Shouty sunday

For some lighter stuffs…
We all needs a good shout now and then, some dogs more than others.

A video of me and Penny at the beach, being noisy

I noticed a few days ago that the newest member of my Antie Teddy Army see here had gone Awol.

Here I be giving him the official ATA inspection. Mum said he runned away and she founded a note saying he’d gone to be with his name-sake.

Well, I has just discovered him over at Reilly’s blog. I hopes none of the others abandon me. hm, Mum gonna have to make two of whoever win the competition for the sake of my ‘not yours’ protection.

~lickies, Ludo

peeess: Thanks efuffyone for going and visting Charlie. I has only knowed her since afore Crispmas and I did not know for sure if she beed a boy or girl but has found out for sure now. I noticed some others got muddled too so this to make sure they knows aswell, Sorry Charlie’s Mom forgeting at first, hope you is Resting In Peace beautiful girl. I hears that we has also lost a good friend called Honey I did not know Honey myself, but I be very sorry for her loss to all those who did.


22 thoughts on “Shouty sunday

  1. Hi LudoYour video was just what we needed. It has been an awful week thinking about these poor humans! You are right us dogs dont worry so much about these things but we are so much more adaptable.We thought you were very clever letting Aunt Penny run in and out of the sea for the ball. That way you didnt get wet!It looked like fun and we have still to visit the beach!!! We will be there soon though for our late Easter holiday.Thank you for sharing your happy video.loveMartha & Bailey xx

  2. Woofitty woofs……me thinks Ludo still has his puppy bark….not his big dog bark yet like me ……but he is one smart pup like me….he doesn’t seem to fond of the water either. Aunty Penny has a funny woof….sounds like a horsey woof almost. My mom loved hearing and seeing the waves…..she says she misses the ocean soooo much. She spent nearly all of her life living right next the ocean. it just looks like like a big bath to me. I don’t thinks Charlie’s mom would mind that we got he/she mixed up…I ALWAYS thought she was a he πŸ™‚ Easy to do with a name like Charlie – BOLAs for Mini Me Reilly – He has a very good new home and pride of place up on the big shelf… even hunted and hunted and hunted through the papers to find the missing bone and she did…so now he has something to nibble on if if gets hungry and I will share my food with him too.

  3. Very educational, these videos. So that’s what you’re supposed to do when a human throws a ball – run after it and bring it back. When Gail throws a ball I just stand there, then find something interesting to sniff and watch with amusement as she runs over to pick up the ball herself, and pretends that she doesn’t feel foolish! You should try it yourself sometime!Cheers, Hamish.

  4. Ha, ha Penny got wet!!!!! Bet she didn’t smell too pretty after that!Wet dog.Thanks for letting us know Charlie was a girl dog. Sometimes it is hard to tell.

  5. Hey, Ludo! Dont you like to get your feets wet?Aunty Penny sure knows her stuff in the water. Glad you had a fun time at the beach.Kisses,Stella

  6. Woooffffff….woffffff…wooooofffff…..we loved your bark dear friends!!!!can we come to you and barking togheter??? Great video!!!We love going at the beach and running after the ball!!!!Aunt penny is very very good girl run in and out of the sea for the ball!!!you had a super time at hte beach!!!Wish were with you and playing togheter!!have a wonderful weekend!!!We love you sooooooooooo much!!!!Sweet kisses and cuddles!!!!

  7. Rut roh!I'm having a feeling of deja vu!I hope I khan rekhall what I just pawed…Tank woo fur the smiles!I heard a furry frustrated pup but I also saw three furiens/friends having fun!Hugz&Khysses,KhyraPeeEssWoo: I made the same mistake with Charlie at furst – I'm sure her mum furgives us! Tank woo fur mentioning Honey as well…Furry sad times…

  8. Hi Ludo! It was so much fun to see the video of you and Penny playing at the beach! It was nice to see you so happy – you’re right, it’s been a very sad time.See ya!Joey

  9. WoooF Ludo! That Penny sure does like to BARK BARK BARK! πŸ™‚ You were so cute sqeaking the ball! When I heard everyone Barking I got all excited and Mommy laughed at me. I am glad you were able to make everyone smile. I didn’t know Charlie or Honey but it is never good to loose a furkid. Licks,Kylie

  10. What the heck? What kind of doggie sounds were those? Shocking! Ludo, pal, I noticed that you refrained from getting all nasty and muddy. Well done.Slobbers,Mango

  11. Well, I haven’t been able to watch your video with the sound on yet, as Katie is sleeping and I don’t want her to wake up! But tomorrow morning I will watch with her and the sound! It did look like fun though, even the silent version! I wish we lived near a beach, though I think that Katie would not like the waves or getting her feet wet. She doesn’t like to walk in a PUDDLE much less an ocean! Thank you for tell using about Charlie and now Honey. So very sad. But your video made us laugh, so that was a good thing!

  12. With al the sad news we had this week it was lovely to see you two enjoying the beach.Thank you for sharing. Hugs Ginger Jasper xx

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