Frankly Faline

Hello, It’s me, Faline.
I just had to post today because of the awful things that happened to me. You may think that I am sounded a bit subdued, and that is because me and my lovely husbun have been poisoned. Yes, that’s right. The Hooman, who is supposed to love and protect us has done this to us.

It happens every year and SO FAR we have managed not to succumb to the poisoning, or die from the stress it causes but she does keep on trying. In two weeks we have to go back to the dreadful place of pain and fear and go through it all again. The Hooman says that all rabbits have to go through it, or should and that it is vaccinating against myxomatosis and VHD, which are very nasty diseases, but where is our proof?? Dogs, and cats and critters of the world should unite against the unspeakable evil known as…. the v-e-t.

First we saw the carrier came out. The Hooman put some tasty parsley inside but we are more intelligent than that and saw through the trick. My poor husbun got picked up first, he didn’t even put up a fight and try to get away like I did. For shame. He is a year older than me so this is his 4th time getting poisoned, I’m suprised he’s managed to survive this long to be honest.

Anyway, we went in the carrier in the car, With The Hoomans, the not-so-bad-but-smellier dog and the Ludo. Actually, the not so bad dog was pretty awfully bad in the car and cried and shuffled about. Yes, don’t worry about stressing us out or anything The Hooman, it’s not like us rabbits are prone to stress and nerves you know!

The smelly dog came because she was smelling worse than usual and had poorly ears. So she went in with the human-that-doesn’t-feed-us-ever to get them fixed and the upstart pup came with us. He went to get weighed now he is fully grown and what have you. He weighed an enourmous 12 kg, he is soo fat, I only weigh 1.7kg.

Then the torture began.
My Darling husbunny Molly went first, as much as I love him, I have to admit he is not so bright as I am and rather than cramming himself as far to the back as he could he actually came out of the carrier himself. The evil Vet hooman poked and prodded, listened to his heart and looked at his teeth. He was so brave! Then she injected the poison. 10% of the poison has to go in the skin layer and the easiest place for the vet is in the base of the ear, but it hurts so bad!! She even made my poor husbun bleed. She said he was in great condition, and I agree with her on that.

Then is was my turn. I put up a good fight and kicked a lot. I would have bitten the evil vet person but The Hooman put her hand over my head so I could not, I have never bitten The Hooman, although I have bitten other people that I’ve taken a disliking to. But she does feed me and give good nose rubs after all.

Oh the pain! The terror! Us rabbits are pre-disposed not to give away our pain, so I did not complain, but Molly tells me my breathing got heavy and my eyes bulged near out of my head. She looked at my hocks, which were getting a bit sore since my move to the outside. She said The Hooman is doing all the right things and they look fine and are not infected, which means I have to carry on suffering having this strange goop called vaseline put on them before I go out. The vet was very impressed with my fur and gave me some nice nose rubs, but that is just a trick to win our trust, I think, and she’s not getting it! I gave a good thump when I got back to the carrier.

After wards the hoomans had to stop and get some hooman food. The Hooman had put some greens in her bag so we got to snack, but Molly was too tense to eat. I’m never too anything to not eat. Well, food is just so delicious I can’t help myself.

Anyway, we’re still alive so the continuing apparent plan to poison us has failed again, though I do feel a bit out of sorts. If I disappear please phone the RSPCA.

Oh yes and what did the pup do whilst we were being tortured?

It me, yous know, Ludo!
Anyways, I wanted to quickly lets you know sorry I beed missing some posts lately. I has changed my way of reading over to google reader after I seed that how Khyra do it. It easier to keep track of efurryone that way. but I sure I has missed some of you, so if I becomes absent from your bloggie, please DO let me know so’s I can add you cos I will just be thinking that you is not posting.
~lickies, Ludo


29 thoughts on “Frankly Faline

  1. I am going to have to figure out that google reader thing because I think Khyra reads my bloggy even before I post it.Pee-Wee was his usual crazy self at agilities and thought that the A-Frame came after every obstacle. He LOVES the A-frame.There was a GSD doggie there that got mad when other doggies went to fast on the agilities and kept yelling at them to slow down.I was scared to read about the bunny torture. I hope everybody is OK now.Slobbers,Mango

  2. Hey Faline! Is your husbunny the same colors as the pup Ludo? How cool! Glad you managed to make it through the poisoning and the evil VET! You are very brave! Please forgive the Hooman though, she does it cause she loves you! Really!And Ludo! You were no help at all, you could have knocked the Vet down so the rabbits could make a break for it! LOL!

  3. Oh Faline, I am so sorrrrrry you had to endure such torture today. You made your human sound worse than Mr.McGregor! Hope you get some yummy treats to make up for all you went through.

  4. You were such brave bunnies….such VERY brave bunnies. We all know how EVIL those V-E-T-S are…..except mine ….she LUVS me ….sigh. I hope the Aunt Penny’s ears get better soon…that is no fun having icky ears

  5. Ummm Faline, I think I am still upset with you for blaming my Poor Helpless Wonderful Ludo for that bowl mishap… but, I have to agree, the V-E-T is no good punishment… No Animal deserves that!! Glad to know you haven’t kicked the bucket yet. I’m sure Ludo will keep us posted… BOLLicks,Kylie

  6. Oh Ludo, fancy smiling like that whilst the bunnies have to see the vet…heheWe use google reader sometimes for blogs when our blog lists don't update properly. We are glad the bunnies are ok after the nasty but needed injections. :-)Holly & Zac…XX

  7. Ah, get a grip on it, Faline! Its only for your health and protection and it costs your Hooman real money to provide this care.You should tell her Thank You! You should tell her Thank You Very Much! I know you rabbit-dogs are flighty but jeepers!Kisses,Stella

  8. Oh poor Faline, what a dreadful experience!!! Your husbun must be a real fighter if he managed to survive four poisonings. What has gotten into The Hooman????

  9. It must be so awful at the vet! Glad that is over! But yeah, next year, it will happen again… But then, at least the best part was the tasty parsley, right? :)Licks,Adele, Vincent & Bella

  10. ludo – make sure i am on the google-ly thingy. why were you laughing while the rabbit-dogs were getting tortured? Don’t you know what goes around, will come around? your pal, Morgan

  11. Hi FalineWe were upset to read about your trip to the v-e-t as we dont like that at all.Being injected with poison is dreadful – should we write to the papers or start a petition?When we were reading your post we checked and checked again cos you said you husbunny was called Molly!Now, is this like the Boy named Sue?We thought having a husbunny called Molly was a big confusing but we understand it is sometimes hard to tell with rabbits what sex they are – hence there are so many!We are glad you have survived another annual trip to the v-e-t and suggest you think no more about it until next year – we are of course hoping you survive the poison!We like your fighting spirit Faline – we would not have blamed you if you did bit the v-e-t. Our mum says it is best to try and pretend you like them as it will be worse in the long run…….love and kissesMartha & Bailey xxx

  12. Oh you poor poor thing, your human should not do that to you. My mum says it is for your own good and it will keep you well. Mum says that to me too when I have to go to the V.E.T but I dont believe her. I am with you and you have my support. Hugs GJ x

  13. Hi Ludo – thanks for visiting my blog! You know – I've been meaning to come over and say hello to you for some time – ever since I saw your Tricks video on Gus & Waldo's blog…I was so impressed!! You are one smart doggy!Anyway, I have added you to my list of blog friends and I hope you will add me to your Google Reader thingy too, so we can keep up with each other's adventures!Slobbers,Honey the Great Daneps. Oh – poor Faline! I was getting so scared also reading her account of the torture…but my human tells me that Vets are good, really, and trying to help us…honest

  14. BOL at Mango….we sometimes think that too! That Khyra is so on the ball :o)Poor bunnies…and evil vet….but better than Myxi….that’s not nice.Hey, we’re more behind than EVER…stoopid hooman stuff gettin in the way and intereferin with our bloggin time…grrr.Slobbers xx

  15. This is rabbit abuse. No two ways about it. I’ve never actually met a rabbit before. Mom says I wouldn’t be nice, but hey, those humans are always the ones to bite the heads of your chocolate relatives on Easter, right!??

  16. I was wiveted by that howwible buns awe vewy bwave and I am soo welieved that the poisons awe not affecting awe cleawly soopewiow buns and desewve all the pawaise about youw booty and condition.I hope the poowly eaws got cleawe up fow youw doggie too..( idon’t thin he weighs too much at all)Ludothank you fow youw swwet wowds to my Mommi..I am twying hawd to give hew my tewwiew optimism and lovesmoochie kissesASTA

  17. oh fahline – I’m sorry you got poisoned – maybe your hooman could do titre tests on you – do they do those on rabbits? and not poison you!Ludo I hope you’ve got me in your reader – I would miss your comments!

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