The winner be… (and True colours)

The pawtee competition now be officially over. Here was the guests piccured in the piccures I posted.

Please click the piccures to get a better look.

In this one be Petey, Rosie, Zim, Oreo, Ricky and me.

Here, Bae Bae, Mason Dixie, Paco, Khyra, Deacon and Rocky

This one has Maggie, Mitch, Mango, Faline, Molly, Asta, Bailey, Waldo, Snoop and Kyra

Kylie, Morgan, me.

Suzuki, Reilly, Addie, Stella, Josh and Martha

JB, Alvin (But I counted Carlton as a point as they kinda look exactly the same, bol, Ammy, Khyra, Scott, Morgan, me, stella, kylie, Bruschi.

Bailey, Morgan, me, the pointers (Hazel, Scott and Sophie), Clive, Rosie and Petey.

Morgan, me, Bruschi, Kylie

And in the conga line; Asta, me, Kylie, Reilly, Addie and Mason Dixie.

No one got efurryone, so I worked out a point system. You gots one point for every guest you guessed what appeared in the photo, then you got an additional half a point if you said a sibling of theirs that wasn’t piccured, or said them as a group (i.e. the army of four, because of course if one beed piccured they was all there) and no points if they wasn’t there at all. Hope that make sense and seem fair to all the entries.

okies, The winner with 31 points be…… Rocky! Congrats Rocky!!

1st runner up with 29 points be Mason Dixie, 2nd runner up with 27 be Morgan and special mention with 24 and a half points be Sara, Oreo and Misty!

Congrats to all!! Yous can see there not beed much in it, which why we had to do that half points thing.

If yous could all peemail me again with your addresses, Rocky, Mum will need some piccures of you, or the dog you want made, in the position you would like to be in in your model from a couple of angles please, if that ok. We is gonna give smaller prizes to the runners up so if yous could say in your email which part of the prize (model, treat, or toy, 2 parts for 1st runner up and 1 for the second and SM) you would be liking that would be very good! Thanks for playing with me, it beed lots of fun and sorry if you does not be a winner. 😦

Thanks efurryone for helping me celebrate my birthday!

For True colours thursday it be Rainbow. Here the rainbow things I found. If yous would like to play please, go visit Blue.

~lickies, Ludo

peeess: Nearly efurryone wanted to know if I gets dizzy doing all them spinny tricks. Nah not really. I likes going round and round. On the circus one Mum puts her hand up high in the air and I keep my eyes on that.


28 thoughts on “The winner be… (and True colours)

  1. WELL, woo make me dizzy!Khongrats to all your lukhky winners!It was SOOOOO khwite the pawty!Nice rainbow thingies woo shared too!Hugz&Khysses,KhyraPeeEssWoo: It is khool that Ricky is watching th o HI o falkhons! He had some hatch! Ours should be furry soon…my mom keeps chekhking on 'their' mom!

  2. Hi Ludo! Great contest and congratulations to all your winners! Thanks for telling us about Khyra’s falcons – it was fun to see that other people are watching other falcons. Our’s has 4 chicks now – we just saw them being fed this morning!

  3. Congratulations to the winners, well done everyone.It needed a very clever dog to get them all!We liked you nice rainbow colours post.We are glad you dont get dizzy!loveMartha & Bailey xx

  4. That would make me dizzy too!!! Congrats to all the doggies who guessed so well – what a pawty that was! Next year… I’ll be there – too fun to miss! Great rainbow collection too!Hugs and Love xoSammie

  5. w00f’s, oooommmmdddd, me won, me cant believe it..heehee me thinks me named ever dog in DWB..congrats to the other winners…b safe,~rocky~

  6. Great contest, great pawty – too much hard work for us to guess all those pups – we can barely keep up on reading all those blogs. Yes, guess we are the ones who are dizzy!!!Love that rainbow Care Bear.woos, the OP Pack

  7. Congratulations Rocky!!! That was so hard, we barely knews more than one or two doggies. Maybe that teach us we needs more furiends!!!Scotty xx

  8. Hi again, Ludo! We just read Bark Kent’s interview with you. What a great interview! That’s funny to think of you running around in a big field and being called all sorts of different names to see which one you’d come to, and having someone look at you funny. We think Ludo suits you perfectly!See ya!Joey and Zeke

  9. Hi LudoWe loved seeing your pawty pictures. Those conga dancers are the best.Congrats to the winners.You have some great rainbow stuff. Mom loves Care Bears.Love Ruby & Penny

  10. Hi LudoThank you furry much fur my cool presents! You will see me opening them in part 2 of my birthday post. My Mum used to have that Care Bear when she was a child BOLTahlia xxx

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