Late true colours and beach

I missed True colours yesterday, so these be my turqoise things, at least, I thinks they turquoise, they might be blue, or even green. My bandana from Stella, Penny’s treats Mum’s needle felting block thingy and the last one of the treats Mason Dixie sented me for my birthday.

Dunno if it be turquoise but it sure Yummy!

A video of beach photos. Sorry they not good quality, Mum’s camera not work very well in the not good lights.

And an actual video videos. Granpaw comed with us today. Mum say he very annoying when we off lead as he panic all the time. So excuse Mum being bossy with him. Oh, also she say never minds her annoying Penny voice. But we likes her high pitch voice, it means I be all fun and exciting and have treats, quick quick!! See how Penny putted my ball in the big puddle so’s I could not get it, but I showed her cos I did which you can see in the piccures.

Afterwards I had a nap.

Mum thinks I funn when I sit like this to look out the window, sometime I go sleepies up there too, but I always move when Mum comes in the room. Cos she might be doing something interesting after all.
~lickies, Ludo

peeess: oops, almost forgot, Luke gived me this award sometime ago. Thanks so much Luke it really means a lot! If anypup in my side bar wants it, please do take.


37 thoughts on “Late true colours and beach

  1. You look quite handsome in you turquoise bandanna Ludo. It is a good color for you. I wish I could go to the beach but the nearest one is a three hour drive away from us. You are so lucky.Your friend,Niamh

  2. Ludo – you and Penny were just having so much fun in the video and the slideshow!We were worried about the big tracks on the beach in the slideshow and were glad to see the tractor at the end!We though it might be a big monster – you know like the Loch Ness monster only living in the sea!You looked very nice in your turquoise bandana and did very well with your colours.We hardly noticed it was Friday!Have a great weekend.loveMartha & Bailey xxx

  3. How fun Ludo! But I know how Grandpaw feels. I am also in a panic too when Katie is off her lead. My previous sheltie, Bonnie, used to sit on the back of the sofa and watch out the window and sometimes she fell asleep up there too! I didn’t know another dog would do that too!

  4. Hi Ludo! Nice tourquoise things! It was fun seeing you playing at the beach. I felt like taking a nap just watching you!See ya!Joey

  5. Looks like you had a grand time at the beach!Isn’t it funny how you, Misty and Oreo all love to lay on tippy top of the sofa and look out the window? My first sheltie, Munchkin did the same thing!Shelties must just know where the best view in the house is ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Yeah, my mom is like grandpaw. She is really paranoid about letting us off leash cause she says we don’t have a reliable recall. Whatever.I think if she could make that happy voice like your mom then we would come every time.Slobbers,Mango

  7. that was lots of fun……what a great day at the beach….and that is so cute you sitting on the back of the sofa… says that is what her little blue merle sheltie Bonnie use to do too, she would always be there, like a cat almost, watching the world go by

  8. Hi Ludo! I am glad you like the bandana I picked out for you. I knew it would look pretty on you!Its fun to see you and Aunt Penny playing together in such a rowdy fashion. It seems like she didn’t use to do that, did she?Kisses,Stella

  9. I meant to tell your Mom we really liked the pictures she made for the Pointer Naughty Dog Contest, where you all sit around the table. Very cute.Kisses,Stella

  10. We liked your beach slideshow and noticed that you get into the water more than you used to Ludo! So you’re not afraid of the water any more?We think you mum’s Penny voice is funny!

  11. That turquoise bandanna is beautiful on you. And the video was so much fun to watch. You two had a lot of fun together.Have a great weekend.Woos, the OP Pack

  12. Hi, Ludo!Good job with the turquoise things!You two were having real fun there in the beach playing with the ball!Penny has happy ears!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  13. I think Turquoise is your color Ludo!!That beach looks like so much fun. We live pretty close to a beach and yet I’ve never been – can you believe that?

  14. You are cute up there Ludo! ๐Ÿ™‚ My Mom thinks my Dad panics sometimes too and she gets annoyed but she also says that she has a hard time giving up control of me…hmmmph, as if she controls me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh well, I will let her think that if she wants. :)Nala

  15. Hello Ludo! I think you look very handsome in your turquoise bandana. My mom and I loved watching your video and slideshow. I wish I could play at the beach with you!Your Buddy,Trooper

  16. Turqoise is my mom’s favorite color and she thinks you look really cute in your bandana. I think you and Penny were having lots of fun! Oh, and I like to sit on the back of my mom’s couch like that, too!Woof!Sophy

  17. Oh Ludo – your human is a really good trainer and has exactly the right idea! The reason so many doggies don’t learn good recall is because our humans use a boring (or even grumpy!) voice to call us and expect us to obey (sometimes even punish us when we finally come back) – no wonder we don’t want to come when called! ๐Ÿ™‚ But if they used a happy, excited, high-pitched voice like your human and made themselves really interesting by jumping around or even running off, then most doggies would come running when called! Also – your human is so right – set the dog up to succeed! A lot of humans start teaching recall by calling us when we are in the middle of something really interesting – so of course, we would probably ignore them (and learn that it’s OK to ignore them!) – whereas if they start by only calling us in an “easy” situation so we get into a habit of responding – then we don’t learn to ignore them and gradually, learn to come even when there are big distractions! And when out on walks, if they see a “potential problem” approaching (eg. something we like to chase), they should really call us when we’re still far enough away and not “fixated” on the other thing yet…otherwise it gets really difficult to catch our attention and compete with the other more exciting thing!You’re so lucky, Ludo, to have such a great human trainer. Slobbers,Honey the Great Daneps. I LOVE your turquoise bandana!

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