paw it forward and beach

The 3 who wants to play paw it forward be… Scotty, Sophie and Hazel, Miss Kylie and Chase! Mum will send you a peemail soon.

There beed sad news of Charlie fading away, Dakota and Scooby being poorly and poor Petey’s Grandma passing away, please go see them if you does not already know them.

So I thought it might be nice to show you some fun piccures from me and Penny’s morning beach walk the other day. She almost played with me. Mum think she was more being naughty and doing telling me offs, so all yous that think Penny all nice and lovely be wrong. but it close enough to playings for me. It also True colours Thursday. It raining so Mum not want to get her camera wet taking piccures of all the rust we has… We has lots, living by the sea all the salt and wet make things rust very quickly. But I think these bricks is rust coloured anyway. This pic was from the way back, that why Penny wet.

See? She sosososososo mean to me.

heehee, while her be back turned.

~lickies, Ludo
peeess: If yous get a chance, please go visiting my buds Alvin And Carlton.. You might recognise one from my pawtee, not saying which though.

They might blog a bit more if they gets more friends. heehee.

peepeeess: 6 more days to get your pawtee guest guesses in. Reading the comments from that post will help lots!


35 thoughts on “paw it forward and beach

  1. love that photo of Aunty Penny woofing at the camera – that is so cute……it looks like so much fun to be able run and play on the beach – except for that water stuff – I don’t think think I would want to get my paws in that

  2. Oh I just love the picture of barking at the flashy box, that is a good picture. Oh are you getting picked on little one. You dont look too badly done to though in those pics. LOL I will visit your friends now. Take care inger Jasper and Carol x

  3. We just love seeing you running about on the beach – Aunt Penny too. We didnt know Scooby was ill but will visit. We agree there are a lot of sad things right now but you running about made us and kissesMartha & bailey xx

  4. Hey Ludo! Thanks for letting us pawticipate in paw it forward, we bees very excited about that!You and Penny does look cute playings in the sea, doesn’t penny looks funny when she be all wets!We is off to see your rabbit-dog furiends bloggies now!Scotty xxx

  5. Those are lovely photos and nice to have something positive to smile about when there is so much bad news around at the moment.Thanks for sharing those.lots of woofsClive

  6. How nice of you, Ludo, to tell everyone to think about Dakota and the other pups too. She woos thank you very much. She says to give Penny some time. The water is a very calming environment and she will start to be nice to you.Woos, the OP Pack

  7. Ludo, no longer puppy!!Yay! 🙂 Happy belated Barkday, Ludo. Sorry to miss this special day. Looks like you had a pawsome time with your friends. We enjoyed seeing all the photos. Aunty Penny and you enjoyed one gorgeous day at the beach. Very nice!!Momo & Pinot

  8. I love your beach pictures! Yes, there is some very sad news right now. I’m glad we can be here for eachother. See ya!Joey

  9. Hi LudoYour blog always cheers me up and makes me smile, and I’m sure it does the same for those who’ve have sad news lately. You are such a star.Cheers, Hamish.

  10. Oh Ludo, you’re right….she’s sosososososo mean to you, BOL!Your beach is beautiful :DWe have an award fur you bud…..anyone who can share with them lop-eared critters and not, like, eat them or sumfin deserves an award, BOL! (Just kiddin Ludo….your bunnies are the cutest)Anyway, come by and pick it up when you’ve got time :DSlobbers xx

  11. Hi Ludo! That beach looks pawesome!!! I’ve never been to a beach before! My lake has sand on it and I run like crazy in the sand, but that beach looks so much more fun! It’s nice that you have a friend to go with too!Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  12. Woowoowowooooo…what a great day you and Penny had to the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!All your photos are wonderful….lots of fun….running in the sand…swimming….Ohhhhhhhhhh….. wish were with you dear friends and playing togheter for a long long time!!!!Thanks for sharing with us these happy moments….sometimes we need to be happy when there are lots of sad news all around us!!!!We love you soooooooooooooooo much dear friends!!!!We will visit our friends soon!!!!Sweet kisses

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