One spoilt dog

That be me!
I beed spoiled rotten so Mum and grandpawents say. Today the letter man left me 3 parcels. I so very excited to see parcels and I just knew they was for me and I beed right! One was my paw it forward gift from Stella but I will does a seperate post for that so I can paw it on. You can see me wearing part of it in some pics though.

I gotted a birthday parcel all the way from Australia from Suzuki.

There be A soft stuffie kind of wubba which be way cool and totally pawsome! It gonna be my new special agilities toy so thank you very much, does you know that the childrens stoled my wubba in their car and so I did not have an agility toy anymore but now I does. There also a super dooper huge monster foot tuggy and a pink stuffie bone. There no pics of that though cos I runned off and hid it from Mum while she wasn’t looking. heehee.

Thanks you, thanks you, thanks you Suzuki!!

Second was a love/birthday package from my beautiful Miss Kylie. This one beed very, very special and has brought me one step closer to her. Wanna see?

Well, does you?



A bit of Kylie furry black fluff.

I was very interested when Mum opened the package, firstly because she did not let me rip it open, she knew there might be some furs in it so did not want me to damage it.
Then because it had the most interesting and intoxicating smell to it, it smelled like beautiful girl dog and lakes and then I knewed why when i looked inside.

Getting a real good sniff!

I liked it so much I tried to run off with it but Mum tooked it back.

Kylie also sent me this chewy bone toy.

And two chews!

I very kindly gived one to Auntie Penny and they kept us quiet for quite a while I can tells you!

Thanks you so much sweet Kylie, I does not know what I’s done to deserve a hottie like you!

~Lickies, Ludo

Mum still be continuing in her efforts to get me to eat my offal. I getting better actually and today ate some only a little cooked. Yesterday though I had goop for dinner, I hopes all yous food looked nicer! It my goop day once a week, in the goop bees natural yoghurt, cottage cheese and green goop (the green goop actually be very yummy fruit and veggies blended (baby spinnach, runner beans, apple, banana and carrot this time Mum put it into ice cubes and I gets one a day). But Mum thoughted she’d be clever to try and get me to eat my offal and so she change her mind and blended my kidney into the green goop which made it brown goop, I did eat it though so Mum feeling pleased with herself. Well, you has to give them some small victories doesn’t you?


28 thoughts on “One spoilt dog

  1. w00f’s, wow u sure got a bunch of pawsome stuff..that wubba iz soo cool..has anydog, cat or hammie got all ur guest yet…me still workin on it.b safe,~rocky~

  2. Woowoowoowoooooo Ludo!!!What a great packages you had!!!!!!!Lucky boyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!we love wubba too and what can we say about fluffy fur of miss Kylie???WONDERFULLLLL!!!!Ohhhhhhhhhhh…..would love to be with you and sniffing togheter!!!Have fun with all your new toys!!!Sweet kisses dear Ludo!!!!

  3. Wow, Ludo! What goodies you have got! I was happy to see you wearing the bandanna we sent you. We knew it would look pretty on you.Kisses,Stella

  4. What a great gift from my love Suzuki – She is so generous! But Ludo – I don’t know about your mom’s cooking!!!! She should talk to my mom about making it more appetizing. I’m not sure what your tummy issues are but she really might want to rethink fixing you any organ meats – dogs with delicate tummys sometimes have a very hard time with organ meats. another tummy challenged dogCheckers

  5. Aww Drats! My message got lost. Try again:OH BOY LUDO! The Postman must have known it was a special love package! He told me it wouldn’t get to you until FRIDAY!! You got it almost 4 days early!! I am so glad you love my smelly fluff. Mommy says it is extra ‘smelly’ cause I really need a bath! BOL But I told her why would I send Fluff to a doggie that smelled like doggie shampoo!? Licks,Kylie

  6. Terrific packages Ludo! I bet you had a lot of fun with all those toys and chews. Sounds like you are eating some delish meals too.Your friend,Niamh

  7. Hi Ludo,I like your new background! Very spiffy. Did Eduardo’s mom make it for you? She is the best.Your pressies are pawsome. Did you get a chance to see Kylie on her cam today? :-)Sniffs and licks,Chase

  8. Hi Ludo,Great pressies!! Miss Kylie is so thoughtful to send you her fur!!Hershey is also on a daily dosage of natural yoghurt because the vet says the acidophilus in the yoghurt is good for her intestinal tract (and therefore solve her ‘sploding butt problem)!!

  9. Thank you for visiting my blog with birthday wishes. I missed yours…so happy belated birthday. You got some good stuff from Australia! Visit my blog again my new friend.Diego Dog

  10. Hi Ludo! I’m glad your birthday presents arrived safely. I wanted to send yummies too but you know what those beagles are like BOLBig licks to youSuzukixxx

  11. Oh, Ludo, more packages! What a lucky dog! Especially to get a bag full of Kylie’s fur!Glad I don’t have to eat that goop! I did get some pumpkin last night for the first time and it was yummy! Too bad they don’t have it over there where you live….

  12. Hi Ludo! I just want to say that you are one lucky sheltie!! The mailman delivered you some pawesome stuff!! I got a bag of Miss Kylies fluff too! I wish my mommy would have let me stick my head in like you did BOL! Doesn’t she smell pretty? Oh and what is that mush you are eating? That looks like what comes out of the ends of me! BOL!Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  13. Oh my gosh, more presents? You really are spoiled.And what is this with the furs being sent to you. Khyra and another dawg named Kylie too? Very interesting…..–JB

  14. Eek, I think my mom got confused and it was not you who got Khyra’s fur! Sorry about that….my mom is lagging bigtime in helping me blog and she can’t remember all my friends and what they have been up to!Sorry….–JB

  15. OMD….Kylie sent you her fur….BOL! I am rolling around on the floor in hysterics right now. 🙂 You certainly are very lucky Ludo and great Paw it forward package above. Bummer we dogs can’t have chocolate huh! Next time maybe they will send some carob chips. ;)Kisses,Nala

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