Ludo’s Lookings – aira falls

Welcome to another edition of Ludo’s lookings!
When the childrens was here we tooked them on an outing to a place called Aira falls I has not beed able to post on it till now cos of my birthday celebrations. It was kinda rainy but we all had fun. Auntie Penny stayed home cos they thought it would be too far for her and her poorly knee (click).

Aira falls be a little mini waterfall that go down into a lake, which be a really huge puddle like the sea, as far as I cans tell. Kylie lives at one but i did not do seeings of her… It not a good waterfall like the one Tibby’s owners seed either. We did not actually see the lake though. It a big hike of about a mile. We had tea too, but they would not let doggies in the cafe! How dares they?!

I sat in the back in grandpaws car with the girl childrens. We all wearing seat belts.This the view as we went into aira falls national trust site.
We founded this weird tree what was outside the no dogs cafe.

A bit on our hike we found another weird tree. It was a falled over, or chopped down tree and over many many years people has stucked coins into it… For luck or something.

Yes, Very interesting mum, but Can I eats it?

The biggest children, Terrance, banged a coin in with a stone.

I hopes it makes them lucky. Hehe, that not be smoking sticks in the childrens mouths, they all has lollipops from the cafe.

Walking more…

We wented up all the steps!

Aira Falls!! We made it!

Ta da!

Back at the bottom

Group shots!

I looks like I floating doesn’t I? hehe.

It beed a very fun time. I hopes you all enjoyed coming to see Aira falls with me and the childrens.

Ludo (tour guide)


31 thoughts on “Ludo’s Lookings – aira falls

  1. Hi Ludo! I enjoyed watching your outing to Aira falls with the children! That place is beautiful and you all sure had lots of fun! So many things to explore! Great group shots!xoxoThor

  2. It looked like a very lovely day, Ludo, lots of fun with family and great pics. Now you have experienced the need for the Stella bill intro’d by Beckett, Mack and Joe Stains. If that passes you can get into any cafe you like and order what you want!Kisses,Stella

  3. Woowoowoowoooooo!!!!Ludo…what a great time you had at Aira Falls with the childrens!!!!you are able to feeling us as we were with you in that very very beautiful place!!!!Thanks a lot dear friend for sharing with us!!!!Where you live there are so many things to explore…Mmmmmmmmmmm….we love discovered new place…..will be wonderful to be togheter discovering all the world!!!!Your photos are wonderful and you look soooooooooooooo happy and gorgeous!!!!!and the group shots is very special!!!!Sorry that dogs aren’t allowed at cafe…..humans don’t understand that sometimes dogs are more and more well mannered than people!!!Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!Have a super weekend dear friend!!!We love you sooooooooooooooo much!!!and give from us special kisses and cuddles to Aunty Penny!!!!!!MUAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

  4. That place looks so lovely and so much fun. I love the idea of putting a coin in a tree for luck, thats novel. It looks as though the view was so worth the climb. Just magical. You all had a lovely time, but so not fair they wouldn’t let you in the cafe. Hugs GJ x

  5. What a fun hike and I bet the children loved it! Bummer about the no dog cafe….I really don’t like those kind of rules! HMMMPH!Thanks for sharing your pictures of the lovely waterfall!Kisses,Nala

  6. We are glad you told that people put coins in the tree. We thought it a be a money tree. That would have been very good to have around. Do you think the tree be worth a million pounds?

  7. What a cool waterfall! I wonder if there are any “no people” cafes? Just dogs allowed. If not, there should be! Or “only dogs and dog lovers” allowed. Everyone else must stay out.

  8. We so need to find a good place to hike. That looks like a great place to go. We are so glad you explained about the lollipops, we were worried for a minute there;-)Thanks for sharing your great trip to the falls.Woos, the OP pack

  9. Hey buddy! Thanks for the guided tour, looks like a grand place to snoof around in! We would like to put our peemail all over that coin tree…BOL!And we fot it was smoking sticks in the kiddies mouths…thanks for setting us straight, we was gonna come down there and bite them for being silly…hehe!Beautiful falls….are they near where you live? Slobbers xx

  10. Hi handsome… That was a beautiful hike you went on with all your friends and relatives. And you were a very good boy. That’s why they should of let you in for tea. you went all that way and showed Aira falls to all your bloggie friends.. you should write a letter and tell them how wrong that was. That’s what I think.your gal, Morgan (Oh, my..I like the sound of that)

  11. wow, great outing! i bet you had a whole load of fun (: the pictures are really beautiful and the tree is really special and unique! thanks for sharingbest regardsVodka

  12. wow, great outing! i bet you had a whole load of fun (: the pictures are really beautiful and the tree is really special and unique! thanks for sharingbest regardsVodka

  13. Ludo, that water fall be WAY cooler then my lake. But I wonder if it be very loud. I am a bit of a scardy… (CAT) when it comes to loud sounds. You sure look like you are having fun! I can’t belive you let them childrens pick you up!! I would not have any of that!! That tree with the coins be very very cool!!Licks,KyliePeeS- there be very very few stores and cafes in my state that allow doggies… the indignity of it all!!

  14. Oh what a great outing Ludo!! The falls are pawesome!! And thanks for pointing out that those were not smoking sticks in the kiddies mouth….I was taken back there for a minute! BOL!Hugs and Licks, BruschiPS- thanks for understanding about my sensitive tummy! Now I don’t feel so bad about getting so tipsy at your paw-tee! BOL!

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