My Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to meeeee!!
I is One years old today. That 12 months. It a very lot, huh?
Mum had to do lots of workings last night so I did not see all your messages till today but I is soo happy and touched to have seen them all now. Mum was too. My tail has just beed going a mile a minute. I got lots of great things which I will do postings about now. Mum said I can maybe have a party tonight so’s I will get piccures from that up soon, You all be invited too I hopes some of you can come. I thinks I can get a weeks worth of posts from my birthday..

I got some pawsome presents, todays post I will show what I got from some of my friends. All my presents ready to unwrap. In some of the piccures me and Penny is wearing hats, and in others we has knocked them off. ruffruff! I was so happy I even shared my treats with Penny, but I did get a bit annoyed with her some of the times and then I telled her off. She telled me off back and then I was sorry I did it cos I does not like her telling me off.

Gus and Waldo sended me this birthday card and some Yum treats! Even Mum thoughted they smelled nice. I also got a certificate for Tricks for Treats, I will shows that next Tricky T-day.

Hehe! Thanks you Gus and Waldo!!

I also got these treats from Mason Dixie from 3 dogs and a chick bakery.

They be very luxurious and delicious. Mum broked one in half with her teeth and me and Auntie Penny had half each and she said they was yum too from the taste she got. BOL! Thanks so Much Mason Dixie!!

I has had this Huugge parcel from Addie and Lucie and their Mom Staci for a while now and I has just beed dying to open it but Mum hid it away from me. *whines* But today I got to open it. It had the most wonderful goodies inside. I was just overwhelmed with them all and could not stop doing grinnings and being excited! There a looonnnggg video of me opening it and some more piccures. I will has to post them later now as Youtube be taking too long.

Thanks so very Much for your incredibles generosity. I is so lucky to have friends like all of yous.

I was very excited when I did lookings on all your blogs to see my piccure on a few. Thanks you to: My beautiful furry black girls Kylie (Thanks for the cards sweetie) and Morgan, and (she be a beautiful furry black girl too) Stella and (beautiful furry) Khyra and that cool dude Travis (thanks for the card!) for doing posts about me. Mum bees especially touched by this and said thank you for her too. We is glad you has all enjoyed watching me grow up from Ludwig Van Puppy, into Ludwig Van Doggy.

ok that all for now, Thanks yous all for making this a most wonderful and pawtastic birthday. I will come do proper visiting laters, Mum be at stupid work for a while this evening.
~lickies, Ludo

peeess: Thankies also to efurrybody who has come across from friends bloggies to say happy birthday.


49 thoughts on “My Birthday!!

  1. Happy Birthday LUDO !!! Wooo Hoo 1 year old – You is a big boy now. And look at all those wonderful pressies……my dogness are you ever lucky. Have lots of fun with your new toys.

  2. Woowoowoowooooo!!!Happy birthday to youuuu…happy birthday to youuuuuuu….happy birthday dear Ludo…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!Clap clap clap clap!!!!!What a wonderful day you had!!!Lots of pressies and biscuits…Mmmmmmmmmmmm…..we’re drooling dear friend!!!You look soooooooooooo happy and gorgeous with your birthday hat on your head!!!!We love you and your blog dear friends!!!!!can’t wait to see the photos about your pawty!!!!If we’re invited we’ll be with you certainly!!!!!!Have lots of fun with all your new toys!!!!!!!!Lots of love and kisses!!!!!!!!!!MUAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  3. Hi Ludo!How does it feel to be a grown up guy doggie? A whole year. We have all gotten to know you and each other and the DWB is more fun than I thought it could be!Kisses,Stella

  4. Happy Birthday Ludo! You are one lucky pup to get all those great presents. And it was nice of you to share those treats with your Aunt Penny! Enjoy your party. I’m so glad you are one of my blogging friends.Your friend,Niamh

  5. Hi LudoWhat a great birthday you are having. We are very happy for you and hope you enjoy all your presents.Remember to be nice and share with Aunt Penny cos it will be her birthday next!loveMartha & Bailey xx

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our favorite one year old dog, LUDO!We love the photo of you and Penny in your birthday hats!Looks like you are having the best birthday ever ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Happy Birthday Ludo!! I left you some birfday cards on my bloggie! You got so many pawsome pressie’s!Sniffs and licks,Chase

  8. Happy Birthday Ludo! I am so glad you liked my bloggie! I have to post about my Easter and my play date with Sunny but LUDO come’s first!! :)I hope you have a wonderful party! I am a bit sorry I am so late with my pressie, but you will be getting it soon! ๐Ÿ™‚ (Mommy thinks I hid my brush and buried it in the backyard, she can’t find it anywheres! BOL)Enjoy your day BIG DOG on CAMPUS!!Licks,Kylie

  9. OMD!! Ludo….Happy Barkday buddy! Ahem….we thought it was tomorrow so we came over to get a piccie of you to doctor for our blog as we’re just doing our post :o( but we missed it, so we’re sorry!Wow though, you got TONS of loot, bloggy doggies are so kind and generous eh?Happy Birthday!Slobbers xx

  10. Yappy Barkday Ludo!!!Yappy Barkday to you,Yappy Barkday to you,Yappy Barkday dear Ludo…Yappy Barkday to YOU!!We are sooo happy that you had a wonderful barkday!!!Lots of Luv & KissesAddie and Lucie

  11. Hi, Ludo!It makes me so happy that you had a pawesome time celebrating your birthday!Enjoy all your presents!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  12. Hi Ludo!Happy Birthday!! You are one lucky pup to get all those great gifts! And you certainly deserve them! Turning 1 is a big deal! You look very handsome in your birthday hat!:) Tibby

  13. first timers here. we learned it was your bday fro looks like you all had a big ole blast of a day. yay!we are a catblog BUT we do have a woofie pug.

  14. What a wonderful barkday you had, Ludo!You and Penny look pretty cool with your hats! Your pressies are lovely!Love,Thor

  15. LudoI am so vewy sowwy to be so late wif y good wishes..I think you have tuwned into such a handsome big doggy(but I still think of you as Ludwig von Puppy, hehehe)I hope you had the vewy best time and will have a long, long Healthy joyfilled lifesmoochie kissesASTA

  16. Hi LudoMummy got the last of your present on Saturday so she will be posting it tomorrow. It looks like you had a pawsome day!Big licks to youSuzukixxx

  17. Great birthday. I think that Miss Kylie has a big crush on you. Maybe you could learn a doggie duet dance.Those hats look kind of annoying. Maybe your mom should have worn one instead of making you suffer.Slobbers,Mango

  18. Oh no…our comments has gone? But it say it be saved??We wroted a long comment too, and it be gones. Oh nos. :(Ok here goes again…!HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUDO! I hopes you had a fabby day, it look likes you did, and you gotted lots of presents so you be very lucky!! The childrens looked ok, so glad u liked them in the ends. I never metted many children so I not know if I like them.Me and mummy and the girls want to send you a late barkday present, does that be ok? It not be too late? If you wants it please tell your mummy to email my mummy with your address.Love n Lickes! Scotty x

  19. Happy Birthday Ludo!! I hope you have a great party tonight! I think Miss Kylie is going to bring me with her! Don’t worry, you are the birthday boy so I won’t steal her all to myself!Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  20. Happy birthday to wooo!Happy birthday to wooo!Happy birthday dear Ludooooooooo,Happy birthday to woooooo!It sure looks like you’ve enjoyed your special day! We all wish you much happiness!Luv,Dave

  21. Happy Birthday to you Ludo!! Sorry we’re late but the Mama wasn’t feeling well for a few days and couldn’t help us with our bloggie. The party was great, wasn’t it? I’m still recovering from my hangover, hehe :)Love, Josh (and Jessie)

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