Update on my Tum/raw feeding/Reilly heehee!

I be doing just fine and Dandy. I has had no problems at all with my switch to raw, though Mum say she has had trouble trying to find a supplier as our old one wont come to grandpawents so it costing her more money that it could do. But I does not care about that. All I care about it the yumminess I be eating now.

I is doing nice, easy to pass poos, no constipation like I always had on kibble and no runnies either and so far no more colitis! Which be very good, on the kibble I was having a ‘wrong’ kind of poo about once a week and was constipated the rest of the times. The owner of my dog pawrents fed us a bit on raw and then I beed on it till I beed 6 months old so I think my tummy just used to it.

I thoughted some of yous might be interested to know more about my diet. Though I knows at least some of yous already knows all about it, especially from reading Stanislaws blog.

I has my own freezer now, but my first bit of food that comed from the butcher had to go in the people freezer for a while. Mum thoughted this piccure be funny. She a strange kind of people what be called a vegematarian. So here my raw minced chicken next to some of her vegetarian food. I not know why it be funny though? Them some frozed liver cakes right at the bottom too, Yum!

I showed you that piccure of the goop I gets and that not look very yummy do it?
Here be what my goops look like before it become goop. It all different vegetables and fruits blended up and I gets one ice cube most days.

I on a ‘prey model’ kinda diet, as best as she can get it, (so I does not really need veggies and stuffs like in the BARF raw, but Mum figures it can’t hurt and knows lots of peoples in her lots of learnings think it might be good to has veggies.)

At the beginning of the week Mum writes out a menu plan of all the things I getting them she make up these little boxes of my food, it easier for grandpaw that way because he feed me in the morning when mum be at work.

I be on about 3% of my bodyweight. With around 10% being edible bone, I likes to crunch the bones all up really well! And 10% being glandular organs, like liver and kidney. I only gets liver twice a week though. I has my kindey made into goop still as I wont chew it, hehe. I loves tripe best! I also get tinned fish once a week, that super de dooper delish too! Oh, oh and egg. hm, that not sooo very delish, but it ok I spose. Oh yes and on a sunday I still gets left over potatoes and stuffs like that so I not missing out. That has always beed Auntie Penny’s treat on a sunday and if you gives her her dinner with no extras in it on a sunday she will go away and not eat it. So I gets the same.

In my boxes this week be tripe, beef, chicken and my first week back with lamb. I had it today and it was super delish! Auntie Penny bees very jealous and looks at her kibbles and looks at me and wants to steal my foods! She do get some bits of raw as treats and she likes it megaloads and loads. But she has to go away when I eating my chicken legs and quarters incase she make me gulp it.

Feast your eyes on this!!



Now onto my Reilly stuffs. He asked us to post piccures of our favourite peemail checking places. We not have fire hydrants over here, but where I live we has these things. I did my first ever big boy peemail up on one of these.

Daisy be having a birthday contest and in it you has to introduce all your friends to another of your friends. So to tie in the two competitions I will introduce you all to Reilly.

Reilly be another sheltie like me. He a cowspot dog. Who be very handsome and super smart! So if you has not met Reilly, please go visit him.

~lickies, Ludo

32 thoughts on “Update on my Tum/raw feeding/Reilly heehee!

  1. Hi Ludo,I’m on the Raw Diet too!! And my human thinks like yours too – I also follow the Prey Model diet but I also get some veggies and fruits and stuff coz it can’t hurt! ๐Ÿ™‚ But my human is lazy and doens’t do those amazing green block things you get – she just buys frozen veg from the supermarket and microwaves it then puts it in with my food…plus any other ‘healthy’ leftovers like potato or rice or other stuff. She also makes a weekly menu too – although now that we have been doing this a while, she doesn’t need to write it out anymore coz she remembers. I have same things on same days, so it’s easier (like chicken on Mon, Wed and Fri, lamb brisket on Tue and Sat, offal on Thur and fresh fish on Sunday! I also sometimes get raw eggs with my food although I really like them – why don’t you?I’m only on 1% of body weight, though, coz I’m a giant breed and we have very slow metabolism so we don’t need as much food for our size (plus we don’t move much – as you could see in my recent post about my typical day and the 18hrs of sleeping I do! ๐Ÿ™‚ )I have really nice poo too – when I was on kibble, I used to make lots of smelly, sloppy poo but now that I’m on raw, I just make a little bit of hard, small poo – like rabbit droppings! ๐Ÿ™‚ Ha! Ha! That is so cute about your first big boy pee mail place!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  2. Mom does not know how your mom does it, with all that preparation of your dinners and such. That is a lot of work, she says she does not even eat that good. he he. she be a vegetarian too. =) Nice place for pee mail. I am doing my post on it tomorrow.

  3. I'm glad woo are doing so well with your new khousine!My mom realizes how furtunate she is with me! I'm not bothered by much and I do love my Khalifornia Naturals Lamb&Rice – the herring and sweet tater was good but my breath was a bit lakhking!I do enjoy my raw bones – she's going to treat me to some other 'stuffs' when the weather gets better!I like eggs a lot! I'm sure woo will bekhome even faster and smarter and khuter!Tank woo fur introducing us to a new pal!Hugz&Khysses,Khyra

  4. Hi Ludo,Your raw diet is making me drool. I get Solid Gold kibbles with some raw additions and meaty bones. I do very well on that but I wish we had a big freezer so I could do all raw. Enjoy!Your friend,Niamh

  5. You sure do look like you are enjoying your raw food diet and it is so good to hear it is all agreeing with you and making you feel so much better. You are certainly looking like one very healthy pup and we can see how much energy you have on your videos. That is a very cool pee-mail ‘thing’ you found…..and a nice bright color too. I will add that to our photos.Thank you for introducing me to everyone….in the birthday competition…..I do love to meet new buddies and am always happy to say hello and visit new friends.

  6. We have heard lots of good things about eating raw, but Mom not so sure she could handle it. But it is great you are doing better on it. If we are lucky, we get a nice marrow bone every now and then.Tail wags, the OP Pack

  7. Hi Ludo! It is good to hear that you are doing well on your raw diet. My Mom is thinking about that for me, but she gots to read up on it more and figure out where she could get meats at a decent price.Maybe she will write to your Mom with some questions.Kisses!Stella

  8. Raw food…..hhhmmm, my mom was saying something about that for us too but she knows we only eat one kind of food, Fancy Feast! It looks like you are enjoying your raw food.And we did not know that you also had to move out with you mom like we did! It is no fun, that is fur sure. I guess humans just have too many issues, more than us kitties and woofies, that is fur sure.–JB

  9. Hi Ludo! Very interesting info about your diet – that’s great that you’re feeling so much better! – and also very cool way to tie the two contests together! See ya!Joey

  10. You Mummy certainly puts a lot of time and thought into what you eat. Ours just throws kibble into our bowls and stands back. Glad your tummy is better.Simba and Jazzi xx

  11. Wow you woofies take a lot of keeping lol. No to be fair your diet loks good. Mum does me eggs too and I have eggies in my food, mum says they are good for me.Love that last picture were all your food is gone, the look on your face is priceless.Thanks for introducing a new friend, we will go and look. Hugs GJ x

  12. Hey Ludo. What a furry interesting bloggie. We needs to get mummy to do some readings about raw. But like Mason Dixie said it must be a lot of work for your mummy??

  13. Glad to hear your new food is working out well for you Ludo! Your mum sure loves you lots!I hear tripe is supposed to be really, really good for all sorts of things, but also really, really smelly! I bet you like the smell, but your mum doesn’t ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. So glad to hear that you are doing well on your raw diet, Ludo! Seems like a lot of work for your mum though. And not very appetizing for her since she is a vegetarian! Boy, she must really love you lots!I am still eating my grain-free kibble but mom is adding special dog pumpkin to it at dinnertime. I like the pumpkin a lot and so far no poo problems!

  15. I am drooling as I read this!!You guys are so lucky! We know Stani & Big Pupi are doing super good on their raw diet too.My mom fixed some more Yorkshire Puddings this week and they didn't do so good this time! She said they would be better as desert so her and Dad put some maple syrup on them and said they were much better this way!!

  16. Hi Ludo! Sounds like you and me have similar tummy troubles! I wonder if that is why Miss Kylie is attracted to both of us?! BOL!Glad to hear your diet is working for you! My new stuff from The Honest Kitchen is being delivered today! I’ll post about my experience tonight!Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  17. My mom is giving me more raw food, too. But she still didn’t like it when I caught my own bird. Oops! I don’t think I was supposed to tell about that!Woof!Sophy

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