Ludo van Puppy is no more.


I be Ludo Van Doggy now! What you all think?
Please let us know of anything not working, Mum still need to do some tweaking but we off to classes now.
~lickies, Ludo


30 thoughts on “Ludo van Puppy is no more.

  1. Ludo van Mandog! It’s weird, Mum got the envelopes ready today for the red snooter gifts (at last Mum!) and she addressed yours to Ludo Van Mandog! Yes, she really did! Your new bloggy looks so cool, sorry we’ve been awol for a bit, “she” says we’ve been busy :o(And you’re on raw food? Very cool, we’ve been on it forever and we LOVE it! (and we have our own freezer too!)Slobbers xx

  2. Oh Ludo! What a big boy you are now! You can imagine my surprise when I came over to visit you and saw all this lovely new blog lay out! Looks Pawtastic! I sure hope you get Pink Baby!! I was hoping you would be first to post! :)Licks,Kylie

  3. Hi Ludo!I like your new bloggy layout! I think our peoples will always call us puppies! I am 2 1/2 and my owner girl still calls me her pretty puppy!:) Tibby

  4. Hey Mr. van Doggy! Nice new blog, make sure you tell your Mom thanks! I’m going to miss the little puppy some though, have to say.

  5. w00f’s, heehee mama will still call u puppy, she calls all doggies puppies…me likes ur big boy look..b safe,~rocky~

  6. We like it! We recently made some changes to our bloggie, too. As far as we can tell, yours seems just right!See ya!Joey and Zeke

  7. You are cretainly a Doggy now but I think it’s also ok to still be called puppy if you prefer. I still consider myself a puppy at heart. 😉 Cool new header though!Kisses,Nala

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