They has just goned. They comed late at night on monday after some car troubles and Mum was very happy to see her sister and neices and nephews (and one of them brought a friend too), I was not! About half hour afore they got here Mum putted my lead on me. I thought this beed very strange and it was past bedtime. So I lied on Mum’s bed and crycried that she had forgot to take my lead off. Then I heared a car and all the peoples shot up excited. Mum took my lead and sat me in the kitchen and then all these strange puppy peoples comed in! The OP pack call them grandbipeds and these was the same thing. But some a bit bigger.

I was very scareded and did barkings and hid between Mum’s legs. She said ‘no barking at the childrens Ludo.’

You know what I has learned about childrens? They is chicken and cheese dispensers. They all gived me some which I tooked but I still beed wary about them. They be noisy and strange. Auntie Penny was all very excited and she told me childrens be really good and so super cool. She say they drop foods all the time and they always wants to play and give cuddles when adults do not.

I did not believe her. All the children I has seed afore is the kind that just want to reach out with hands and rush at me and hit my head. I sat in the corner and hid and growled at them and Mum said I was not allowed to. But then they left to go to bed so I guess my growling worked.

Next day Mum tooked me out for a walk and we went to a caravan (We lives through a caravan park where peoples come on holiday so Mum’s sister rented one to stay in, or does you USA peoples call them trailers?) and the childrens were all there! Well, I bark barked at them again. Mum said no a few times and told me to leave. Then she said ‘Right, I’ve had enough of this.’ You know what she did? Well she gived my lead and treats right to the littlest boy biped called Josh and ignored me! Well, that sure shut me up and I not barked at them anymore.

As the week went on I got more and more used to the childrens. They thought I was a very good dog and beed amazed at all my tricks. We got to do lots of fun things and they did tricks with me. They all had a go doing figure 8’s and they all stooded in a line and I did tunnels through their legs. They all argued about who got to hold my whistle and my lead and my treats and my ball and they played all the time with me, I sure was popular.

Auntie Penny was right after all!! She was alive before two of the childrens and the littlest girl children called Daisy lived with grandpawents and her Mum and my Mum in their old house for a while. Auntie Penny said she helped bring her up right and taught her how to share her food and toys and baby bottle. I think Auntie Penny did a good job teaching her. They all said they missed Auntie Penny and Auntie Penny said she missed them too and gived them hugs and kisses.

See Grandpawents and Mum used to live near them in a city near to London but when grandpaw retired and Mum went away to uni, grandpawents moved up here to the other end of the country where they used to come on holidays, so they does not get to see their grandchildrens very much.

It gonna take me a couple posts to show you all the things we did. But one of them was they helped mum make some pupcakes and they has tooked some home to their dog Noah. (well 3 of them’s dog because Daisy belong to a different sister of Mum’s really). This Noah when he beed a puppy, he be 3 now. He had to stay at home with the childrens Dad though.

I is off to do lots of catching up on all yous blogs now. Hopes you all be having a nice Good Friday.
~lickies, Ludo


20 thoughts on “I is zorsted!

  1. Sounds like a great time. Don’t worry about those children. We have a few and they are great! They give lots of lovin’.Have a great Easter holiday.Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  2. Hi Ludo! I am so happy to see you back. I thought your Mum sent you to reform school for breaking her dish. Aunty Penny is right about kids and next time you won’t be so afraid of them.They do hand out a lot of food, thats for sure.Happy Easter and Happy Birthday to you Ludo, I will send you a package on Tuesday of next week!Kisses,Stella

  3. Ludo,Sounds like you did just great with the children. Children can be a bit unpredictable, especially young ones. I can understand why you are “zorsted”!Tell your Mum I think her bowl is super pretty! Great color 🙂

  4. Hi LudoSounds like you had a very busy week. Little children can be unpredictable – I had lots of little ones trying to hang out of me today while I was fundraising and it can get a bit tiresome.Have a very happy Easter and a Happy Early Birthday to you too! I’m four on Sunday so the little man is very excited – he thinks we’re having a party!!lots of woofsClive

  5. that was a very busy week and we are glad you are feeling better. I am sure those pup cakes will help a lot. Have a great Easter and have a wonderful birthday

  6. Hi LudoGood that you are getting used to children. Bailey loves children, I think she may have even lived with some before! Me,Martha, find them very scary. We were out a walk the other day and a little one tried to give me a biscuit – so I growled and ran away. That is not good!!!Have a good Easter Ludo, we missed you and are glad you are all better now and that your mum has forgiven you. loveMartha & Bailey xx

  7. Fun times for you Ludo – and those little ones – they’re great to have around – I’ve got me one who comes by regularly – she’s my best buddy – They also make REALLY good sleeping palsDon’t eat too many peeps!Checkers

  8. Wow, you sure had a busy week! I’m glad you’re feeling better and I’m glad you got along with the children. :)Your mom’s bowl is very pretty! I like the colors!Oh and those treats look very yummy!Mochi

  9. Yeah, sometimes momma gets mad at me when it was her stupid fault, but she stays away like your mom until she can chill out again. I am glad your tum is OK and that you are enjoying liver pupcakes. Yummers!Slobbers,Mango

  10. Oh Ludo! I am so glad you are back!! I miss miss MISSED you! That post was very good, but I think it needs more Ludo Pictures! BOL I be the same way around kids. I sometimes have to wear a muzzle too… 😦 Mommy doesn’t trust me. Can’t wait to hear more of your adventures.Licks,Your Girl,Kylie

  11. Woowoowoo dear Ludo….sounds like a great time for you and the children!!!photos are wonderful….we love children too….and we’re very very happy when they come to visit us…we can play a lot…running…rolling with them….woowooowoooo!!! But sometimes Little children can be unpredictable so we ..so we can understand why you’re zorsted!!!! Waawaawaa…Poor Ludo!!!!Have a great easter wekend with all your lovely family!!!Lots of love and kisses!!!!

  12. Wow Ludo….we is zorsted now from readin your post, you been really busy man!Glad you’re out of the naughty corner, happy your tum is better and that you got over your kiddyphobia….chicken and cheese dispensers is right :DAnyway, Happy Easter dude and hope your Barkday’s pawesome too!Slobbers xx

  13. Hi, Ludo!Glad to know you are doing well.I am like you. I am not used to be around kids. They scare me! I have two human cousins that come to my home every sunday. I greet them when they arrive and then go away from them!Happy EasterKisses and hugsLorenza

  14. Wow what a busy time you have had, Ludo! It’s a good thing you were feeling better and not in trouble with your mom any more! We love the new bowl that she made – it’s so cool!Good job with all the children – they can be so loud and move so fast that it takes some getting used to. We hope you and your mom and all of your family have a Happy Easter!

  15. Ludo,I´m so happy to hear you´re feeling better.Looks like you had a busy week! You did a great job with the childrens!Happy Easter to you and your family!Happy Birthday!LoveThor

  16. We are very happy that you are feeling better!Your moms new bowl is just beautiful!Kids are a lot of fun to play with!Happy Easter!Lots of Luv & KissesAddie and Lucie

  17. It looks like you have good bipeds. You will get used to them in time. They are truly food dispensing machines. They drop more stuff that you can even imagine.

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