More birthday stuffs

Sorry i has not beed around for a few days. My pawtee was just so tiring. Hope you has all recovered. Mum beed doing that stupid busy working thing otherwise I woulda got her to do more work! I has beed reading your bloggies but I cannot paw out comments without those twiddly people fingers.

I has made a little button for the competition if you would like to take it to let efurrbody know about it I would be a very happy puppy growed up dog. You just has to tell me the names of my pawtee guests to win a pawtee bag. Don’t worry if yous can’t get them all, I will judge by the most right if no one gets them alls. Send me a peemail to Ludovanpup -at- or yous can comment but then efurryone will see yous guesses.

I has more birthday stuffs to tell you about. My good friends Scott, Sophie and Hazel over at pointer pandemonium sented me some totally yumerlicious treaties that I thinks they baked all themselves, they so good though I not 100% sure. I thinks maybe their mum helped. hehe. Mum has made a collage which you can click to see big. Thanks so much!!!

Auntie Penny gotted a bag too. See there more pics of Auntie Penny that usual cos for some reason their Mummy likes Auntie Penny lots. I know! Weird! Auntie Penny has got really annoying to me and I has taken to bark barking at her when we go on walks together which make mum mad at me. I so annoyed that she not play in the sunshine with me! Anyone got any tips to get her to likes me again?

Another thing that has changed since my birthday be that I back on a raw diet. I had this foods when Mum and Old Dad first gotted me and until me and Mum had to leave home when she putted me onto a kibble food to be easier at grandpawents. But in the last 6 months I has had colitis and other upset tum things 4 times so Mum has beed thinking about swapping me back. We got a visit from Stanislaw and Mum say this beed the final push for her, so look what came from the butchers…
There was some kidneys too and we already had livers and stuffs for making treats. I liked kidneys afore and would eat them fine, but Mum could only get ox kidney from the butcher and I had lamb afore so I is not liking the kidney so mum bees cooking it lightly for now. There be more coming on monday and Mum bees getting me my very own freezer again. She beed grumbling because old Daddy does be doing being awkwards and wont let her contact him to get the rest of our stuffs back like my freezer I had afore and my crate.

Here some stuffs what I has to do to get my dinner. I has never showed you this afore but I is now cos I think this be cruelty to Ludo’s. Does any of yous has to do stupid sit ups and leaves for your dinner? It going well so far, no problems at all with the switch but I is just on chicken and a little kidney for my offal this week.

I has beed very not good in keeping up since Mum beed working more hours (her faults) so I has forgotted to put up these two birthday cards, one from Huskee and Hershey and a cake from Addie and Lucie.

Thanks you very much! You sure all did spoil me! It has beed a super brilliant birthday. When does it be my next one? Does I get one every month now?


32 thoughts on “More birthday stuffs

  1. My goodness – you must have enough treats to last you until next birthday by now. I hope the raw diet helps settle your tummy troubles, it is no fun having them. Mom tried me on that awhile ago but I won’t eat raw meat – weird huh….just won’t touch it. I am noticing Aunty Penny is becoming very popular and before long she might have her own blog too!!!

  2. Hi LudoYou should have enough treats now to last until you are two!We hope the raw diet helps settle your tummy. We have a mix of kibble, the James Wellbeloved, that is antiallergenic or something and cooked liver, chicken etc for some variety.Your video was cool we would never be able to be that good but you know bassets aren't as trainable as you clever clogs!!!Dont worry about the blogs we know it is hard to get round. Our mum tries to help before work in the morning and then when she comes home at dinner time!Sometimes it seems a bit of a rush…. the blogging is fun so just you blog when you have time for fun.We hope your mum gets her stuff soon – humans can be so stubborn sometimes – a bit like us bassets!loveMartha & Bailey xx

  3. Hi Ludo I’m thinking about developing a sensitive tummy if it means you get kidney to eat! I might even be prepared to do sits and leaves and other dumb commands. Or perhaps not – I am after all a Westie and we don’t do that kind of stuff! Seriously though, hope you stomach settles down soon.Cheers, H.

  4. w00f’s ludo, heehee that post wore me out..hmm Ludo me not nos why u has to do trickies fur food..musta beed a ur mum thing…me is workin on naming ur guesties.heehee thats a bunch of guest..aunt penny is a cutie..b safe,~rocky~

  5. Push ups before dinner – wow, your mum is a drill sargent. Looks like your dinner is well worth the extra workout though!

  6. Hi Ludo! I was worried you just played yourself out at your birthday! But it is good to hear you are back and all is well. Everybody (it seems) is doing raw food and I sure like raw ground beef and such so I might like it, too. Kisses,Stella

  7. Hi Ludo,You definitely had an amazing birthday Ludo! I hope your tummy feels better now that you’re on your new diet. :-)Sniffs and licks,Chase

  8. Hello Ludo! I am very sad to hear you haven’t had enough blog time, but sometimes it is good to have mommys go to workies. Otherwise they are ALWAYS around you with that flashy thing 24 hours a day and you never catch a break! Trust me, I have been dodging mine for 2 months now! At least on Tuesday I can finally ship her off and get some rest!! I hope to have the Kylie cam on, maybe you can stop in and check on me! I think Penny is very special girl. She does get to live with you! You should be nicer to her though. Maybe then you will get to play more. I love all your birthday stuffs. Keep your nose to the mail man cause I know one more be coming to you!! *Wink Wink!!Licks,Kylie

  9. Oh yea, I have to sit and wait before I can eat my food too. not until they say “okay” can I go near it. Sometimes Mommy puts it down and goes to put my salmon oil back in the fridge and then forgets to say OK and walks away! And I’m stuck sitting there saying “CAN I EAT YET PULEEZE!” BOLKeep up the good work! I’m sure your Mommy will work out getting your stuffs back. That situation can be hard 😦

  10. I have heard of the raw food diet. My mom has been thinking it about it for us, as she thinks store food is bad. And with two of my sisters going to the bridge earlier this year, mom is worried about our diet. Don’t know if I would eat at all though, cuz i am so used to my food I have eaten for 8 years.So cool! I see myself on the barstool at your pawty! Funny, but a lot of times I am the only cat at dawg parties! hee hee–JB

  11. You have some totally yummers foodables at your place.You know, Momma tried that up down up down with me, but she got bored because it takes me so long to get up (but pee-wee has to do it, hee hee).Slobbers,Mango

  12. Wow, you got lots more goodies! They do look yummy! Good luck with your new food. I’m sure you will love it! Before I eat I have to sit, shake, speak, high five and down. Then they make me wait until they say “OK”. They make me do so much just to eat breakfast and dinner. Mochi

  13. Ludo, you have to work so hard for your dinner! Mom makes me sit and stay – we’ll make our own dinner time video some day!Hope the raw diet helps your tummy. Let us know how it goes. Mom doesn’t think her tummy could handle seeing the raw meat so I doubt she’ll ever give it to me!Hope you get your freezer and crate back – sorry you’re having trouble!

  14. Ha Ludo, Katie has to sit and stay, and sometimes do her DOWN! before she gets her supper too. But she doesn’t have to hop back and forth between sit and down! LOL! Maybe I should ask her to do that, I bet she would, for her supper. She loves her supper!

  15. Oh Ludo, those Pointers really know how to bake…or should I say their Mum does. 🙂 Those look deelicious! How sweet of them. I know what you mean about doing tricks before dinner and then leaving it until they say…sheesh…our work is never done. You were super fast with those sit/downs though!!Kisses,Nala

  16. Hey Ludo!!We are so glad you liked your cookies!! We helped mummy bake them…well we taste tested them to make sure they were up to your standard!! BOL ;)Yes, our mummy loves aunty Penny, not sure why but she does! Mummy’s eh! ;)Your mummy be very cruel makings you do all that for your din dins!! We don’t have to do anything, our mummy be such a push over….oh no she be reading this now and sayings we should start….oh no…thanks Ludo!! BOL 😉 XXX

  17. Hi LudoYes we saw your partee pics 🙂 I might have forgotten to comment though. Mummy rushes these things lately BOLRaw food? I like my meat cooked, medium rare usually, not that I’m fussy BOLBig licks to youSuzukixxx

  18. Wow, you got quite the mother lode of treats there. Happy Barkday again.Yes, we have to sit before Mom puts our bowls down, whatever, just do it and then we eat.Tail wags, the OP Pack

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