More birthday funs!

Hurro Efurrybody.
Wow, I has had lots and lots of birthday wishes, thanks you all once again, I is having the most pawsome time. We had to postpone my pawty till tonight, something with the caterers. I has had some RSVP’s and has a good turn out so far. Piccures will be up tomorrow as long as Mum can get them processed before she has to go to work.

You may remember we was on the hunt for monster foot for my birthday? Well, I got two pawsome mega squeaky, amazing, fluffy, hard gorilla feet from Addie and Lucie. I love them so much and has beed playing with them loads and loads. Here a video of me opening my present from Addie and Lucie and playing with the toys. Mum need to stop saying huh to me cos it mean ‘no’ now.

Next be some more piccures from my birthday, included is piccures of the green duck grandma got me and of the treats and toys Mum got me, I gots puperoni, dried tripe, a new nylabone style chew cos the one Kylie gotted me is all chewed up now. I also got a shark tuggy stuffie and…. Thanks to the great pawtastic work of my friends (thanks Emma from Ruffdogs too!) It is…

Monster foot!!! It not make as cute a video as it did when I was small but I still get soo excited by the noise it make.

Also, as it does be Tricky T-day here be a ‘party trick’ for you. I not very good at it, but we beed working on it off an on for a while. We does not do it much cos it get the floor all wet.

Well, see some of yous tonight, I be excited and if yous can’t come you can still come back (probably) tomorrow to see some piccures and there is gonna be a birthday celebration competition too!
~lickies, Ludo

peeess, here my birthday piccures slideshow.


26 thoughts on “More birthday funs!

  1. HAPPY, happy birthday dear Ludo!! You look so sweeeeet. Looks like you are having a wonderful time too! QQ: how do the bi-peds know where to send pressies too? Do we have a directory or does each just email you for your mailing address?XX-BabyRocketDogYou can email us at our mommy’s email: cassiejo@juno.comEnjoyed your videos. You are so cute!WelshieHugs, Hootie van puppy~he he

  2. Ludo – Great videos of you opening Addie and Lucie’s pressies! Aren’t Lucy and Addie just the best friends? I loved seeing you battle the bag!!! Happy Birthday to you!Hugs and Love xoSammie

  3. You sure got some great pressies Ludo – My goodness tho you are so delicate in opening your package – you need to go to my blog today to see my video – you will learn how to “attach” with gusto. I would have been in that envelope in seconds…. Glad you had a great birthday – I sort of just missed mine as I was very sick at the time – but we will make up for it next year!!!Checkers

  4. Hi LudoYou have certainly had the best of birhtdays. It was a joy to watch you enjoying your presents!You and Aunt Penny look very sweet in your party hats too!Lovely videos and pictures in your and kissesMartha & Bailey xx

  5. For sure I want to come to your pawty tonight, you had a good day yesterday with lots of pressies, too. You and Aunty Penny looked fine in your pawty hats. In my family we get a three day birthday, the day before, the day and the day after. Looks like that is what you get too.Kisses,Stella

  6. We sure hope you are having a good party. We figure you mean your night and no ours. All is going well though worm. We love the pictures of you. It sure looks like you are having fun.Essex & Deacon

  7. Wow – we loved the videos and photos from your birthday party! It was almost like being there with you! You got some great gifts! Don’t you wish it was your birthday every day, Ludo? It’s better than Crispmas!

  8. Hi Ludo!You got some really pawsome presents! I liked it when you try to get your package away from Penny evfurry time she came nesar you BOLBig licks to youSuzukixxx

  9. Hey Ludo!! We LOVE your bubbles trick!! That be so clever!! Your toys are amazing!! Big Foot!! Wowza!!What is the plan for your pawty?? Can I come?Love Scotty xx

  10. Hey Ludo!! We LOVE your bubbles trick!! That be so clever!! Your toys are amazing!! Big Foot!! Wowza!!What is the plan for your pawty?? Can I come?Love Scotty xx

  11. Ludo,What great gifts you got! I LOVE that monster bigfoot thing! Very cool. Also, great party trick….did you entertain your birthday party guests with that?? I can’t wait to see the pictures from your party!!Kisses,Nala

  12. Happy belated birthday, Ludo – what a fun day you had – loved your bubble trick. Thunder went nutso here when your Mom was squeaking that toy.Hope the rest of your day went spectacularly.Woos, the OP Pack

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