Happy May Day

Here it be a thing called a bank holiday called May Day. We did not go to a bank so I does not know why it called that. It mean the peoples does not has to go to work, but Mum still did. Humph, but she say she has not got to go in so much this week so will see me lots. Huruffruff! When I heared this my tail did lots of big swooshy waggings.

Anyways, May Day be a celebration of springtime or something like that and the peoples is apposed to dance around a pole with ribbons. Mum say she did this when she was a childrens at school. To celebrate we went out and founded some flowers in grandpawents garden. I practicing my sibe skills of not looking at Mum when she want me too. Aroorooroo! I mean Ruff!

I also founded something what was not a flower. It was called a William he a neighbours kitty cat and he make the rabbit-dogs stomp their feets at him late at night when they has gone to bed and he come prowling by.

Here he be. He would not let me get very close, even though I tried to follow Zim’s tips, how sad.

Off he goes behind the shed.

Also, we went on another Ludo’s lookings and we founded some blue bells. Mum tried to make me pose but I was not in a posey mood, since I had not beed on a good walk for a few days, just round the blockies. That be for another post, but it exciting!

~lickies, Ludo

peeess: Sorry I not beed around much, Mum beed doing that busy working thing – STILL! How dares she? *sigh* I made her sit down today and we readed 173 posts in our google reader, I thinks we all caught up, so if I’s missed you it mean you not in my reader and you need to let me know quickquick!

peepeeess: Big thankies to Reilly who did me this pretty new background as a late barkday pressie, I thinks I will has to change my sidebar writings though.


30 thoughts on “Happy May Day

  1. Oh, wow! What a great find in the garden! Sorry you couldn’t make friends with William; keep trying, maybe you’ll win him over!Storm said great job avoiding the camera. Ha roo roo roo! Play bows,Zim

  2. Boy, your Mum had A LOT of postings to read. Don’t get too close to the kitty car – he might just swat his paw at your nose!

  3. Any Holiday (Bank or whatever) is a good Holiday and fun to do some special things.Too bad about William but you know, I has been here since last October and Ali Z is Still very suspicious of me!KissesStella

  4. Happy May Day……no May Pole Dancing for you? Mom says she saw that once and it was very cool. Oh, mom says she sent you mom an email with some instructions in on how to set up your background wider…..it looks very good though. Mom also remembers bluebells from when she lived in England…..you are so lucky to have such pretty flowers.

  5. Ludo you’re posing like me today! I hate to sit and look at the camera!Sorry your mum has to work so much. Can’t believe she read 173 posts today! My goodness!Love the background on your blog that Reilly made!

  6. Ludo that is some bootiful pictures of you in the Garden! And you won’t believe what I found out on my potty walk this morning!? I think it was William!! I will try to get Mom to help me post about it, but we be reading everyones bloggies and writing back! I think DWB is a full time workies!!Licks,Kylie

  7. Hope your mum gets to spend lots of time with you this week Ludo. That work thing that people have to do interferes with time that they could spend with us. Nice garden photos. You look handsome as always.Your friend,Niamh

  8. That’s a lot of blog reading – we KNOW because we have been doing the same thing for days trying to get caught up and stay caught up – can’t be done!!! Beautiful outside pics even if you didn’t look at the flashy beast.Tail wags, the OP Pack

  9. Hi Ludo,I like the new background! Very groovy! The kitty might not like doggies so it was probably a good thing you two didn’t get too close…ya never know!Go check out my bloggie cuz I left you an award!sniffs and licks,Chase

  10. Happy May Day Ludo van Doggy. Dad never did the May Day thing growing up. He heard about it though. Dad said if he had to read that many posts he go daft. BOL.Essex & Deacon

  11. We hope you enjoyed your holiday. We always like it when the crazy old bat gets to stay home. It usually means more treats.

  12. Hi there young man!No longer a van pup I see – lol!Your walk today sounded fine – Spring is great time and I'm of course particularly fond of BLUEbells!Gosh, you & Mum are more dilegent than me re blog catching – feel quite ashamed @ my feable effort now…Love, pats & petsBlue

  13. Your read 173 posts? Wow! Sometimes momma looks at my backlog and tries to calculate how long it will take to catch up (let’s see, 186940 posts times one post per minute, or maybe two if the internets are fast, times…). Whatever, just get to it!Slobbers,Mango

  14. Your “i’m not posing right now mummy” face is coming along well, I’m sure the sibes are very proud of you!!You looks very pretty sats with the flowers Ludo.Love Scotty xx

  15. Big Pupi taught me a trick for the flashy box thing: Whenever it’s pointed at you, stare at the floor. If you do that long enough, it’ll go away! Perfect-o!Hope you enjoyed your walk!

  16. Hope you had a good May day. We had lots of rain for ours. Your flowers ae realy lovely. Be careful you dont get your nose scratched. Hugs GJ x

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