Tricky T-day

You only has 24 and a bit hours by our time to get in any last day guesses for guess the guests!

Today not be a learning kind of tricky T-day, just a showing.
Here be some tricks I has beed doing with that circus tin. I has finished learning circus (elephant trick and I now learning Trapeze, which with back legs and also go around.

Well, that all, Happy Tricky T-day!


35 thoughts on “Tricky T-day

  1. Very impressive Ludo, like Khyra we did wonder if you got dizzy?Aunt Penny was trying to put you off we think!Tell us Ludo have you still got the toffees in the chocolate tin?love and kissesMartha & Bailey xx

  2. Good job with your tricks Ludo. I enjoy freestyle so much and I love anything that involves spins and circles.Your friendNiamh

  3. Poor Penny! I cry like that when Momma tries to train the beast outside and leaves me in the house!Oh Ludo, I am trying to learn to walk on the right hand side, but that is so hard cause I ALWAYS walk on the left. You are clever to walk on both sides.All that spinning must make you dizzy.Kisses,Dexter

  4. What was Grandpaw doing to poor Penny? Was he stepping on her paw?That was a lot of crying.Your circus trick is awesome! Super fast! I’ve tried to get Oreo to do the “trapeze”, but he thinks he’s in a 2o/2o contact position from agility and won’t move.

  5. Wow…..those are some great tricks Ludo….we can see you being on one of the amazing pet shows and WINNING !!!!!I think Penny wanted to do the tricks too….she had to lot to say 🙂

  6. As always, Ludo, you look just perfect in your tricks and your new music steps. I can see now that you are a growed up boy, you are taking things much more seriously! Good for you!Kisses,Stella

  7. WHOA Ludo – I’m impressed! You are an amazing dog! Thanks for sharing your talent – uh-oh – hope mommy doesn’t think I have to learn to do all o that!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ludo, you got Katie all excited with all that spinning! She doesn’t want to try it though, she gets too dizzy! And she’s already a dizzy dog!

  9. Wow! – I am totally impressed! I have not figured out how to do all of that yet, and I have been taking freestyle for awhile now. It remindes me of obedience – I don’t really like that either. I want to run, run, run, not concentrate and focus. Mom says I’m stubborn! Your gal! Morgan

  10. Ludo, get a grip! That was a Quality Street tin! Whatever were you doing dancing around on the top of it rather than focussing on finding out what’s inside? And down by the beach – surely there were some interesting smells to investigate? Oh well, at least the getting under people’s feet thing is useful – I do that a lot. Oh, I am being told that again I am missing the point. Cheers, H.

  11. You are so clever, dont you fall over after so much spinning.I think you are doing very well at school. You are very handsome. Hugs GJ x

  12. Ludo, I had no idea you are learning Freestyle! Good job but does all that spinning make you dizzy? Hehehe! I like how you did the Elephant trick but the one using the your back legs, looks hard! Mommy tried teaching me that but I'm too heavy & pretty clumsy. Wat'da'ya expect? Me is a Golden Retriever! Hehehe!Smoochies,Solid Gold Dancer

  13. WOW that is amazing welldone you………….Some chance of me doing that for my owner! Anything in the tin???=]Lots of Sloppy licks,Penny!=]

  14. Oh No Ludo!!! The video’s seem to be having an Error… Mommy has been keeping up with our blog reading on her phone thingy but it doesn’t play videos. So we tried later and now it says its an error. We will try again tonight on our regular laptop and I’m sure we will have better luck!! I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU SHOWING OFF YOUR TRICKS!!Licks,Kylie

  15. We didn't notice that much difference with the noses between European and American Shelties. They look close to the same to us. Some have long noses Gio, others have small noses Romeo. Others have just right noses, Ludo. Essex & Deacon

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