Wednesday almost wordless

Here some more piccures of the sheeps I seed for all your peoples to ‘aw’ at.

And a video.

I been helping Mum get the parcels ready for sending off.

Apparently I wasn’t supposed to grab it…
Snoopervising bees very tiring, so afterwards I had my dinner… Speaking of sheeps, I got a lamb cutlet. Mum gotted it from the hotel where she works, Some silly left a box of frozen meats out of the freezer and it defrosted overnight making it no good as people foods, it was gonna be throwed away but Mum rescued some for me. heehee.

~lickies, Ludo


31 thoughts on “Wednesday almost wordless

  1. Katie and I said “ahhhhh” too! Thanks for the sheeps pictures Ludo, and the video of the little babies. You look HUNGRY! All that supervising I guess.

  2. Aw Ludowe just loved the little lamb video! So cute – our sheep and lambs were all wandering along the road – we had to be very careful not to drive over them!How could you eat lamb after that?We like the collages too and must try those.loveMartha & Bailey xxx

  3. those are beautiful pictures… says she loves the dark gray sheepies….with the shaggy coats. You is so lucky to have that yummy looking lamb chop for your dinner…..did you know you can hardly find any stores selling lamb over here in the US !!!!!

  4. Ludo, it looks like you are having a beautiful Spring, and yeah, I loved the lambies also. The lamb chop you was eating looked pretty good too!Kisses, Stella

  5. Woowoowowooooo!!!Dear Ludo…Thanks for the sheeps pictures!!!!!!!!!They look soooooooooooo cute and funny!!!!And the video of the little babies is GREAT!!!!!!!we’re drooling looking you eat this delicious piece of meal!!!! You look soooooooooooo HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!we love you a lot and your blog is Super special!!!!lots of love and kisses!!!!

  6. Hi Handsome… I just took a look at all you have been doing, WoW – you and your mum are really having some nice days together! I like sheep, I run around them in circles. That lamb cutlet looks pretty good. You really latched on to it didn’t you? And the horses! I have never seen a horse, we realized, so we are going to look for some. i am going to go look at all your beautiful pictures again your gal, Morgan

  7. Quite wonderful creatures lambs, I think. To develop from something so cute to something so tasty! Cheers, H. PS That lamb chop looked so good I nearly attacked the screen..

  8. Look at those chompers!! I bet you ate that chop real quick!!Lambs always remind my mom of her Aussie Shepherd Emily. Although she never actually herded sheepies, she was so smart she probably would have loved to.See Ya!

  9. WOW did you get to eat that entire bone?!!You have the BEST mom ever!!LOVE love love those sheep!!Chasing my Tale…Addie, Lucie, and HaileyP.S. We LOVE your new header picture too!

  10. Aw…Aww…Awww….Awwww…!That sheep in the last photos looked so strange – why does it have a black coat but a white face??Woah – your teeth are something else!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

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