Shouty sunday

For some lighter stuffs…
We all needs a good shout now and then, some dogs more than others.

A video of me and Penny at the beach, being noisy

I noticed a few days ago that the newest member of my Antie Teddy Army see here had gone Awol.

Here I be giving him the official ATA inspection. Mum said he runned away and she founded a note saying he’d gone to be with his name-sake.

Well, I has just discovered him over at Reilly’s blog. I hopes none of the others abandon me. hm, Mum gonna have to make two of whoever win the competition for the sake of my ‘not yours’ protection.

~lickies, Ludo

peeess: Thanks efuffyone for going and visting Charlie. I has only knowed her since afore Crispmas and I did not know for sure if she beed a boy or girl but has found out for sure now. Sorry Charlie’s Mom forgeting at first, hope you is Resting In Peace beautiful girl. I hears that we has also lost a good friend called Honey I did not know Honey myself, but I be very sorry for her loss to all those who did.

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